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Yahari Analysis

>Volume 9, the trip to Destinyland. Yui reminds Hachiman of the promise he made. Hachiman refers to it as an irresponsible promise. Take into account that this takes place after: “I want something genuine”, which was mostly meant for Yukino. However, a promise is a promise.

When I brushed off the puppet, it was then thrust in front of my face and moved weirdly. Once my eyes met with the eyes of the puppet Pan-san’s, Yuigahama started to talk in a strange voice.
“…What does Hikki-kun want for Christmas, I wonder?”
She was trying to imitate Pan-san it seemed. She didn’t sound anywhere close at all, seriously. Besides, what’s Hikki-kun about? It was too amusing that I tried to answer with a half-smile.
“No, I-”
But just when I was about to talk, the events from the other day flashed in my head. Because of that, I choked on my words. Yuigahama tilted her head thinking the sudden born silence was odd and looked up at me. When our eyes met, she realized something and raised a small voice.
Yuigahama’s face then instantly turned red. She probably remembered the same thing. The words that I said that time. I pressed against my cheeks and mouth with my right hand in embarrassment and looked away.
“I don’t really…”
“I-I see…”
Yuigahama pulled back the puppet and quickly went to put it back in its original place. Both of us looked at the merchandise in silence for a moment. As we did that, increasing amounts of people filled the Pan-san shop. It looked like it was a party of tourists. Seeing that, Yuigahama opened her mouth.
“It really is packed, huh?”
“Well, it’s that time of the season. I’m surprised they felt like coming given the season. I wouldn’t even if I had the chance…”
I looked over the shop that started to get crowded and I let out a sigh. As expected, it’s because it was Christmas that every nook and crevice in the park was packed with people and even as you walked and walked to your destination, it was still littered with people. It was tiring.
“But, I do want to… come again.”(!)
When I turned to the pausing voice, Yuigahama was caressing a big plushy.
“You can go whenever you want, can’t you? It’s close too.”(!)
“That’s not, the point though…”(!)
Yuigahama shot glances at me as if hinting at something as she said that.(!) It pricked my chest and that irresponsible promise(!) I made at the Culture Festival came to mind. Since the Athletic Festival, field trip, and student council election followed right after, that promise was still on the backburner.(!)
Just how much of that feeling of distance that intended to take a single step over the line changed?(!)
I extended my hand out to the big stuffed toy that Yuigahama had been petting for a while now and spoke as I looked at its face.
“…Well, Destinyland during this season is kind of rough, but I wonder how the nearby new one is, huh?”
Yuigahama lifted her head and looked at me.
“Destinyland’s fine too as long it’s not crowded.”
As I thought to myself there was probably a better way to say it, I couldn’t find the right words.
Even so, Yuigahama answered in a small voice.
“…Over there, might be, a bit more, quiet maybe.”
“…I see.”
“Uh huh…”
Yuigahama looked downwards and nodded. After I looked at her with a side glance, I hit the head of the plushy and went to a different shelf.
“…Well, eventually.”(!)
“Yeah, eventually.”(!)
Her voice returned to being bright again and she followed behind me.
“Well, what to choose, huh?”
I said in a demotivated voice. So with this, the conversation was over. I’ll fulfill the promise during the continuation of this.(!) After that, Yuigahama called to me in an energetic voice as if answering to that.

>Right before Hayato turns down Iroha.

“It’s starting.”
Yukinoshita looked up at the sky above the White Wall Castle after she spoke. It looked like that area was where the fireworks would go off. As you’d expect from the holder of the year pass, very knowledgeable.
Yuigahama and I looked in the same direction as Yukinoshita.
When we did, the many colored rings of light bloomed profusely in the transparent winter sky. Speaking of fireworks, they tended to be something usually done in summer, but to see the fireworks flare up in the sky with Orion, expand, and disappear was a surprisingly strange thing to see.
“It’s kind of nostalgic, huh?”(!)
Next to me was Yuigahama who quickly whispered into my ears.(!) A shiver went up my spine and when I turned my head, Yuigahama was clapping her hands as she went “oooh” seemingly forgetting what she had said just now. Um, you see, the thing is that my focus is completely directed to the surface of the earth right now, so I can’t concentrate at all on the fireworks you know. Lawsuit.


“Coincidentally” the moment that follows this last interaction with Yui, is Hachiman witnessing Hayato rejecting Iroha. Intentional? Yes, because Hachiman now sees that it’s ok to turn someone down. Also of importance is that, throughout the series, Yui is constantly referring to the fireworks date she had with Hachiman.

>Volume H - Watari’s afterword. The meaning behind the fireworks motif:

And, we have finally come to the end of episode 9. The huge fireworks that launches up into the air at the very end. This fireworks are also one of the motifs that light up this series. As this huge flowered lights blossom into its full glory, this flowers also fade away into the darkness of the night. Because these lights are bright and beautiful, once they fall, the shadows that they leave behind are dark as well. After all, these shadows are the remnants of his bright youth being sent away.(!)

Yui is the character most associated with fireworks. Yui is continuously reminding Hachiman of how nostalgic these fireworks are and how she constantly wants to make memories with Hachiman.

With “Hello Alone” playing in the background and Volume 11 being Yui’s final character arc, it should become clear what Watari is trying to convey with this and how it ties into how the series is going to end.

Also, the end of ANOTHER depicts Hachiman and Yui holding hands with fireworks in the background. I’ll come back to that at the very end of this analysis. For now, try and remember that the meaning behind the fireworks is essentially: it’s great while it lasts, but it doesn’t last long.


(Taken from the drama CD: When the lights of those Christmas candles flicker) (Takes place after Volume 9/during S2E10)

>The gang is buying presents for each other. They split up, but Yui goes after Hachiman. They start talking about putting in consideration for what present to buy. Yui turns the conversation into how she wants to repay him for his gift for her birthday (the dog collar). Yui doesn’t want the “gift giving” to end. Their conversation goes silent. Yui brings up Yukino’s birthday. Yui is using Yukino’s birthday as an excuse to go on a date with Hachiman. When Yukino approaches, Yui says that Hachiman and her will continue the conversation some other time.

“Right? It’s one thing to have the person you’re giving a gift to be considerate towards you. If that’s how it’s going to turn out, even if I don’t want to, I’d have to seriously consider what I want to pick.”(!)
Once you gave the gift and after a slight pause, they told you “…Th-Thank you?”, forcing themselves to be energetic, that’s the moment when you’d want to die. With those imaginative thoughts being drawn in my mind, I scavenged through the shelves in dejection. Yuigahama broke into a smile.
“You’re so serious about the strangest things… In that case, I’d better think a little harder about what to pick too.”
“Right, you do that. We won’t know who gets what, after all.”
“I guess so,” said Yuigahama. Both Yuigahama and I placed the tableware and accessories in our hands back on the shelves. Yuigahama then reluctantly opened her mouth.
“…But it’d be nice if it did go to the right person. That is, returning the favor for my birthday, I haven’t really properly given one to Hikki yet, so…”(!)
“Eh?” I asked back, but what that was referring to came to mind. Although it felt like a rather long time since then, it was at most only half a year ago. It’s likely she was talking about that present I gave to her back then. However, I felt that was just a gift I used as an excuse to settle my entirely selfish sentiment using her birthday as a cover.
“Aah, no, it wasn’t that kind of thing, so don’t worry about it. It was just my return gift in the first place. If we keep going back and forth, it’ll never end.” I felt this was also a part of my selfish reasoning. However, since I had no other reason as of now, this was the only way I could put it. But, Yuigahama wasn’t looking at me and instead gently whispered, “It’s not like, it has to end though…”(!)
Those casual words pulled at my heart.
“…I, guess so.”(!)
“…Uh huh.”(!)
Both of us were quiet. A relationship that didn’t end was something I couldn’t imagine at all.(!) It was probably just a dream, a delusion, or possibly an ideal; something that I didn’t think could ever be real.(!) For how beautiful it was, it was painful, and I couldn’t find the words to say back to Yuigahama.(!) The silence was destroyed by Yuigahama’s bright smile. “Ah, that’s right. Actually, it’s almost Yukinon’s birthday.”
“Oh yeah, I remember hearing about that.” I wasn’t sure of the specific day, but I believe it should’ve been in winter. Yuigahama grabbed something from the shelf and quickly put it back. After doing that a few more times, she glanced at me. “When it was my birthday, um, my present, you went to buy it with Yukinon, right?”(!)
“Pretty much. Komachi was there too though.”
“U-Uh huuh.” Yuigahama responded nonchalantly. The miscellaneous item she had in her hands, she placed it again back on the shelf and stared at it. “Then, it’d be nice, iif you could go out, with me…(!) Um, shopping that is…”(!)
I looked at the shelf as well and somehow tried toying with the item Yuigahama had in her hands from earlier. If it was just “shopping”, there wasn’t a reason to refuse. I think. Just like the time when I went with Yukinoshita before, the objective this time was clear as well.(!) We did make the promise of going out together at some point, but that, too, should’ve been something else.(!) So it might be okay to be a little more easygoing regarding this.(!) I let out a quiet, unnoticeable sigh and lifted my face. “Mm… Shopping, huh…? Well, if it’s just shopping, then whenever works for me.”(!)
“Okay…” Yuigahama gave a short reply and looked away in embarrassment.(!) Ahead of where she looked, she noticed Yukinoshita(!) who seemingly came to this store to choose presents too.
“Ah, it’s Yukinon. Okay, let’s leave this talk for later.(!) Heeey, Yukinooon!”
Yuigahama spoke quickly and she dashed off towards her.
“Oh, Yuigahama-san and Hikigaya-kun.”
Yuigahama placed her hands on Yukinoshita’s shoulders after she turned around.
“Yukinon. Have you decided what to buy?”

>The present Yui gets is a blue scrunchie, whereas Yukino gets a pink scrunchie.

>Hachiman gives Yukino a pink scrunchie, because for some “unexplained reason” it feels right.
(Drama CD exclusive: When the lights of those Christmas candles flicker…)

“Yuigahama’s blue while mine’s, pink…? I feel like this should’ve been the opposite.”
“No, that’s good, or at least I think…”
Just why I decided to do it that way, I wouldn’t have been able to explain it properly at all. I was at a loss even if I was asked. However, I felt that it was surely right, because it was something I considered in my own way; a conclusion that only I arrived at. It’s fine even if I didn’t understand it. I think gifts were just those kinds of things.

>Hachiman and Yui go on their date to go buy Yukino presents. I’m not going to copy excerpts from the novel here, because the scene is quite long (besides, you’ve probably already read parts of it in Part 4), but the most important thing to know is that once again, while Hachiman is on this date with Yui, the two of them don’t really have all that much to talk about and Hachiman’s thoughts are primarily with Yukino. No, seriously. If you don’t believe me, read it for yourself.


>The last moments of volume 10 are the following two.

Because of these conversations, Hachiman starts doubting Yukino’s feelings for him. He’s trying to do whatever it takes to avoid Yukino. He has essentially given up on believing that Yukino’s feelings for him are genuine. Because of that, he is now looking for solace in Yui.


In Volume 10,5 Yui calls herself unfair for a bunch of reasons. I’ve already posted that text and the reasons for Yui saying that a couple of times, so skip.


>Volume 11, Hachiman brings up Yui’s promise. He is trying to bury this feeling of unease (his doubts about Yukino’s feelings) he has during the entirety of Volume 11.

“…Well, handmade things might be too pushy? Makes sense why you wouldn’t accept them.”
After listlessly saying those words, a faint sigh came from a different direction.
“Pushy… I guess so…” Yuigahama rubbed the bun of her peach-colored hair with her thin fingers that stretched out of her slightly loose cardigan. She then made a troubled, but embarrassed smile. After seeing that smile, something suddenly came to mind from some time ago.
-Handmade, huh?
Just who was she making those cookies for? As I thought that, I looked towards her and our eyes met. Yuigahama and I averted our faces away in reaction.
It’s possible that the experience of going through numerous winters allowed them to understand that spring would eventually arrive.(!) Waiting ahead for us wasn’t a spring of warmth, but a spring of parting. Like the storm which comes when flowers bloom, the good friend goes away. Our classes would change and we would build new human relationships. Next year, this season was the time we’d be right in the middle of testing and no longer be required to go to school. That’s why, everyone enjoyed and valued this winter, peacefully waiting for it to come to an end.(!)
In that, there’s an apparent warmth as well as a faint chill. I mumbled “cold, cold” into my muffler as I walked and the sound of light footsteps echoed from behind.
I turned around and my shoulder received a light shock. I was met with a glum look from Yuigahama.
“Why’d you leave first…?”
“You didn’t say anything about leaving together…” I said unpleasantly, not having an idea of why she took that attitude.
Yuigahama’s mouth dropped open and she gently brushed her hair in embarrassment. “…Oh, I totally thought you were waiting for me. You stayed in class for a while, so…”
“That’s not really…”
While speaking, I gave some thought to the reason why I stayed behind. It’s true that Yuigahama invited me to head to club together several times. Perhaps that’s why I found myself waiting with the assumption that she’d come over to talk to me.(!) But another proper reason came to mind.
“Yeah, I just wanted to see how Hayama and Miura were doing.”(!)
“Ahh, right. I think they’re good now, so I’m glad.”
Yuigahama let out a small breath and weakly nodded. She then proceeded a few steps ahead of me in the empty hallway and twisted her body.
“It’s kinda nice, you know? I’m sure everyone’s thinking about all kinds of stuff, but it’s like they’re trying to live their lives as much as they can now while cherishing it…”
She stated each word in emphasis, wearing a gentle smile on her expression.
“Yeah, I guess. We’re probably having the best time of our lives right now.”(!)
“Ohh, you’re unusually positive…”
“When you recall the past, you want to die from regret and when you think about the future, you get depressed from anxiety. So by elimination, our time now is pure bliss.”(!)
“You were being negative, after all!” Yuigahama dropped her shoulders with a sullen look. She then briskly walked ahead and voiced her complaints. “There you go again with that stuff… Can’t you read the mood?”
“Mood, huh…?”(!)
Like what kind of mood? For example, the mood on Valentine’s Day?(!)
I suppose I could understand in that case. Occasionally, I’d learn from the masses, take in the mood, and play it off. Then, I’d just brush it all off with a simple “it’s what everyone’s doing.” Doing that made you want to have expectations, be spoiled, lose yourself, and wait. But I don’t think that’s something you should do.(!)
It’d be insincere if all you did was wait.(!) Regardless of the answer and conclusion awaiting you at the end of the tunnel(!), you should make sure to take that step forward without deception and incredulity and leave the regrets for afterwards.(!)
That’s why, I took in the mood and decided to ask now.
“By the way…”
I squeezed out those words with a hoarse voice and Yuigahama turned around. Her inclined head and her eyes urged me to go on. Seeing her straight-on was somewhat dazzling that I slightly averted my face.
“…Do you have a day you’re free on soon?”
“Huh? U-Um, yeah, I do… I think, “ Yuigahama said, prattling on and moving her hands in surprise.
She fidgeted as she frantically took out her cellphone. But then, her movements abruptly stopped. She shot a glance to the door of the club. After that, she had trouble bringing out her voice. And unlike earlier, her expression sank.
I was slightly surprised to see that and hesitated to ask why she was making that face, finding myself choking as well. The air in the hallway was awfully cold and dry that I had an uneasy sensation as if something was stuck in my throat.
Asking her that now in this place might’ve not been the best choice. Or perhaps, there might’ve been a better or smoother way to do so. Would it be weird to ask again? I just wasn’t confident in any of those.
Unable to exchange any more words, I glanced at her face, my back still slumped and my eyes downcast. The problematic smile that she wore caused me to lose my breath.
To fill up the silence, Yuigahama quickly said, “Let me think about it and I’ll tell you later!”
Was I relieved or just exhausted? Perhaps, something much more different?
Whatever it was, since I had let out a deep sigh at the same time, Yuigahama didn’t wait for my response, walked a few steps ahead, and opened the door to the clubroom.
When I was on the verge of falling into a thinking pit of what true peace really was, Yuigahama who was sitting on the side puffed her cheeks.
“I don’t think you need to be worry… Besides, Hikki will get chocolate… right?” She said and sent me a reserved glance. I nodded back with a small smile.
“Wha…? You mean…”
Isshiki alternated glances between Yuigahama and me. When her eyes that trembled as though from bewilderment crashed with mine, I instinctively let out a proud laugh.
“Hmph, you got that right… I have Komachi, after all!”
And that’s exactly why I’ll get chocolate! Woohoo! I’m so glad to have a little sister! As long you have a little sister, you’re good!

>Then we get the scene where the trio hangs out (or more like hides out) at Yui’s place and then the promised date, where once again, most of the conversations are about Yukino.


And that’s where season 2 leaves off. As you can see, Hachiman and Yui’s relationship is not one where the two of them try and get to know each other. Their conversations and time spent together never involves them talking about each other. One of the requirements for Hachiman’s: “I want something genuine” is Hachiman being able to know every single thing about another person.

>It’s not mere words that I want, I want to know people inside-out.

He simply doesn’t have that type of relationship with Yui, because the two of them never open up to one another about themselves. It’s also the reason why Hachiman gives up on wanting something genuine in ANOTHER.

>The wish that our relationships would grow deeper would surely not come true as well.

If that’s not convincing enough, then let’s take a look at some important moments from Volume R, the last Volume of ANOTHER, which is Yui’s route. I’ve seen several people either disappointed or happy with the conclusion to ANOTHER for *insert your reason here*, but I’ll try and show you what Watari was actually trying to say with ANOTHER.


>The volume starts off with Hachiman and Yui walking to the infirmary to meet up with Yukino after the marathon. Hachiman fell and hurt his leg, so Yui is helping Hachiman walk back. At the same time, by walking back together while being this close to each other, Hachiman and Yui are able to dispel any rumors about Yui and Hayato (in ANOTHER the rumors are not just about Hayato and Yukino, but about Hayato and Yui as well). Hachiman reminds himself of that time Hachiman and Yui went on a date and how Sagami saw them together. He wonders if the two of them walking back together like this will cause Yui unpleasant memories. This is most likely something Hachiman shouldn’t be concerned with, because Yui probably doesn’t care or at the least shouldn’t care at this stage. Another important thing to take from this text is that Hachiman feels like there is something he needs to return to Yui. A certain warmth, specific words or certain feelings that he feels Yui is expecting from him. By the end of this volume we’ll find out if Hachiman is able to reciprocate this. Lastly, the most important thing to take away from this entire moment is once again that Hachiman and Yui’s relationship is mostly physical. Let’s take a look at how well Hachiman and Yui are able to communicate with one another.

The marathon had come to an end, and the awards ceremony that I had only a brief glimpse of has ended as well. Yuigahama and I began to make our way back to the school from our current location, Kaihin Park. If I had been my old usual self, I wouldn’t be doing things like watching the awards ceremony come to an end with Hayama’s complete victory; I would probably have gone straight home without anyone interfering. I wouldn’t even have felt a single bit of emotion. However, I wasn’t able to do that today. I had done something stupid during the marathon and hence gotten myself injured during it. Then I had received treatment from Yuigahama as well. Going along with this flow of events, I now found myself taking her arm.(!) With the two of us nestled close together, we walked along the path that led us right back to school. Looking at her would make me embarrassed. Thus, my eyes constantly shifted left and right, looking here and there. I carried the slightly heavy first aid box in my hand. I readjusted my grip on the black plastic handle of it and let me gaze drift off to the roadside trees. The sight of the leaves falling from the tips of the branches cast a bleak image in my mind. My sweat-stained shirt robbed me of my warmth. The cold wintry air ripped through us, and my ear that had turned a bright red felt a stinging pain. Touching my lips with the tip of my tongue, I could tell that it was all thanks to this wind that my skin had become parched. The midwinter air was warning all of my five senses of its coldness. Despite that being the case, there was the traces of heat(!), in a place where no one can see, where no one can touch.(!) All of a sudden, I found myself swallowing my saliva quietly, probably because of the drifting sweet smell of the person beside me that had found its way into my nose. We continued on walking in this somewhat uneasy silence. The only sounds that reached my ears was that of troubled breaths. Whether it came from her or me, I had no idea. At the moment when the timing of these breaths coincided with one another, we looked at each other directly.
Yuigahama let out a shy laugh to hide her embarrassment. If I could, I would love to laugh as well, so as to make light of the current situation I was in. However, it’s a pity that I didn’t possess such a skill.
Strange…… I had heard that laughing was something that anyone could do…… Even so, I had to say something, even if it was totally useless compared to a smile. I opened my mouth to speak in order to divert our attention away from this weird setting.
“Erm, you know, that……”
An incomprehensible murmur escaped me, and Yuigahama’s expression quickly morphed into one of surprise. She began to exert just a little more force into grabbing my arm and I could see her nervousness as she waited for me to continue. I could feel the warmth from her transmitting across the fabric of my clothes. Feeling her warmth so clearly now, the words that I had wanted to say vanished from my mind.(!)
“……Today, sure is cold.”
That is why, I only said the things that I now thought.(!) Even so, those words were as pointless as I had thought they were.(!)
“Uh, i… indeed.”
Towards my meaningless murmur, as though troubled by what she should reply, Yuigahama only managed to utter out several vague words of agreement. However, it seemed like she was exhausted from gripping onto the sleeves of my shirt so strongly, her grip began to slacken slightly. On that note, our conversation came to a close. Once again, silence. What reached my ears was not the lack of sound, but rather, the lack of speech. Amidst the faint breathing, I couldn’t tell if there was any sort of emotion hidden within it.(!) What I did know, was that there was an overly loud noise reverberating within me in a rhythmic pattern.(!) Just when I wondered uneasily if Yuigahama could hear it, the northern wind raged blast us again. The cold air that invaded my body from the neckline and the sleeves caused my whole body to freeze against my will.
A complaint from me leaked out in the form of a murmur. Thereupon, Yuigahama voiced her strong agreement as well.
“Sure is. Hyaaa! The wind, cold!”
Yuigahama’s body was visibly shaking, and then she steeled herself, and took about half a step in the direction of the driveway. That is to say, she took a step in my direction, shortening the distance between us.
“‘Scuse me? Could you stop using me as a windbreaker?”
“But, it’s cold……”
As she said it, she looked up at me with an expression that resembled that of a puppy outside a supermarket.(!) When she gave me that sort of face, it was really hard to put some distance between us.(!) There was nothing I could do besides giving in to her whim reluctantly with a groan.
“……Well, it is cold after all.”
“Un, because it is cold.”
Giving me a completely serious look at first, Yuigahama smiled all of a sudden. As a matter of fact, today really was cold. I am guessing that today’s temperature was no different from yesterday. However, it was much colder than I thought. That was probably because, I could only truly appreciate the frostiness after I had felt the warmth. ……Well, because it is cold after all. Guess it can’t be helped that we are walking like this then.
The distance that we walked like that was not really long in particular. It didn’t take more than a few minutes to walk from Kaihin Park to the school. Yet, this distance felt extremely long to me. It was probably because the fatigue from running the marathon had surpassed my expectations. Or perhaps, it was because of the injury I had sustained during the marathon meet. Though I did indeed received some form of simple medical treatment for it, there was still a slight tinge of pain. In order to not further aggravate the wound, I dragged my feet slowly along. No matter which is the reason, we did drag ourselves along at a fairly slow pace.(!) However, it wasn’t just that alone.(!) In fact, the biggest reason for our slow pace was probably due to the fact that I wasn’t used to having someone take my arm at all.(!) This seemed to be the same for the person holding my arm as well. Yuigahama walked timidly along with me. Along the way, I could see the few occasional students going to and fro, as well as feel the occasional glances that were thrown our way. There was of course, a reason for their reaction. Normally, there would be no one who would pay me any attention. This was especially true whenever I take a walk outside. I wouldn’t pique the interests of anyone at all. Come to think of it, there were plenty of people who walked alone in the streets of a city. As such, there wouldn’t be people who would harbor the thought of “That guy’s a loner!” when they come across such people. There were loads of people who were out alone. Such is but a portion of what one would see in their everyday lives. In other words, even if we were to enter their field of vision, as long as their attention was not focused on us from the start, there would be no reason for them to take notice of us. However, this all changes if the individual were marked out by signs like “School” or “Uniform”. This is because of the fact that middle school students or high school students are predefined as “herd animals”, spending time alone in the classroom or attending school functions alone will automatically generate some form of unease. Within confined places like the school or classroom, if you are going to be alone, then by definition, you will be established as a loner. Whether it’s a stereotype or a form of prejudice, as long as you fall outside of the normal definition, you won’t have any way of shaking off the loner label on you. In the savannah, when a gazelle that has strayed off from the herd, what we are most worried about is that they will fall prey to carnivores, since they are by and by, herd animals. That is something that is obvious to anyone. If you didn’t have such knowledge, if you saw a gazelle moving about alone, you would probably think of nothing but “Ah! A gazelle! Or maybe, it’s an impala!” By the way, you can differentiate between a gazelle and an impala by their asses. This is a bit of trivia for you. Anyway, as long as something doesn’t conform to their usual expectation or their providence, they will feel uncomfortable by the mere sight of it. If we were to apply such a logic to the current situation, that would be the sight of me and Yuigahama walking side by side, each of us being so close to one another. In particular, it was Yuigahama Yui who drew the attention of others. The lightly-dyed peach color of her brown hair, her innocent as well as well-arranged facial features. Then, there is her cheerfulness and friendly smile, as well as body proportions that would attract the envy of plenty of people. Speaking of which, she was one who regularly interacted with stand-out characters like Hayama and Miura on a daily basis, which also contributed greatly to her popularity within the school community. Hence, towards the unfamiliar guy that was by her side, they couldn’t help but be curious, looking back at him several times. Furthermore, given that there was now the rumors of Hayama going out with a certain so and so or how said person was involved in a spat with Miura and similar rumors, it was certainly obvious that there were people who harbored either good or bad feelings towards her. However, even when she was in a state where she would easily attract the curious glances of others, she still walked together with me. Seeing us like this, people would probably stop saying rumors such as how Yuigahama was going out with Hayama. I think that we have achieved what Miura Yumiko asked of us. My goal will also most likely be achieved, that is, the ridiculous rumors surrounding Hayama Hayato would probably dissipate in the near future as well. Yet. I had a premonition that this will give rise to some sort of new problem as well. Probably, there may be someone who starts mouthing off about how I was going out with Yuigahama and the like.(!) Just like that time, during the fireworks when we met Sagami Minami.(!) In any case however, that was because we were seen together during such a special event.(!) In this case, this was just an ordinary school function, not to mention the fact that she was just looking after an injured person. Surely, it won’t cause her any trouble…… Right? Well, I don’t know anymore…… Hmmm. Whilst my thoughts swam about in my head, I continued to drag my feet onwards unsteadily like some zombie. There was of course, the rotten look in my eyes, but I was unable to come out with any logical sentences. Groans of frustration, “Ahhh…” and cries of regret, “Whyyyyy” kept blending with one another countless times in my heart. In fact, it had gotten to the level whereby those internal screams have started to sound like the Full House opening song, “Ah- Ah- Ah- Ah- Ah- , whatever happened to predictability! Milkman, paperboy! Evening TV! Ah- Ah!!!!!” Though I drowned in my own anguish, my feet continued to move on it owns accord. We had come quite a huge distance from Kaihin Park, and were approaching the last stretch towards the school building’s main gate. All that was left was to cross the pedestrian crossing and we would arrive at the school. The number of students that I could see began to increase as well. With the school building in sight, I could feel my pace quicken for some reason. Yuigahama looked up at me with a slight wonder but nevertheless quickened hers to match mine as well. Interestingly, although Yuigahama didn’t seem like she wanted to say anything, she suddenly tilted her small neck as though thinking of something and a soft “Ah” escaped from her. And then, she took yet another half a step towards me, as though trying to stealthily sneak into my shadow. With her hands cupped around her lips, she whispered into my ear in a small voice.
“……It’s a little embarrassing isn’t it?”
She said so with a shy bashful laugh, to which I found myself lost for words. The problem is that, such a cute sentence struck the depths of my heart like a truck. I toyed with several sentences in my head, trying to string some frivolous rebuttal, thinking about this and that, but in the end, I found myself thinking about what she said to me just now. It was slightly embarrassing. Truth be told, there was something embarrassing about all of this. It was probably because I was sensitive to other’s gazes. However, there was an ever larger reason behind it.(!) Being together with me, I wondered if that will give her some unpleasant memory. From the very beginning, I had never been able to erase away the unease that this caused. She was much stronger than I thought she ever was. If that wasn’t the case, she wouldn’t have dared to try this sort of method to disperse the rumor. That is why, my worry was surely unfounded. Even so, I still couldn’t convince myself despite being able to understand it. That was overconfidence of my overly self-aware self. In the first place, there was no one who would want to be friends with Hikigaya Hachiman.(!) Whether I was alone or with anyone, there was probably no one who cared.(!) If I was by myself, I could find a clear explanation to all this. It would be great if I could shut out all these excessive thoughts and the looks that people gave. However, I wasn’t able to isolate any of them. At the time that it weighed on my mind, there was a definitely sense of connection and relation. I am disgusted with myself for taking relief at this. My nature of acknowledging the possibility that this may end up forcing a bad memory on her, yet nevertheless trying to overlook this and deem all is fine was cowardly and pathetic of me as well. In the end, ever since I became aware of the connections between people, I myself have always been wary of how others look and perceive me. It was as though, I was just like that someone. I stole a glance at Yuigahama and cleared my throat. I noticed that we had already arrived at a place somewhere near the entrance. From here on, it would be the school compound. Taking my arm and supporting me would make me stand out all the more as compared to if she did it outside. Having helped me all the way here was more than enough.
“……Hey, it’s really okay now.”
“I see.”
With that answer and a slight nod of her head, Yuigahama still did not relinquish her hold on me. You…. Is this really okay…… Without making a noise, I changed my shoes. Whilst doing so, Yuigahama continued to hold on to my arm to support me. I could feel a tingling pain coursing through the wound that was not at my feet. Yuigahama, whilst using me as her support, changed her shoes as well and then walked away from the entrance, towards the special building’s corridor. Just as I thought she was about to proceed in the direction of the classroom, Yuigahama give a series of light tugs on my sleeve.
“Ah, that, we have to return that.”
Saying so, she pointed her fingers towards the first-aid kit in my hand.
“That’s true…… I will do it real fast and come back.”
Readjusting my grip on the heavy wooden first-aid kit, I began to make my way towards the special building. Thereupon, for some reason, Yuigahama followed me as well.
“I am going as well. Yukinon is probably still at the infirmary.”
“That so? Then, can I pass it to you to return it?”
To think that she would go along with me just to return a first-aid kit, when there’s no need for two people to do it in the first place. I made my request with the mindset of a corporate slave that was hell-bent on cost management.
“……Y, Yes. Th, That’s fine but.”
Yuigahama pulled away from me a little. As she said it, her smile looked forced and extremely reluctant.
“I’m just kidding…… I have to talk to Yukinoshita regarding today’s affairs as well. Let’s go return it together.”
“Then, that’s good.”
With a sullen voice, she gave my arm a push. Well, it’s just as she said. Things that one borrow has to be returned. That is not just limited to material goods, but words and thoughts.(!) As well as warmth.(!) Someday, I will properly return it to her.(!) That’s why, it should be fine for me to rely on her now. Although this was probably just an excuse by me.

(It didn’t really last long before the two of them jumped to: “Let’s go meet up with Yukino.”)


>From here on out the rest of Volume R sort of plays out the same way as Volume 11, except obviously less detailed and some events are different. Plus it’s also more Yui-centric. So, anyway, the chocolate making event happens. Yukino witnessed Hachiman and Yui walking back together during the infirmary scene, so she decides to swallow her feelings and encourage Yui. However, she does give Hachiman a plastic bag full of chocolates. When Hachiman comes home, he shares them with Komachi. After a brief conversation with her, Komachi leaves and Hachiman decides to eat some of the chocolates he received from Yukino. Hachiman feels like there is something that he has lost this day.

I watched her leave and then snuck a glance at the bag that I’d pulled over. From where I was, I could make out the wrapping of both of their chocolate. Opening the cellophane bag in my hands deftly, I tossed one of the chocolate into my mouth and tossed myself down onto the floor yet again. I closed my eyes so as to avoid the dazzling illumination. The house was dark, quiet and cold. The chocolate that was in my mouth, melted and disappeared in my mouth like falling snow(!), giving me the sensation of something being lost.(!) What should have been sweet, now left a slightly bitter aftertaste in my mouth.(!)


Back to Yui.

>After witnessing the infirmary scene, Yui invites Hachiman and Yukino out on a date in the main series. Hachiman had been pushing this promise with Yui back to the very last moments of the series. In the main series, Yui realizes that Hachiman and Yukino are in love and she uses this date as an opportunity for them to spend one last day together before they sort their feelings out. What’s important to know is that in the main series, Hachiman wants to go out with Yui so he doesn’t have to address Yukino’s feelings, because he isn’t sure if they are real anymore. He’s taking the easy way out with Yui, but wonders if this is the right thing to do. Yui asked Hachiman out so they could go to an aquarium. Hachiman thinks to himself that he had a vague notion he and Yui were meant to go to Destiny Land.

With a dull shake, the train came to a halt. The door opened with a Pshhh-tsuu sound. The cold air and the snow blew into the compartment, and then the couples that had boarded before me disembarked. Then, the doors closed and a bell echoed. The characteristic “Disney” music of the train station was used as the melody for the train’s departure.(!) As I listened to it, the number of people in the train gradually diminished, allowing me to lean against the train’s door. The white castle and the active volcano gradually became more distant(!), fading away from my left eye’s vision. Today was not the day I got off at this station.(!) At one time or another, I had the vague notion that one day or another, we would surely visit this place together(!), but it didn’t happen.(!) The unspoken promise(!), the words that were exchanged no longer took the form that it was supposed to be.(!) With a few changes, it shall still be carried out.(!) The meeting place where new promises would be exchanged(!), lies in the one station ahead.
Passing the big bridge, through the river near the border, an enormous Ferris wheel came into view. Indeed, it truly is Japan’s largest Ferris wheel. I recalled the phone call from this morning. It was not out of bewilderment nor surprise that I did not reject the unexpected words that came out from her mouth.(!) In the first place, the one who first invited her was me.(!) This was just a continuation of what I have had always procrastinated.(!) There was no particular reason to reject her.(!) However, was this really okay?(!) Such a doubt suddenly flashed across my mind.(!) As I searched for the answer within, the velocity of the train dropped. Regardless of my purpose for thinking about it(!), the train’s motion stopped suddenly with one large jerk, along with my thoughts.(!)

>In ANOTHER, Hachiman isn’t interested in Yukino, so this scene is a lot more straightforward. What is important to take note of, is that Hachiman is constantly reminding himself of how he has to fulfil the promise he made to Yui, implying that it’s more a sense of obligation that is pushing him to do this than his actual feelings.

With a dull shake, the train came to a halt. The door opened with a hissing sound. The cold air and the snow blew into the compartment, and then the couples that had boarded before me disembarked. Then, the doors closed and a bell echoed. The characteristic “Disney” music of the train station was used as the melody for the train’s departure. As I listened to it, I alighted from the train. At one time or another, I had the vague notion that one day or another, we would surely visit this place together.(!) That unspoken promise shall finally be carried out.(!) I recalled the phone call from this morning. It was not out of bewilderment nor surprise that I did not reject the unexpected words that came out from her mouth. In the first place, the one who had first invited her was me. This was just a continuation of what I have had always procrastinated.(!) I retightened my muffler, trying to psych myself up. I hurried on forth to the transfer station, that is the Resort land, or in other words, the Tokyo Disney Land station, where they had a monorail that went around the entire theme park. That was the meeting place that Yuigahama had designated.

>So, Hachiman and Yui go on a date to Destiny Land (Disney Land, depending on who translates it) the place notorious for couples breaking up because they have nothing to talk about. Hachiman and Yui have the following conversation during Volume 7.

>Let’s take a look at how a date between Hachiman and Yui plays out, now that they’ve spent a year together having plenty of opportunities to get to know one another.

At long last, she finally turned her head. Her head was a little red, probably from the coldness of the sea wind. She watched me uneasily with puppy-like eyes, looking quite concerned about me. Recognizing that, I sighed, a white breath escaping from my lips.
……All right, let’s do this properly.(!) I blew onto my bare palms, trying to psyche myself up.(!) Today, coming here, this should be considered a thank you to her for treating my wound the previous time. That should be the case, but right now, letting this awkward mood surface was totally the opposite of what I’d wanted to achieve.
First, let’s have a conversation. A conversation. If this place isn’t going to liven things up, then I would have to be the one to think of various topics so as not to bore her, or maybe think of some witty, intellectual jokes!
“Well, wouldn’t somewhere warm be nice? We are by the coastline so it’s kind of cold (samuishi). Get it? Cold (Samuishi), cold (samuishi)? Cold sea (Samui shi) ……”
“I, I see. It is kind of cold.”
Yuigahama laughed awkwardly at my lame joke and whilst murmuring about a warm place under her breath, took yet another glance at her pamphlet.
Holding a conversation…… I can’t do it! Come to think of it, trying to create a rich topic or witty conversation had always been my absolute worst area. In fact, I don’t even think I have to think to know that.
She stared intently at me and I looked away. I was unable to find the right words to continue, and so I merely decided to take a bite out of the Eukiwa bun. As though feeling satisfied from seeing me do that, Yuigahama followed me and took a bite out of hers as well. Neither of us exchanged any words in particular. All we did was to savor the Eukiwa buns as we walked. Once in a while, we would look at each other, as if to reaffirm how delicious the buns were. Seeing her expression, I felt relieved.(!) No, seriously, for the time being, in this current world, treating girls to prawns or avocados or pasta would be a safe bet. Furthermore, not saying anything whilst one was eating wouldn’t be considered strange at all. Man! Hachiman, you genius! I am really a genius for developing a way to justify two people being silent. Unexpectedly, this might just be the reason why there were such snack stands everywhere in dating spots like the TDR. If that’s the case, I would say that this sort of experiment was kind of a success. Truthfully, as we ingested the food, the mood also began to unravel somewhat and our mouths became greasier too. Yuigahama, who had finished her Eukiwa bun was now wiping her soft lips with her fingertips before letting out a sigh.

>Yui puts her hand in Hachiman’s pocket. Hachiman nervously starts looking around to see if anyone is looking at them. He realizes that they’re on a date at a place where they’re highly likely not going to encounter anyone familiar, so he eases up. Hachiman and Yui are able to act this way, because there’s no one they know around them. However, how would this carry over once they return back to their everyday world? Hachiman and Yui hold hands. Hachiman comes up with an excuse and says he’s doing it, because it’s cold. So instead of holding Yui’s hand because he wants to and being honest about it, he needs to find an excuse.

Yet somehow, I don’t really think it’s different? Walking like this will be difficult. Also, my right hand will have nothing to do. This is definitely dumb, cute, weird and embarrassing…… As I tried to argue vehemently with her over her action, Yuigahama continued putting her hand in my pocket, shook her arm lightly, and began to walk.(!) It didn’t seem cold anymore. I could feel my own body warming up. It was also at this moment that I grew restless, nervously looking around, being mindful of other people(!), just like a civet who had gotten lost in a metro area, looking about the unfamiliar surroundings. However, there was no one in the park who paid us any heed.(!) Everyone was taking in the atmosphere of the Kingdom of dreams and magic, as well as being lost in their own world.(!) Thus, there was no one who took any interest in the affairs of others.(!) Recognizing this fact, I relaxed myself. This was not an everyday world(!), because there was no one here who knew about us.(!) For this small moment, this place appeared as ephemeral as a fantasy setting.(!) That is why, for just a little while, I will allow it. As I kept searching for these reasons like always, I plunged my hand into my right pocket. There wasn’t much space in the pocket and so, her hand and mine made contact. In that moment, I could hear the surreptitious breathing of the person beside me. Our fingers didn’t cross at all, but I could feel a faint warmth enveloping my hand. However, as though wanting to leave that warmth behind, Yuigahama retracted her left hand and I too, removed my right hand entirely from the pocket as well. I could feel my own reluctance at having to part. Thereupon, Yuigahama gave a small laugh to try and smooth it over, and moved away from my hand. As I watched her hand start to leave, I reached out and held it on to it tightly.
Having her hand gripped so suddenly, Yuigahama was so surprised that she was at a loss for words. ……Well, if you think about it. With the cold sea wind blowing, and the temperature of today with the snow falling, as well as the fact that there was still a long way before today ended, it didn’t seem like a good plan to waste our physical strength here. Furthermore, worrying about each other would just tire us out.
“…… Well, because it’s cold, you see.”(!)
“……Ah! Because it’s cold!”(!)
She looked away to the side as she so, probably too embarrassed to look at me directly. Then, with a happy smile, she held my hand back in return.(!)

>Which then brings us to the final pages of ANOTHER. Yui thanks Hachiman for keeping his promise. Hachiman reminds himself how he wouldn’t have been able to do any of these things had Yui not constantly forced Hachiman to uphold his promises.

“It’s about time for the fireworks!”
We got out of the Mermaid Lagoon and proceeded in the direction of the bay. The area had turned a complete black, indicating the arrival of night. Since the Disney Sea was situated alongside the coast, a cold sea wind had begun to blow. The wind was somewhat strong, and so the fireworks had been halted. However, seeing as there was yet any announcement to be made, they would probably continue on with the fireworks again as planned. The path that led to the bay was illuminated at equal intervals with orange streetlamps. The faint light cast by the lamps added a sort of fringe to the water surface, and the glow reflected off the water surface illuminated the darkness of the night gently. Then, all of the streetlamps and electric lightings were switched off simultaneously.
A moment of silence and darkness. Anyone who was present here right now was probably holding their breaths. Yuigahama, who was standing beside me, whispered into my ear.
“I am glad that we made it.”
When I nodded my head in reply, I could see the night sky being lit up by the bright stars. And then, classical music began to play, followed by an announcement announcing the start of the fireworks. Then, whistling sounds of things being launched into the sky could be heard, followed shortly by the sound of explosions. Amidst the black canvas, the fireworks burst into full bloom, illuminating the night sky at various areas with many different colors.
“I never really thought that I would come here……”
A deeply emotive murmur escaped her as she shook her head.
“……Well, you did say you wanted to come here……”(!)
In a reserved tone, she answered, “That is true, but that’s not what I meant…… Hikki, thank you…… for keeping your promise.” Then, she lapsed into a shy smile. Her smile, illuminated by the reflection of the fireworks on the water surface, made my chest hurt.
This promise that couldn’t even be called a promise, I had always been procrastinating it. All I was doing now, was finally fulfilling the one thing that I could, that which I had always put off doing.
“……This is not the thanks that was spoken of…… This is because, I made a promise……”
And in that way, if the words that tie me, and the reasons that allowed me to act didn’t exist, then surely, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything.(!) The one who had always given me those reasons was Yuigahama.(!) The one who should be doing the thanking, was me. Yuigahama raised her eyes as if to sneak a peek at my expression. The light reflected from those upturned eyes diffused in all directions. After a brief pause, as though hesitating, Yuigahama quickly took a small breath and looked at me with a serious look in her eyes.
“Hikki, here.”

>Yui gives Hachiman her cookies. She has wanted to give Hachiman her cookies ever since the moment she entered the Service Club. This is essentially Yui’s way of telling Hachiman that she loves him. Is Hachiman able to reciprocate Yui’s feelings?

And with that, Yuigahama took something gently out from her bag. A beautiful wrapping that contained cookies was held reverently by both her hands.
“My consultation, do you remember it?”(!)
My reply was so soft it could barely be heard. How could I forget it? It was mine as well as the Service Club’s first consultation that we had received. In the end, at that time, all I did was to use words to confuse. The solution that I gave was a far cry from a true resolution. And yet, despite this, Yuigahama had been trying to solve it properly with her own strength. This, was plainly shown. Yuigahama appeared puzzled as my hands would not move to take the cookies. However, she pressed the cookies firmly onto my hand. There was now a weight firmly resting in my palm. The cookies that I could see from the cellophane bag were irregularly shaped, or had traces of burn marks or had an unusual hue to it. I could not honestly say that it was pretty. However, one could tell from a glance that it was handmade. From this result, one could tell the effort and seriousness she put into it despite her being bad at cooking.
“Since the longest time, I had always wanted to give it properly.(!) I said that I’d try it on my own, that I would do it in my own way. And this, is what I came up with.”
Saying so, Yuigahama puffed her chest out, and smiled brightly.
“……This time, it’s not a gift.”(!)
I was dumbfounded, trying my very hardest to take what she said as a form of joke, and I found myself unable to look at Yuigahama. Without looking away, without lying, thinking it through properly, to struggle and to writhe until the absolute last moment. That was what I thought, but yet.(!)
“……Well, this feeling, I wonder what one should call it.”(!)
Shyly, she supplemented her previous answer and looked at me timidly. Since I have heard her answer(!), then that is why too, I began searching for the answer I should give.(!) If you don’t say it, you wouldn’t know. Even if you say it, it might not get across. Even so, someday, both she and I would definitely say it properly.(!) Probably, her and my story was one that could be put into words.(!) Trembling, I pressed down on my throat, and slowly opened my mouth. So as to not get it wrong, so as to not make any mistakes.(!) I carefully selected the words that I deemed to be correct.(!)
“I……. Whether it be feelings or relationships, I don’t think it would be correct to call them that. I feel that, attaching a name to it would be wrong in some regards anyway. That is why I……”
I kept weaving words out of my mouth, trying to search for words that came closest to the answer.(!) The noise caused by the people around us continued on and the noise of the fireworks continued to echo in the faraway distance. Even though I remained at a loss for words, Yuigahama kept quiet, nodding her head and looking at me directly, listening to my pathetic voice. This silence felt like it was filled with kindness and tolerance on her part. It had even become comfortable and dependable. It had always been so. We had always been saved by Yuigahama’s kindness, always clinging onto it, always depending on it. However, whether this was right, I do not know. I don’t have the confidence to call this sort of comfort, genuine.

(Hachiman is unsure whether what he and Yui have is genuine.)

I am becoming increasingly unsure for the things that I have been constantly putting lids on and ignoring.
“…… That’s why I think, that no matter how I say it, probably, it will come out wrong.”
Each time the fireworks went up, her moist eyes, her slightly sorrowful look as well as a somewhat lonely smile(!) was illuminated by the bright flash, burning that image of hers into the depths of my eyes. I squeezed out some words(!), as though thinking that doing so would ease the pain in my chest.
“But, someday…… I will say it properly. Just a little more…….”(!)
“I am not going to wait.”
The sound of my voice was blocked out by Yuigahama’s shaky voice. Yuigahama bit her lips lightly and her expression looks somewhat distorted. Then, as though to hide the light from her eyes, she turned away from me.
From the way she was breathing, it sounded as though she was trying to crush her emotions. Other than what I said previously, I was unable to say anything else.(!) I was truly pathetic even until the bitter end(!), but there was no helping that. I wondered what she was thinking right now as she saw me in this state. A shiver ran down my spine that had nothing to do with the cold. Stiffly, I looked at Yuigahama. Yuigahama’s back was rising and falling, breathing heavily. Then, she stood on tiptoes and looked back at me.
“I am not going to wait…… I will go instead.”(!)
Those words she said slowly, but in a voice that was more mature than usual. With her moist eyes and a small shake of her head, it emitted a sparkling light. Then, with a smile that I had always seen, and a smile that I had always been unknowingly chasing with my eyes, she said, “That is why, next time as well…… Ah, no, I am going to keep saying it! Because this is who I am!”(!)
I could feel something grating against my chest, and I was unable to smile in return. However, I managed to make a wry face, and with my best effort, utter a reply to her.
“Un huh, really.”

>Yui asks Hachiman if they’re going to come back to Destiny Land again, Hachiman promises her “some day”.

Towards my vague, meaningless follow-up, Yuigahama laughed shyly in return. No matter when, we keep having this sort of conversation. Seriously, we haven’t grown one bit. In other words, that was the sense of distance between me and her.

(Hachiman realizes the sense of distance between himself and Yui.)

Slowly, over time, little by little, getting it wrong and redoing it, to reaffirm it. The fireworks rose more and more rapidly, and the silhouette that was illuminated by the fireworks gradually appeared frame by frame. Then at last, the eye-catching golden shower came, illuminating the coast brightly.
“……Are we, going to come here again?”(!)
A murmur that seemed to be talking to the night sky, followed by a muttered reply.
“Then, it’s a promise.”
Saying that, Yuigahama held out her pinky. The shine from the golden light filled the sky and reflected off the surface of the water, faintly illuminating her ephemeral-like finger. It looked so delicate that it would be injured if gripped without restraint. Thus, in a reserved manner, I locked pinkies with her.
“Well, some day, I guess.”(!)
“Yes, sometime in the future.”
Our pinkies had been entwined until then. As an affirmation from the words and smiles that were exchanged, the glowing figures shifted into the shape of two people holding hands.


That’s how ANOTHER ends. At first glance you may think to yourself that this is a cute ending filled with plenty of opportunities and possibilities for Hachiman and Yui in the future. Well, not entirely. Hopefully, while reading this, you’ve managed to see that Watari has sprinkled in plenty of hints as to what he really meant to say with this ending.

In its simplest form, Hachiman’s idea of wanting something genuine is love.

As you can see, Hachiman is unable to tell Yui that he loves her at the end of her route. Instead he once again makes a promise to her that “some day” he will. One of the requirements for Hachiman’s “I want something genuine” wish is to get to know everything about a person. Hachiman and Yui don’t have that type of relationship and he also gives up on wanting something genuine in ANOTHER.

Hachiman’s idea of wanting something genuine is essentially a relationship where two people love each other for who they are and know everything about each other. Hachiman’s “something genuine” is something that will last forever, anything else is a sham that will someday be lost.

So, is Hachiman and Yui’s relationship something that is going to last?

If you take into account that Hachiman and Yui’s relationship is mostly physical (not in a sexual way, or at least not yet in ANOTHER, who knows if they’ll even get to that point), with the two of them having absolutely nothing in common, Hachiman and Yui promising one another to go on another date to Destiny Land (the place notorious for couples breaking up because they don’t have anything to talk about), Hachiman being unable to tell Yui that he loves her, Hachiman giving up on wanting something genuine, Yui constantly needing to force herself on Hachiman or needing to give Hachiman reasons or promises for him to act and of course Yui’s love for Hachiman stemming from him saving her dog (not so much from Yui getting to know the real Hachiman) and the two of them never finding out the truth about the Service Club (or at least not yet), I’m inclined to say that there are plenty of pitfalls for a successful meaningful long lasting relationship between the two.

Then of course, there’s Watari spamming his “fireworks” motif in your face during Hachiman and Yui’s final moment in Volume R.

It should be fairly clear what message Watari is trying to convey about Hachiman and Yui’s relationship.

And if even that’s not clear enough, then let’s take a look at one of Yahari’s themes: