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Yahari Analysis

Character analysis: Yuigahama Yui

The following is going to sound like I have something against Yui, but that’s not my intention. I see a lot of fans of Yui looking at her with very thick rose-colored glasses, yet for some reason the series still insists on throwing hints at us that Yui is not the genuine thing Hachiman is looking for (Genuine1.0 was mostly directed at Yukino and had the biggest impact on her (as was Geniune2.0), Yui didn’t even understand it. During volume 11 Yui even says that she personally would be fine with a lie, but she knows that’s not what her friends want, so she’ll sacrifice her own happiness. In ANOTHER, which is Yui’s route, Hachiman gives up on wanting something genuine and Yui doesn’t show any particular interest in it. In Volume 12, Yui admits that she never wanted something genuine in one of her interludes).
While Yui is overall a “nice” person and she doesn’t necessarily have any bad intentions, there have been a couple of moments in the series where she has acted disingenuous. The purpose of this text is to point a couple of those moments out. I will give my overall impressions on her as a character, but also on the relationship she has with Hachiman and Yukino.
I am very aware that this analysis is going to be the one that a lot of people are not going to like, but a couple of things do need to be said. I mean this is the way Yui’s character is written. If you want a better understanding of her, I’d recommend you to keep reading.
With all that out of the way, let’s get started:

What is Yui’s purpose in the story?
To be the glue that holds the Service Club together, or more specifically Hachiman and Yukino.
(In Kanji her name translates to “linking/binding”.)

What is Yui’s goal in the story?
Let’s replay the events of the first episodes of the first season.

>Sensei forces Hachiman to join the SC, he meets Yukino.
>Yui walks in for a request. Yui is surprised that Hachiman is there, the guy she was making the cookies for in the first place.

>During Yui’s birthday celebration.

>From the conclusion of ANOTHER, Yui’s route. Yui has wanted to give Hachiman her cookies properly for a long time now.

>Hachiman and Yukino start to banter. Yui makes a remark about how this must be a fun club, since Hachiman is talking in this club, while in the classroom he’s always quiet(!), implying that if Yui would ever want to get closer to Hachiman, this is a perfect safe haven where they can interact since she can’t interact with him in the classroom (it’s been a year since the car accident and she hasn’t approached him directly since (she has only been with him in the same class since the second year), since the second school year she hangs out with Hayama’s group, walking up to Hachiman and talking to him would likely get her weird looks from Miura/Sagami etc., it would probably also be too embarrassing for her to start talking to him out of the blue) it also shows that Yui pays attention to Hachiman’s actions in class.

>The first part is Yui talking about Rumi, the second part on the other hand… (Volume 4)

Yuigahama tugged on Yukinoshita’s sleeve. “You know, Yukinon, I don’t think that girl can talk about it even if she wants to.”(!)
“You mean nobody would believe her or something?” I asked.(!)
Yuigahama hesitated a little before she answered.(!) “Yeah, that could be it too(!), but… Rumi‐chan said herself that a lot of people got shunned. She was in on it herself at the time. I guess she wouldn’t be able to stand it if she was the only one who asked for help. I don’t think Rumi‐chan’s the only one in the wrong - everyone’s like that… even if they want to talk it out and get along(!), they just can’t find the right moment.(!) But they still feel guilty…”(!)
Yuigahama cut off her words there.(!) Ever so slightly, she fought to control her breathing(!), and then she laughed sheepishly in order to change the subject.
“Aha, that was a bit… er, very embarrassing thing to say. I mean, it takes a lot of courage to talk to someone everyone else isn’t talking to.”(!)
Yukinoshita gazed at Yuigahama’s smile, a bright look in her eyes. Under normal circumstances, it would take courage to talk to a loner indeed.(!) Yuigahama had been nervous about entering the clubroom at first. And yet she overcame that and spoke to Yukinoshita and me.(!)

>After helping Rumi, Yui says the following. This takes place after Hachiman and Yui made up about the car accident.

“…still, things cleared up, you know? Letting it out in the open does wonders for you. I’ve been turning a new leaf like crazy, so take my word for it.”(!)

>Taken from ANOTHER. Yui was nervous the first time she tried talking to Hachiman, implying that her feelings have been there from the get-go.

>After Hachiman’s confrontation with Sagami on the roof (Volume 6,5).

Yuigahama and I barely converse whilst in the classroom.(!) At least, not in the presence of others.(!) Even though I don’t remember any agreement, but this seemed to be a mutual understanding between us recently.(!) This is not on deadly grounds. Yuigahama seemed to have noticed that as long as she doesn’t speak to me, I would not take the initiative to do so either. Well, from the hostile pose that the Sagami group was taking, our actions could possibly aggravate them. There was no need to go the extra mile to pray for rain when it is already raining.

>Hachiman is hated by the people in class. Yui asks Hachiman if he’s going to the Service Club, the place where Yui can interact with Hachiman without having to worry about what other people think.

>After Hachiman lied to preserve the Service Club (Volume 9).

Once he said that, that certainly did bring it to my attention.(!) It was rare for Yuigahama to come talk to me in class.(!) Aah, that reminded me. Even though she went to the lockers in the back, she didn’t bring anything along, did she?(!) If she suddenly came up to talk to me, it was likely people would think what was going on. So that’s why she added a cushion to avoid that.(!) I guess that’s expected of her consideration…(!) Still, even with that kind of consideration, if the people watching actually paid attention, they’d notice how unnatural it was.(!)


Has it never struck you as odd just how much emphasis has been placed on Yui constantly asking Hachiman to go to the Service Club? Nothing strange about Yui not being able to interact with Hachiman inside the classroom, but she is able to interact with him inside of the club? Nothing that makes you wonder what the reason for that could be?

>Watari’s thoughts:

Next up were the phrases like “going to the club?”. There was way more of this phrase in the light novel.(!) Well, you know… Even when you do the same thing over and over, your emotions can change every time, reflecting changes in the relationships.


>They start making cookies, under the instructions: “It seems there’s someone she wants to eat her handmade cookies.”. Hachiman asks Yui why she doesn’t simply ask her friends to help her out.

“Although I cannot say for sure that I will fulfil your wishes, I will help you as much as I can.”
Upon hearing those words, Yuigahama spoke up as though she’d suddenly remembered what she had come here for.
“Hey! Um I was kind of thinking about making some cookies….” Yuigahama said and glanced at me.(!)
“It appears that Yuigahama-san wants to make homemade cookies for someone.(!) However, she has no confidence in her ability and would like some help. That is her request,” Yukinoshita explained, clearing my doubt.
“Why do we have to do that?… Get your friends to help you with something like that.”
“Um… W-well, it’s just that… I don’t really want them to know(!) and if they knew about it, they’d make fun of me…(!) Something serious like this wouldn’t sit well with them…”(!) Yuigahama’s eyes darted about as she answered.

>Hachiman asks: “Why are you guys trying to make GOOD cookies?”, he then proceeds to use his methods of solving the problem, feeding them Yui’s own cookies while pretending like he made them.
>The girls say the cookies are awful. Hachiman wants to throw them away, but Yui doesn’t want that, since they’re “his” cookies.
>Hachiman then explains that a guy would like her cookies, regardless of the taste, if he saw that she put effort into them.
>Yui then asks him: “Would you feel moved, Hikki?”. Hachiman replies with a somewhat insincere: “I’d be totally moved.”, as we close in on Yui’s face as she starts to smile. (anime only)


(This is taken from a comic/manga that kind of does and occasionally doesn’t follow the story accurately, but instead adds its own elements, however I’ll still add it because it adds context.)


“Well, you know… If you give off the impression that you tried your best, won’t you touch a man’s heart?”(!)
“…Hikki, would you be touched?”(!)
“Huh? Oh, yeah, I would be touched, big time! I mean, if anyone is this nice to me, I’m already ready to fall for them.(!) And don’t call me Hikki.” I responded instantly.
“Ah… Okay.” Yuigahama gave me an indifferent response and immediately turned back toward the door. She put her hand on the door handle and was about to leave, but Yukinoshita called out to her.
“Yuigahama-san, what should we do with your request?”
“Oh, it’s okay… Don’t worry about it! Next time, I’ll try my own way. Thank you, Yukinoshita-san.” Yuigahama turned to face Yukinoshita with a smile. “See you tomorrow.”(!) She waved and left the room with that… But she was still wearing her apron.

>Some time after that, Yui comes into the SC. She gives Yukino cookies and she proceeds to be extremely chummy with Yukino(!): let’s eat lunch in the clubroom(!), I’m free after class, I can help you with your club.(!) It’s interesting how Yui specifically wants to do club-related activities.

>Hachiman leaves the club, Yui comes after him. She tosses him a heart-shaped chocolate.

>In the second episode Yui makes an attempt to distance herself somewhat from her social group, so she can spend time with Hachiman and Yukino.

And then Yuigahama and I made eye contact.(!) She looked at me(!), then seemed to make up her mind about something. She took a deep breath.
“Umm, I… have to go somewhere for lunch, so…”(!)

>Yumiko isn’t having any of it and confronts Yui, assuming that Yui doesn’t want to be friends with her any more. The reason why Yumiko thinks this way and acts this way, is because Yumiko is aware that Yui had already once left Sagami’s group for Yumiko’s group (mostly because of Yumiko’s actions) and she’s now afraid that she’ll do the same to her, but this time for Yukino(‘s group). (It’s the reason why Yumiko is so jealous of Yukino/shows so much hostility towards Yukino. That and the fear that Hayato and Yukino may be dating or may have dated, but this is later on in the series.)


>Yui doesn’t want Hachiman to see her in a bad light/Yui cares a lot about how Hachiman perceives her. Hachiman and Yui have this conversation during Volume 6/S1E10. This is important and will tie in later on in Yui’s actions or lack thereof. Yui telling Hachiman that she wants Hachiman to continue seeing her in a good light is going to tie into her actions in Volume 8 and 9/S2E3-S2E8:

>Striving to keep up appearances was, surely, something not genuine, which is kind of what Yui does here. Yui doesn’t want Hachiman to hate her so she tells him half the story of what happened between her and Sagami or not even half, just an introduction. Hachman has to fill in the blanks. Compare the actual amount of dialogue exchanged between Hachiman and Yui with the amount of inner thoughts Hachiman has about what he thinks happened between Yui and Sagami. (LN exclusive)

>From Yukino and Yui’s character song: Under the changing sky.

Yui: I don’t want to be disliked by you.

>Taken from ANOTHER; Yui wants Hachiman to only see the “sweet side” of her.

(The most important thing you need to take from all of this is: Yui wants Hachiman to see her as a good girl. One of Yui’s character traits is keeping up appearances. Yui would never do something that could potentially drive a wedge between her and Hachiman.)


>Yukino comes in, she puts Yumiko in her place. Yukino leaves the classroom and proceeds to stand near Hachiman, listening in on the conversation to see if she needs to step in again.
>Yui tells Yumiko she still wants to be friends with her, but she would like to pursue a relationship with those other two as well.
>After hearing that, Yukino leaves.
>Yui steps out of the classroom, sees that Hachiman was listening in on the conversation. She gets embarrassed and says: “Who’s fault do you think it is?”(!) What exactly? That Yui had to tell Miura that she needed some time off from the group so she can spend time with others? Hachiman is under the impression that it’s Yukino’s fault (because Yui wants to be Yukino’s friend), but something doesn’t add up here.

>During Zaimokuza’s request, Yui doesn’t bother reading his manuscript, which shows how dedicated she is in fulfilling the Service Club’s requests.

>Yui does however step up during Saika’s request, for reasons.

>During Hayato’s request Yui only volunteers helping because Hachiman volunteered.

>In the fourth episode, Hachiman arrives later than usual in the Service Club. Yui went to go look for him(!), she comes back and asks him for his phone number(!) so that she doesn’t need to ask random people if they’ve seen him, since then people start asking her what their relationship is. Hachiman hands her his phone and says that he has texted girls before in his life. This shocks Yui so much, that she drops his phone.(!)

>When Miura presses Yui on whether she likes one of the guys in Hayato’s group, she replies with: “I already have someone else in mind.”

>In Volume 2, Yui decided she wanted to study the same thing as Hachiman, for reasons. (LN exclusive)

“Oh, I see. But phones aren’t that perfect, yeah.” Yuigahama held onto Yukinoshita’s body tightly, as if pained over how shallow their bond was.(!) “I’ll study real hard, yep… it’ll be awesome if I could go to the same school as you,”(!) she went on in small voice, her gaze dropping to the floor. “Have you decided on your university and stuff, Yukinon?”(!)
“No, not in definite terms. I plan to enter the science faculty at a public nationwide university, however.”(!) “You know so many big words!” Yuigahama exclaimed. Then she said, “So, um… what about you, Hikki?(!) I m‐may as well ask you too.”(!)
“Liberal arts at a private university.”
The smile returned to Yuigahama’s face.(!) “That sounds doable!”(!)
Oh, come on, what was with that reaction? “I told you this before, but studying liberal arts at a private university is no walk in the park. I demand you apologise to all the private liberal arts departments in the country. You and I aren’t even on the same level.”
“Ooooh… so I’ll work hard, then!”(!) Yuigahama let go of Yukinoshita.(!) “And that’s that. We’ll have a study group starting from this week,”(!) she declared loudly.

(All of the events so far take place in the first two volumes.)

>In the fifth episode Hachiman finds out that Yui was the owner of the dog that he saved. He thinks she feels pity/guilt for him and is therefore trying to look out for him. He tells her that she shouldn’t bother and he “resets” their relationship, not knowing that the reason Yui wanted to be around him was because she has a crush on him, not out of pity/guilt.

(LN exclusive; moments before Hachiman gives Yui the “nice girl” speech, Sensei tells him that if he wants to make a new Service Club, it’s alright with her. To Sensei what’s most important is that Hachiman (and Yukino) gets fixed, whether Yui is part of the Service Club or not.)

“Oh, that reminds me, Hikigaya. About your hypothetical contest…”
“There was too much interference from outside factors.(!) The current framework is unable to cope with that. In lieu of that, I propose we alter one part of the system.”
“I don’t really care either way…” I muttered.
No matter what I did, the rules of this contest were written by Hiratsuka‐sensei. She’d change the rules on a whim regardless of what I said. The conditions for winning and losing were decided according to Hiratsuka‐sensei’s biased judgment in the first place. Resistance was futile.
“In reality, it’s already decided, isn’t it?”
“No…” Hiratsuka‐sensei said as she scratched her head. “There’s still one person who’s hard to handle.”(!)
Hard to handle. When I heard that, Yuigahama was the first one to spring to mind.(!)
She was the one girl who had joined our club after it had started ‐ the club meant only for Yukinoshita and I.(!)
You could call her an irregular existence.(!) An outside factor was fitting too. Without being part of the original plan, she had snuck her way into the heart of the current Service Club.(!)

(This is an important line. Yui “snuck” her way into the Service Club.)

In that case, perhaps it was a contest among the three of us: me, Yukinoshita ‐ and now Yuigahama.
“If you decide to make a new Service Club, be sure to let me know.(!) Come now, I won’t do anything evil,” Hiratsuka‐sensei said with a grin, but it all sounded like a villain’s stock lines to me…

“Sorry, looks like you went out of your way for me. Well, you don’t have to worry about me from now on. I was a loner from the beginning and that accident had nothing to do with it. You don’t have to feel sorry for me(!) or act out of obligation.”(!) I paused, and then I went on. “If you’re nice to me out of concern for my feelings, then stop it.”(!)
“Um, y’see, how do I put it? That’s not really how it is.(!) You know?” As she went on laughing, she looked down pointedly, her face contorting with pain. “I mean, it really isn’t like that…”(!)
I couldn’t make out her expression after she hung her head. And yet she spoke so feebly, her voice trembling slightly.
“It’s not ‐ not like that… not like that at all…” she murmured.(!)
Yuigahama had always been a nice girl, and she would probably be one for the rest of her life. If reality is a cruel mistress, then a lie is a kind one. And so kindness itself is a lie.
“Um, well, look,” Yuigahama began.
She whipped her head up and glared at me. Her eyes were blurred with tears, and yet still she stared me down resolutely without averting her gaze. I was the one who had to look away.
“…you’re an idiot.”
And with that, Yuigahama turned and ran. But after a couple of metres, her footsteps began to drag and she slowed down to a somewhat plodding walk.

>During episode 6, Yui encounters Yukino and Hachiman on their “date” and gets the wrong idea about them dating. Near the end of the episode when Hachiman and Yukino want to congratulate Yui on her birthday, she almost leaves the Service Club, until Hachiman intervenes and explains the situation.

>From the LN:

“…what are you gonna do?” I asked Yuigahama, sensing that she was on our heels and wanting to make sure of it just in case.
As a club member, she hadn’t turned up for some days now(!), and as things were, I had no way of knowing whether she would come this time either. If she was bent on fading away from the picture like this, then for her sake, we were better off not forcing her to come with us.
“I‐I’ll go…” Yuigahama said, gripping her own arms tightly. “I’ll go, but… hey, Hikki, do you have a girlfriend?”(!)
“Nah, I don’t.”
“What a foolish question, Yuigahama‐san,” Yukinoshita said as she knocked Yuigahama lightly on the head in admonishment. “It is impossible for this young man to even have normal relations with either gender.”
“Leave me alone. I don’t need a girlfriend. To me, there’s nothing more agonizing than having my time stolen from me. If she rang me crying or something in the middle of the night while I was sleeping, I’m confident I’d break up with her on the spot.”
“Whoa, you’re the worst…” Yuigahama said disgustedly. But weirdly enough, her eyes were smiling.(!) “Ah. B‐but you know. Weren’t you going out with Yukinon and stuff? What was that about?”(!)
“It was the Cats and Dogs Show, so we just happened to bump into each other at the time,” said Yukinoshita. “Komachi‐san invited me to come along, that’s all. Did I not tell you, I wonder?”
“W‐wait just a minute,” Yuigahama insisted. “So you two weren’t dating or anything like that?”(!)
“As if…”
This chick really did have a misunderstanding… that would be impossible if she had just looked at how we normally were. She ought to get a clue.
Yukinoshita had an open look of revulsion on her face. “Yuigahama‐san, you know there are things that even I get angered by?” The cold fury came out in her words.
“Oh, my bad! It was nothing. N‐now let’s go, okay?” An impatient Yuigahama ran up to the door. As she knocked on it smartly, her glowing demeanour(!) was the very antithesis of Yukinoshita’s sour expression.

>Yui has been reassured that Yukino isn’t a romantic rival.


Basically what you should get from this is that Yui joined the Service Club so she could be close to Hachiman and that she liked him from the get-go, ever since he saved her dog and her interest in him exists because he saved her dog. The manga makes it even clearer.

If I didn’t remind myself every now and then, I really would forget what this club was for.(!) Most of the time, Yukinoshita and I just sat and read books. And Yuigahama just played around with her phone.
“Hm… Ah, why exactly are you here again?”(!)
She blended in so well that we never questioned her presence(!), but that didn’t mean Yuigahama was a member of the service club. Actually, I wasn’t even sure if I was a member of this club. Was I, really? Either way, I kinda wanted to quit…
“Huh? Ah, I mean, I just had a lot of free time today, y’know?”(!)

>Yui still vividly remembers the moment Hachiman saved her dog.

>Yui’s character bio:
“She has been holding feelings towards Hachiman ever since he saved her dog on their first day of high school.”


But Yui said she joined the Service Club because she thought Yukino’s sincerity was cool.
If Yui had openly admitted and said: “I want to join the Service Club so I can be around Hachiman, get closer to him and eventually become his girlfriend.” that would obviously have gotten her nowhere.

But Yui said she’d find another reason to fall in love with him during S1E9.
That was Yui attempting to rationalize her feelings for being something more than her falling in love with him because he saved her dog. Even then she says that it would have required Hachiman helping her for her to notice him.

As I was thinking, Yuigahama continued, her voice filled with passion. “After that, Hikki would come up with a worthless and dumb solution again. Then you’d help me for sure. And then?”
An interrupting sound. It could’ve been from me or perhaps from her. The sound of swallowing or maybe even the intensifying of palpitations. For a moment of time, a vacuum of words. Curious about her interrupted voice, I looked up and my eyes met with Yuigahama’s.
“And then, I’m sure I’d…”(!)

Since the Service Club quite literally exists because the car accident happened, it should really give the following scene some new context. The point being: had the car accident not happened, there wouldn’t have been a Service Club and there wouldn’t have been an opportunity for Hachiman to help Yui, so Yui wouldn’t have noticed Hachiman.

But Yui loves Hachiman a lot.
That raises an interesting question. Yui has “loved” Hachiman as early as Volume 3.

Possibly even earlier than that.
So, what is it that she loves about him so much? She certainly doesn’t love him for their shared interests, hobbies or topics they can talk about (among other things). (See “Promised date”)

I’m not trying to say that a person can only love someone as long as they have things in common with another or that Yui’s feelings towards Hachiman aren’t real, but there needs to be at least “something” that we can point to and say: “That’s why she loves him so much.” right? Well, Yui is interested in Hachiman as a potential boyfriend, a boy that she “may” fall in love with, because he saved her dog, which to her translates as a brave person who is willing to risk his life to save innocent beings. A hero, or a knight in shining armor, basically, every little girl’s dream.

This is made difficult to her repeatedly, because Hachiman constantly proves to be completely different from what she thought he would be. However, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t eventually develop feelings for him. It is normal to do so after an extended period of time. But at the same time, it doesn’t change that she has fallen in love with the image of Hachiman, “the hero”, she has in her head.


Hachiman, do you have a girlfriend? Why are you here?

Iroha is no better than Yui in this regard. Both joined so they can be around Hachiman. Technically Iroha never officially joined, but you get the point. The only difference between Yui and Iroha, is that Iroha doesn’t show any interest in Yukino and Yui, unless she wants something from them. (See Iroha’s analysis)


Back to Yui:

Up until this point Yui’s main goal was to become Hachiman’s girlfriend, while being overly nice to Yukino to secure her spot in the Service Club.

>Whose fault do you think it is that I joined the Service Club? Why is she acting like it’s my fault?

>I’m not a club member? I’ll write as many application forms as you want, just take me in.

>Yukino, even though we’ve known each other for a couple of days, we’re friends.


>Since it has been established that Yukino isn’t a romantic rival, during S1E10 Yui realizes that: “I might like Yukino much more than I thought I did”.

From here on out her goals become: primarily becoming Hachiman’s girlfriend, secondarily actually wanting to be Yukino’s friend. But then again, while this is the moment she actually said it out loud, the feeling of wanting to actually be Yukino’s friend may have occurred a couple of episodes prior. Possibly during the camping trip or during Yui’s birthday celebration (LN exclusive/drama CD exclusive).

So, in order of importance: Yui’s relationship with Hachiman > Yui’s relationship with Yukino at this moment in time (or actually all the time). Which is why she sides with Hachiman during season 2 (during the fallout of the Service Club, you’ll need to read Part 4 to understand this).

>During Hachiman and Yukino’s first falling out (Volume 6); Yui tells Hachiman that he doesn’t have to show up at the Service Club, but he should show up during class so he can spend some time with Yui. (LN exclusive)

I left the class while watching with a sidelong glance. Noisy footsteps chased after me from behind. I knew who they belonged to even if I didn’t turn around. The only two people you could identify from just footsteps alone were basically Tara-chan and Yuigahama.
“Hikki, are you going to club?”(!) She called me from behind.
I relaxed my pace and answered. “Yeah, there’s still some time before the committee meeting. I also wanted to give her notice that I won’t be able to attend club for a while.”(!)
“I see, that makes sense… I’ll go too.”(!) Yuigahama said, standing next to me.
I glanced at her with a side look. “What about your work?”
“It’s okay. I think I’ll get busy once we actually get started on the play.”
That so, I answered briefly and walked down the hallway to the clubroom.
Yuigahama let out a deep breath and looked at the clock. “Umm… you have a committee meeting today too, right?(!) The thing is, I actually need to show up to class discussions…”
I picked up the words that she was likely going to continue with.(!) “Yeah, that’s right. I’ll be busy with the committee too, so I won’t be able to show up to club for a while.”(!)
Or possibly, “I won’t show up” might be more accurate.(!)
Yukinoshita closed her eyes as if reflecting on that and shut her book. Afterwards, for the first time today, she looked this way. “…Good timing. I wanted to talk about that today too. For now, I was thinking of suspending the club until the end of the Cultural Festival.”
“Well, sounds about right.”
“…Mmm, okay, that makes sense. It’s the Cultural Festival and all, so it might be better that way.”
Yuigahama contemplated for just a little, but she spoke, looking convinced.
“Alright, guess we’re done for today then.”
“…Right. Hikki, make sure to help out with class whenever you have free time too.”(!) Yuigahama said.
I thought for a moment. On top of my duties as a committee member, if I had to do spend effort on what my class was exhibiting as well, it was definitely going to be a hassle. Unlimited Double Works…
“…Only if I get the time… Alright, I need to head out.” I gave a response synonymous with “I definitely won’t” to Yuigahama, and stood up with my bag in hand. Even my incredibly light bag felt totally heavy to me.(!)
…Noo, I don’t want to go.(!)
Just what was this feeling? Was it really this painful having to go to work?(!) My stomach was somehow starting to churn inside out. Was it because of that?(!) Now that my mind had surpassed my physical body’s limitations, my convictions were affecting reality itself. What a frightening Marble Phantasm. Well, you know, it was work, so I was still going to do it though. But a sigh came out. I mean, I don’t want to work after all.

>Yui has a moment with Yukino, but she’d rather walk home with Hachiman.

“Okay…” Without turning around, Yuigahama rested her hand on top of the hand that was pressing against her nape.
“Take care of the rest, Yuigahama.”
“Eh, wa?”(!)
I cut her words short and quietly closed the door. Sorry, but take care of the rest.

(Taken from the drama CD: Birthday Song for You) (Takes place after S1E6, during Yui’s birthday celebration)
>The gang is celebrating Yui’s birthday, they’re at the point where they’re going to cut the cake. Hachiman will gladly cut the cake with Saika. Yui interjects and says she wants to cut it instead. “Hachiman can you hold the plate? It’s not like there’s a special meaning to any of this!”

>Hachiman says that since it’s Yui’s birthday, she doesn’t need to exert herself, Hachiman will cut the cake with Saika.

>No? Then how about Komachi? Zaimokuza then? Because they’re being indecisive, Yukino says she’ll cut the cake. Yukino and Hachiman banter, but eventually Yukino asks Hachiman to hold the plate for her while she cuts it.

>Yui interrupts Hachiman and Yukino from cutting the cake.

>Yui says she wants to help out, so Yukino accepts. Yui can hold the plate, while Yukino cuts the cake. Wait, that’s not what Yui had in mind.

So, it’s perfectly fine for Yui to intentionally prevent Yukino and Hachiman from cutting the cake, even though the two of them didn’t mean anything romantic with it, but when Yui butts in and Yukino says that it’s alright for Yui to help Yukino out, which means that Yukino indirectly and unintentionally stopped Yui from cutting the cake with Hachiman, then it’s a problem? Ok.


(Taken from the drama CD: We will… We will rock “you”!!) (Takes place after S1E12)
>Yui invites Hachiman and Yukino to go to Hayato’s after-party (after the events of Hachiman’s confrontation with Sagami on the roof), Hachiman and Yukino aren’t interested.

>Hachiman and Yukino finish writing. Yui asks them again if they’re going.

>Yukino already knows that she and Hachiman aren’t interested in going, but maybe Yui can convince them.

>Yui’s reasons for wanting to go get rejected. Yui has run out of ideas. Yukino gives Hachiman a chance to give reasons why they shouldn’t go.

>Hachiman gives his reasons, Hachiman concludes that all three of them agree that they aren’t going. Yui desperately tries to think of something to convince them. She says that it will make her happy if they can go together (she makes an appeal on her emotions). This has no impact on Hachiman, but it does have impact on Yukino.

>Hachiman decides to go home.

>So, Hachiman told Yukino and Yui to go have fun together. Is it enough for Yui to go have fun with just Yukino? The same Yukino that agreed with Yui’s suggestion, because going together “would make Yui happy”?

>Hachiman arrives home. He asks if Komachi made dinner. Yui calls Komachi and asks her to drag Hachiman to school with her, because they’ll be having a party. Komachi sends text messages to others to invite them.

>Why are we at school? Why are Yui and Yukino here? Didn’t Yui make a big deal about how she wanted to go to the after-party? It turns out Yui wanted to spend time with Hachiman.

>Stop complaining. I went through all this trouble to gather people that like you here so that I could spend time with you.

>The rest of the drama CD is the characters hanging out, with Yui occasionally throwing out hints that imply that she wants to be Hachiman’s girlfriend (choose dogs! watch me perform on stage this time! etc.).

(What’s interesting, is that Yui doesn’t really interact all that much with Yukino during this drama CD. She calls Yukino’s hobby of reading books depressing and the two have a quarrel over which animal Hachiman prefers: cats or dogs. Hachiman cops out and goes with rabbits (Saika).)


The point is: Yukino and Yui’s friendship has been built based on Yui thinking that Yukino doesn’t have any romantic feelings for Hachiman.

>Yui finds out that Hachiman and Yukino may have feelings for one another.

>Once we figure out what our feelings are, this will be the last time we can be together like this.

This sounds a bit mean. Yui does eventually really want to get closer to both of them, it’s just that these feelings of wanting to get closer (mostly towards Yukino) exist because she is convinced that there is absolutely nothing between Hachiman and Yukino.

>Volume 7,5 (judo request, takes place after S1E6/Volume 3, but before the camping trip).

Well, I really did think these two had gotten really close. Ever since Yuigahama left and came back to the club, you could certainly say their relationship had made some progress.

>The reason why Yui could say the following so sincerely, is because from S1E6 onwards, Yui is fully convinced that there will never be anything romantic between Hachiman and Yukino.

With that said, Yui may very well still prove Haruno wrong and decide to stay with Hachiman and Yukino, even if the two do become an item. It’s highly likely that won’t be the case though. There are a couple of hints in Volumes 10 and 11 and other places that show that Yui is not going to stay around.


Moving on:

>Yui still very much so wants to be Hachiman’s girlfriend. Near the end of S1E11, Hachiman asks Yui if Yukino told her anything about the car accident. Yui says: “Nothing. I haven’t heard anything about what you want to know… Really? I wanted to know. You see. I decided to wait for Yukinon. She’s probably trying to talk to and get closer to us, so I’ll wait.”
>Then she immediately turns it around on Hachiman: “But some people just won’t wait. I mean they approach the other party themselves.”
>She’s basically telling Hachiman, I won’t wait for you to make a move, instead I’ll make a move. She presents the honey toast and shares it with Hachiman. Hachiman wants to pay her back on the spot, but instead Yui tricks him into taking her out sometime. Hachiman wants to wiggle his way out, but Yui doesn’t budge. Ever since then Hachiman has been postponing the “promised date” with Yui constantly promising her: some day, while Yui keeps on reminding him of the promised date.

(In the LN, the promise of just Hachiman and Yui hanging out started during summer break.) (See “Promised date” analysis)