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Yahari Analysis


This is mostly unimportant stuff, but Yahari is full of little Easter eggs etc. that have since the very early volumes shown what direction the main story is going to take. If you’re not interested in this, then you can skip it, but there are a couple of interesting gems here and there.


>Hachiman is Yukino’s Pan-san, just like Yukino is Hachiman’s MAX Coffee.


Yukino likes cats, but is afraid of dogs. Yui likes dogs, but has trouble with cats ever since a stray cat she kept walked out on her.

“That’s what it was like for kids who live in an apartment! You can’t keep a pet in an apartment, y’know? So I kept a stray cat without telling my parents. But at some point, it went away…” Yuigahama trailed off.
And thus, she got bad at handling cats. Yuigahama laughed in her usual sheepish way. I wondered what her younger self had thought of that separation. Perhaps she had thought it was such a cute cat and they got along so well, so she might have been at a loss over why it ran away. It must have felt like a betrayal. But the girl she was today knew why. I heard that a cat leaves its owner when it’s about to die. Given that, I wondered how the grown Yuigahama looked back on her parting regrets. Perhaps she was full of regrets.

Hachiman doesn’t dislike either, but he specifically likes cats. Yui’s dog wants to play with Hachiman’s cat, but Hachiman’s cat isn’t interested in Sable. Both Yukino and Yui share some personality traits with their respective animal of preference. You can just do a quick google search and see the difference between for instance: the intelligence between the two animals, the willingness to socially interact with others etc.

>The series hasn’t really been all that subtle about this distinction:

>Every time Hachiman is asked to share his opinion publicly on which animal he prefers, he always says he’s undecided or likes both equally. However, when he gets a chance to think on it on his own he actually shows his real preference.

“My brother likes both cats and dogs. It’s just people that he hates…”
Am I the first underworld detective or something…?
But well, Komachi wasn’t necessarily wrong. It’s true that I didn’t hate dogs or cats.(!) If anything, it’s certain breeds that I liked.(!) It’s just cats in particular were what I liked.(!) Gentlemen, I liked cats. Gentlemen, I loved cats.(!) I liked American shorthair cats. I liked toroiseshell cats. I liked Sphinx cats. I liked ragdolls. I liked American curl cats. I liked Scottish holder cats. I liked Persian cats. I liked Singapuras. I liked Russian Blue cats. Back alley, cat beds, cat tower, the top of a refrigerator, under the bed, on the rail of the veranda, inside a cardboard box, in a paper bag, on a person’s back, and in a futon. I loved all the cats who were all over the place.(!) …Actually, it’s the bastards who abused cats that I couldn’t forgive. I wanted people who didn’t cherish life to die. I absolutely hated people who didn’t cherish life!

In Volume 12 chapter 2, Yui discovers the Destiny Land photo that Yukino took home with her. Pay attention to the bottom panel, where Yui sits next to a Pan-san doll (Hachiman) and a cat doll (Yukino). Pay attention to the amount of space between the two dolls and Yui.


>Geographically speaking, Yukino is closest to Hachiman. Hachiman is even inside Yukino. Distances between characters is one of the many central themes in Yahari. In the LN, Hachiman is always questioning his distance between him and other characters.


This one moment shows up in S1E4. It’s a magazine Komachi is reading.

It only lasts for a couple of seconds in the anime, but there’s a lot to be taken from this one screenshot. The article is called: “Girls Who Get and Don’t Get Guys”. Let’s take a closer look at this.

>Kneesocks? This one is kind of weak, since you could say that all the girls wear socks that relatively go up to their knees.

>Technically not in her bag (we don’t really know what’s in her bag besides books), but she did treat Hachiman and Saika’s wounds.

>The type of bag you have.

>Messy hair vs. soft and shiny straight hair.

>Yahallo vs. proper greetings.

“Happy New Year and yahallo!”
“What’s with that greeting…? Happy New Year,” I answered, flabbergasted.
“…Happy New Year,” said Yukinoshita, burying her face in her scarf. Well, formally doing New Year greetings was embarrassing in one way or another. I found myself fiddling with the ends of my scarf as well.
“Ahh… Yeah, right. Happy New Year.”

>Painful body contact.

Yuigahama sent a quick chop right into my throat. The clean hit, right to my Adam’s Apple, sent me into a coughing fit. Then Yuigahama stared off into the distance and asked me a question, sounding serious.

The next one is pretty important. Watari has put in a great amount of effort to make the difference between Hachiman’s interactions with Yukino and Yui as clear as possible.

>Forced body contact vs. natural body contact.

>Yui using physical contact (or her puppy dog eyes/an appeal to emotion) to convince Yukino to do something. (The same also applies to Hachiman on numerous occasions in the series.)

>This one link should be ample enough to illustrate the difference between Yukino and Yui.

>At most, the physical contact Yukino and Hachiman initiate is Yukino grabbing onto Hachiman’s sleeve/shirt/jacket.

Yui’s interactions and encounters with Hachiman all stem from her forcing herself on him or forcing Hachiman to keep the promises he made to her.

All of Hachiman and Yukino’s encounters sort of just happen by chance. All of it is natural.

>When Yui left the Service Club, Hachiman and Yukino met each other by chance at the mall. They were both separately going to the Cats and Dogs show. After spending some time with Hachiman and Komachi, Yukino says she feels bad about Yui leaving the Service Club, so she asked Hachiman and Komachi to go out with her on a date so they could buy Yui a birthday present as a thank you.

>In the anime she asked him after Sensei pushed them out of the Service Club.

>The other examples speak for themselves. (Most of Hachiman and Yukino’s “moments” aren’t physical.)

>Yukino stargazing. As soon as she leaves, Hachiman stares at the stars as well. A lot of times, when Hachiman looks at Yukino from a distance, he fires off a couple of sonnets about how time stands still, how he loses his breath when he looks at her or some other things. This is one of those moments, but the anime didn’t include it.

Within the cluster of trees stood a girl whose long hair reached towards the ground. That scene in particular was divorced from reality, like I was looking at some kind of spirit or fairy. I had to be hallucinating. When the moonlight shone gently upon her, her pale skin came clearly into view. When the breeze danced, her swaying hair danced along with it. As this fairylike girl bathed in the moonlight, she began to sing - softly, oh so softly. In the chilly darkness of the forest, her quiet singing voice felt unusually pleasant to my ears. For my part, I merely gazed at the scene. If I took one step, I might destroy this world where only she existed. With that thought in my mind, I stood back and admired the music.

>And finally the most important one: who is Pan-san girl? This one should be pretty obvious.


Let’s take a look at colors.

>Yukino is blue, Yui is pink, Hachiman is green. When the three of them are standing together we see purple leaves with some green here and there. Hopefully this sequence speaks for itself and I don’t need to elaborate any further. (Pay attention to the chair and the red lines I’ve drawn between the leaves, then look at the scenes that happen, then look at the leaves Yukino and Yui are holding.)

This also ties into the whole “distance between Hachiman, Yukino and Yui” theme.

>Taken from the official Yahari twitter site. Hachiman’s birthday in the year 2016.

Speaking of colors, let’s take a look at some of the promo art that Watari has provided us with.

Yukino has always been blue and Yui has always been pink. Hachiman has often times been green.

The other characters have also had colors assigned to them, but they often times change, so there’s no real pattern to be made there. (Maybe there is, but I’m not going to try and figure it out.)


A quick little tidbit about the color green:
Green is an emotionally positive color, giving us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally. A natural peacemaker, it must avoid the tendency to become a martyr.(!)

“Must avoid the tendency to become a martyr” is essentially what the first half of the second season has been about. The character that’s responsible for stopping Hachiman from self-sacrificing being Yukino.


Somewhere from October-November to January 2015, Watari and co. started heavily promoting Yahari. A lot of the promo art came with a smiling/happy Yukino.

That’s where Yukino’s color changed from blue to purple and Hachiman’s color changed from green to blue.

>Taken from the official Yahari twitter site. Hachiman’s birthday in the year 2016.

So, what’s so special about the color purple? It’s a color you get when you combine a “cold color” like blue with a “fiery/warm color” like red. As in: the cold Yukino has found happiness near the end of the series. In what way? We’ll find out in Volumes 13 and 14.

Another little observation is that since this moment, they’ve started color-coordinating Hachiman and Yukino. Sometimes Hachiman is purple, sometimes he wears a blue shirt, Yukino wears a green skirt, both of them wear grey hoodies etc.


Which brings us to end-game symbolism.

Remember how important that penguin sign from the very last episode of season 2 was? With Hachiman instinctively going after Yukino?

Well, Watari had already revealed in an earlier volume who Hachiman’s penguin was when he had a chance encounter with her.

>Once a penguin finds its mate, they stay together for life.

>Volume 3; penguins. A penguin will always find its mate, even in the largest of crowds. The one thing that really stands out to Hachiman is Yukino.

>Volume 6.

Well, brothers and sisters had a lot going on with them. If the older brother, like me, was just a failed piece of work by general standards, then the little sister unexpectedly had it a lot easier. She wouldn’t have to agonize over being compared to him. However, if I were an exceedingly excellent individual, then how would Komachi see me? The reason I found myself pondering over that might have been because, walking ahead of me, I saw her.(!) Even in this crowd of people, I could tell.(!) Yukinoshita Yukino went to one class to the next, taking her time gazing into them. Her gaze was slightly softer than usual. Regardless of the reasons and details behind the Cultural Festival, it was thanks to Yukinoshita that it was turning out so smoothly. Most likely, she was aware of that, and proud of it. The fact that you tried so hard and something came out of it was definitely something that would cause your gaze to look kinder.

>Yui on the other hand gets a “fireworks” motif attached to her character. As in: it’s great while it lasts, but it doesn’t last long.

>Volume H - Watari’s afterword. The meaning behind the fireworks motif:

And, we have finally come to the end of episode 9. The huge fireworks that launches up into the air at the very end. This fireworks are also one of the motifs that light up this series. As this huge flowered lights blossom into its full glory, this flowers also fade away into the darkness of the night. Because these lights are bright and beautiful, once they fall(!), the shadows that they leave behind are dark as well. After all, these shadows are the remnants of his bright youth being sent away.(!)

Yui is the character most associated with fireworks (read Promised date). Yui is continuously reminding Hachiman of how nostalgic these fireworks are and how she constantly wants to make memories with Hachiman.

With “Hello Alone” playing in the background and Volume 11 being Yui’s final character arc, it should become clear what Watari is trying to convey with this and how it ties into how the series is going to end.

Also, the end of ANOTHER depicts Hachiman and Yui holding hands with fireworks in the background.

As you may be aware, Watari has decided to write an alternate universe called ANOTHER, where everything goes in Yui’s favor.

Let’s take a look at the covers for Volumes 11 and 12, the last BD volume and Volume R.

Here we have Yukino waving, it’s her route. What is interesting is that there’s a space between Yukino and Yui. Yui is standing with her back towards Hachiman and Yukino with her hand on the glass.

Main series ending.

The covers of Volume 12 and 11 side by side. Yukino and Yui are standing on opposite sides facing away from each other. Yui appears to be more in the background, walking away while looking over her shoulder. Yukino appears to be more in the foreground facing the observer, with a clenched fist and a look of determination on her face (although somewhat sad and on the verge of tears).


Here we have Yui waving, it’s her route. In this picture both girls are holding Pan-san (Hachiman).

ANOTHER ending.

As you may have noticed, I’ve also included pictures from the ED of the second season. In the main series, (shown by the color blue) Hachiman and Yukino are standing relatively close to one another while Yui is closer to Yumiko and Hayato, while looking over her shoulder. Something is going to happen in the main series that is going to make Yui go back to the group she came from and regretfully distance herself from Hachiman and Yukino.

Now, in ANOTHER (shown by the color pink) you see Yukino and Yui happily chasing after Hachiman together. Yui’s dog is there as well.

In Volume 3, Hachiman had decided that Yui’s feelings for Hachiman are fake, because they exist not for him for who he is, but for the boy that saved her dog (Hachiman not knowing who he was doing it for).
In Volume 5, Yui convinced Hachiman that her feelings for him would have existed without the car accident, because she would have been sent to the Service Club, Hachiman would have helped her and then she would have fallen in love with him. The problem is, the Service Club exists because of the car accident.

So, the real reason for the existence of the Service Club doesn’t get brought up in Volume R, which means Yukino has fulfilled her goal since the beginning of the series: making Hachiman a more sociable person and also getting him a girlfriend.

Watari has given Yui the color yellow in the ANOTHER series for the final volume.

What does yellow represent?

Yellow helps with decision making as it relates to clarity of thought and ideas(!), although it can often be impulsive. Yellow has a tendency to make you more mentally analytical and critical - this includes being self-critical as well as critical of others.(!) Yellow is non-emotional(!), coming from the head rather than the heart.(!) Yellow depends on itself, preferring to not get emotionally involved.(!)

Also a symbol of friendship(!), a bouquet bursting with yellow blooms sends a message of new beginnings(!) and happiness.

Basically, ANOTHER is a Yui/friendship ending with the characters staying together, but likely not for long. This ties in with Yui’s theme of being fine with a lie, because Yukino isn’t going to reveal the Service Club’s existence, because that might upset Hachiman and Yui’s relationship. The main series is going to be a Yukino end, where Yukino will reveal the purpose for the Service Club and where Yui is going to leave Hachiman and Yukino.

There’s also this, but I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. It shows Yukino gets the “star” side, whereas Yui gets the “circle” side of Pan-san, whatever that may mean.

>Circles and stars.

>Something that’s interesting is that whenever Yukino and Yui are holding a Pan-san, Yui stands to the left whereas Yukino stands to the right. Pan-san’s eyes look away from Yui.

>Hachiman and Yukino stargazing.

>The second half of season 2 episode 9.

>Rumi (a representation of Yukino) is making stars for the Christmas event. Remember that “Gift of the Magi” Easter egg? This is essentially another reference.

With all of that said, I still have no idea what this “star” symbolism means, but it’s definitely a thing, so there you go.

>Volume 12 possibly gave us a new hint as to what Watari could mean with his star symbolism and Hachiman and Yukino’s relationship. “Something unobtainable, or maybe something that was about to disappear, is the most beautiful. Because I knew this, I was unable to extend both my hands. Surely, in the instant that I touch it, its color would fade and rot. I knew too, that for a person like me, that was not something that I could grasp a hold of.”

It seems like I didn’t have to worry about this weather. The clouds that would make snow fall seemed to have already drifted far away. Maybe we could even see a few stars.(!)
The light from the stars came from sources that were tens of light years away from us. The light was vague in the sense that, even in this instant, we had no way of knowing whether it really existed right now.(!) Because of this, it looked all the more beautiful. Something unobtainable(!), or maybe something that was about to disappear(!), is the most beautiful.(!)
Because I knew this, I was unable to extend both my hands.(!) Surely, in the instant that I touch it(!), its color would fade and rot.(!) I knew too, that for a person like me, that was not something that I could grasp a hold of.(!) Yukinoshita, who was describing her wishes in the past tense, as well as Yuigahama who was listening to her, were surely aware of all this.


I would also like to include Iroha, but she doesn’t really get any symbolism in the novels. At least not that I’m aware of. She does however get the following, but I’m not certain if I should call this symbolism or just product placement/marketing.

>This Marines thing shows up during Iroha’s date in the OVA.



The OP from the second season also contains a couple of interesting hints. We see Hachiman standing to the left. The girls both get up, and are purposely shown walking in opposite directions. Yukino is walking to the left, towards Hachiman and Yui to the right, away from Hachiman and Yukino.

Yukino is looking straight ahead, while Yui is looking down. At first you might not think too much of it, because it takes place at the exact location as this takes place.

Perhaps it serves to indicate that the Service Club fell apart and that there was a split between the group, however there is one major clue: it’s snowing.

There has been no snow during the entirety of season 2, except for the very last episode (the very last day of Volume 11/season 2.)

That day, an unusual snow fell. It does not usually snow in Chiba. The wet clouds that flow forth from the Sea of Japan were obstructed by the many mountain ranges that form the back bone of Honshu.

So, Yukino and Yui walking away from one another, takes place after it starts snowing.

If you couple that with... well, you’ve read Part 5, right? With Hachiman trying to bury his and Yukino’s feelings beneath the snow, because he has given up on believing that what Yukino feels for him is genuine. Hachiman wanting to preserve the Service Club and then Yui forcing Yukino to choose between giving up on her feelings for Hachiman and that way preserving their group (just like with Tobe) or choosing to go for Hachiman which would kill the group, then it becomes clear what is going to happen.


Taken from my analysis on Yui:
The point is: Yukino and Yui’s friendship has been built based on Yui thinking that Yukino doesn’t have any romantic feelings for Hachiman.

>Yui finding out that Hachiman and Yukino may have feelings for one another.

>Once we figure out what our feelings are, this will be the last time we can be together like this.

Sounds a bit mean. Yui does eventually really want to get closer to both of them, it’s just that these feelings of wanting to get closer (mostly towards Yukino) exist because she is convinced that there is absolutely nothing between Hachiman and Yukino.

>Volume 7,5 (judo request)

Well, I really did think these two had gotten really close. Ever since Yuigahama left and came back to the club, you could certainly say their relationship had made some progress.


Also taken from my Yui analysis:
>Yui essentially pulls a Hachiman, sacrificing her own ship, to force a reaction out of Hachiman and Yukino. At first she directs her attention towards Hachiman (she gives her cookies to him) but she gets no reaction.
Then she points her attention towards Yukino, promising her to solve her family problems but also the problems the Service Club currently has (which is a bluff, Yui has no actual plan to help Yukino out, she is merely trying to get these two to react), however if this happens Yui will take “everything” (Yui is intentionally being vague here, but it is implied that Yukino would need to give up on her feelings for Hachiman so that their group can stay together).
>Yukino being pressured by her family over the last couple of days and not wanting to lose the only two friends she has in her life,

struggles internally about giving up her feelings for Hachiman, until she finally gives in. Yukino always caves in when it comes to emotional matters especially when it involves something her best friend Yui wants, believing that this would be the best/easiest outcome that would not only fix everything (her family issues, keep her friends in her life) but also make everyone else happy (except for herself of course).
>Yui is essentially making Yukino choose between her feelings for Hachiman or them staying together as a group.
>Hachiman, seeing Yukino struggling, intervenes and says that it doesn’t matter to him how much they have to think, writhe or struggle, the only thing that matters to him is finding something genuine.
>If you think back to what happened at the beginning of season 2, it was Hachiman sacrificing himself to preserve Hayato’s superficial group from falling apart. Hayato’s group was afraid of dealing with something real (Tobe confessing, getting rejected and their group falling apart) because they wanted to preserve the status quo.
>By rejecting Yui’s idea, Hachiman is pretty much saying that he doesn’t care about the consequences or if their group falls apart, he wants the genuine article he’s been looking for this entire time.
>This fills Yukino with the needed courage to come back to her senses.
>At the exact moment in time where Hachiman intervenes for Yukino’s sake, it becomes very clear to Yui which of the two of them means more to Hachiman.

>However, Hachiman doesn’t want Yui to bow out either, that would be deceit. It’s time for all of their feelings to be revealed and Hachiman to choose who he is in love with while rejecting the other.

So, basically, Yui herself would be fine with a lie; Hachiman becoming her boyfriend and Yukino staying her best friend as long as they can stay together, but because she knows neither of them want this, she pulls this stunt to get a reaction out of them, to see which of the two girls means more to Hachiman.

That’s the meaning behind Yui’s: “Why is it that what I want and what’s expected of me are so similar, yet so different?” and “What I want and what they want are so similar, yet why are they so different?”



Basically in the main series Yui is bowing out. She’s not going for Hachiman, she’s placing Hachiman and Yukino before herself. She already saw which of the two girls means more to Hachiman. Or maybe she will still go after him, because Hachiman doesn’t want Yui to just give up like that, but she knows that Hachiman’s heart is with Yukino.


Last, but not least, let’s take a look at the character songs:


Yui’s character songs:

(Hello Alone)
I swallow the feelings I wanted to say.
They become words I can’t say…
Even until the very end… I couldn’t be honest.
I purposely tangle the thread connecting us
and cut it.

(There’s a constant theme of Yui swallowing her own feelings/not being able to be honest with her feelings until the very end present in most of her songs/lines, Yui cuts the thread connecting “us”.)

The vapor trails are fading,
but before they disappear,
I should have said I wanted to see you. Wow
Did you ever break free
from your endless suffering?

(This could be a reference to how Yukino saved Hachiman from his loneliness. In any case, the implication is that Yui isn’t close enough to Hachiman to ask him.)

You and I are alone again,
Hello Hello, Alone.

I heard laughter from afar,
but I suddenly couldn’t hear it anymore.

(Yui not being with Hachiman and Yukino anymore.)

I force a smile, and rather than just forget,

(Yui has forced a smile on numerous occasions in the series.)

I sink into silence.
I want to punish myself for standing still…

(Not going for it.)

Before the setting sun
disappeared into the ocean,
I should have at least have said a lie. Wow

(Number of times the word “lie” has been used by Yui in a song: 1.)

Were you able to get those
radiant days back?
You and I are alone again,
Hello Hello, Alone.

I deceive my own words and contradict my kindness
at the very most important times.

(Yui swallowing her own feelings near the end of the series.)


(Yui’s character song: Near the Happy Ending)
I hid it behind my usual chatter
These feelings of mine, maybe you have noticed it as well
Because it was just the two of us all of a sudden
The defenseless words, came rushing out of me

This important place, you protected it

(Hachiman protected Yui’s special place for her, the Service Club.)

I know too, that you tried your best
That unkempt hair, that cold voice
I want it to remain like this, for just a little more

You are here with me. When I am together with you,
I feel happy, but I am still a little sad.
The happy ending is so near yet I keep going back and forth, never reaching it
Please look this way; It doesn’t matter when you do.


At the corridor where the setting sun shone onto
The words that reached me from behind
You remembered our promise


Yui has on numerous occasions reminded Hachiman of their promise, Hachiman remembered it.

I thought about it for just a little bit, and
if you noticed, the time that we have spent together
and our memories too increases day by day


In the LN, it’s often times shown that Yui wants to make more memories together with Hachiman.

The times when you weren’t honest, that clumsy smile of yours as well

(Yui is fine with a dishonest Hachiman.)

I want it all, but then…

I used all my strength yet it still wasn’t enough. My heart is clamoring.
It won’t come true? Even so, I still want to be together

(Yui is aware that it might not come true.)

When I am with you, I am extremely happy, but,
I know that the distance between us is beginning to change.


Yui is aware of the increasing distance between them, probably since this moment.

Just like that snowy day when we rode the Ferris Wheel
I want it to remain like that forever

(Yui wants to remain together with them, but she knows it won’t last.)

I decided then that I wouldn’t give up.

(However Yui still hasn’t given up.)

Unfair as it may be, but I won’t do it any other way

I want it to become a happy ending.
I don’t want to lose it all
I really want to be the one who’s closest to you



(S2 ED) Everyday World, this line is sung by Yui:
Rather than the truth, please give me a gentle lie.

(Christmas song)

(Number of times the word “lie” has been used by Yui in a song: 3.)

Then of course there’s Yui’s memorandum/diary entry:


With Yukino’s songs there’s also always a reference to Yukino being unable to be honest with her feelings, constantly pushing them away. Another message that is being presented in her songs is that gradually Yukino and Hachiman are growing closer to one another, which makes sense, because that’s the way their relationship progresses throughout the series.

(Yukino’s character song: A Crescendo To You)
I wasn’t able to be honest
Because of these feelings that I pushed away
All of these are really precious to me


>Yukitoki is a song about Yukino waiting in this “sunlit room” for someone to “melt her”. Basically it’s about her waiting for someone to find her, the “real” Yukino, waiting for someone that deserves a special place in that empty space she has kept safe; her heart. Notice the strong Spring and flower motif.
I’m in this sunlit room, waiting for all of it to melt.
Cold rain comes down from the clouds and only the distant breeze of Spring can clear it away.
The day I waited for without realizing has already melted away with the snow and soon Spring will come.
That small room I kept safe still has that empty space.
I never knew that I was fine with it being just the two of us.



(Yukino’s character song: The Flower That Bloomed in the Frost)
Even if we don’t say anything, it seems like we still understand each other.

(Hachiman and Yukino are often times able to communicate without the need for exchanging words. This is one part of Hachiman’s: “I want something genuine”. Hachiman wants to know someone so well/know every single thing about a person, so that there’s no need for him and this person to exchange words to understand one another.)

The time passes by as usual, doing the same thing day after day.
In my own personal space, thinking of something,
I didn’t know when it happened, but ever since I came to know you, my heart started to waver.
I hope that one day, I will be able to tell you how I truly feel
The sky that is stained with vivid colors. It’s so beautiful I want to tell you about it.
Even during the times we quarrel, it was surprisingly fun
Rather than read the book I want to read, I want to meet you.
Someday, if you come to know all about me,

(This is essentially Yukino’s commitment to fulfilling Hachiman’s request of wanting something genuine. In Volume 12, Yukino is going to fully open up to Hachiman about herself and tell him about her past, her current situation and other things he may want to know.)

I hope to be able to laugh heartily by your side.
I wish to spend time with you, just the two of us
Though troubled, I am happy for the bonds that we forged
Your gentleness that reached me, will brighten up tomorrow.
Hate it or like it, it will be as brilliant as always.
With my feelings that cling on stubbornly, I want to hug you gently.
The time that quietly slips us by, becomes a treasure as well.
You will discover a radiant smile, as beautiful as the flower that blooms after the snow melts.

(Once the “snow” melts, Hachiman will discover a beautiful “flower”.)


Ice Queen Yukino is a defense mechanism. She had to become this, because no one else was willing to stick up for her and because her entire life she, just like Hachiman, has been “trampled upon”. Yukinoshita literally means “under the snow” but it’s also the Japanese name of the small mountain flower in English called saxifrage. All of the flower symbolism presented throughout the series is more often than not about Yukino.

(Hachiman’s character song Harumodoki (S2 OP); Hachiman’s search for something genuine)
Even if you carefully raise a beautiful flower,
It will simply be trampled,
By dirty feet lacking hesitation.

Under the building white,
A tiny bud is steadily covered up;

The far, far off spring,
Is beneath the snow.

Things we can’t see, without fail,
Always fade from our memories.
As we forget the place we endeavor to search for,
We step upon that bud, unnoticing.

I don’t want a replica like this -
I’m fine only having things that can be called “real”.
I’ll go searching for you:

“Thank you for finding this tiny bud for me.”

You whispered.


Harumodoki is a song from Hachiman’s point of view. It’s about his search for something “genuine” or to be more precise the “real” Yukino/wanting to know the “real” Yukino.


(Yukino’s character song: A Crescendo To You)
It’s the usual tea-time
Even if it is just casual talk
Everything that you have ever said, I remember it all

(Yukino remembers everything Hachiman has said to her, which has been showcased numerous times throughout the series, where Yukino brings up something Hachiman has once told her before.)

I wasn’t able to be honest
Because of those feelings that I pushed away
All of those are really precious to me

(Yukino is constantly pushing her feelings away.)

The countless times that I looked at that same photo
I break out into a smile ever so naturally


Here’s a crescendo to you right now
Bringing out all those feelings that I could no longer hide
Let’s go to the future that I desire.
In that instant when our eyes met


My chest overflows with that gentle scene
That was gently wrapped by the dusk
Probably, the one who’s enchanted by you
is me who is right here (waiting for you)

That time when I pulled at your sleeve
I poured my wish into those words, “Someday…”
Something is beginning to change


Lapsing into silence unexpectedly
those thoughts that gradually approaches me
That sort of scene is right here too

I don’t know, (that’s why) I want to know
I am searching for (what you are) searching for as well

A high pitched pizzicato
My heart is clamoring from these unusual expectations
I hugged the stuffed toy tightly


If I can overcome these countless sleepless nights,
I wonder if that means I can go and welcome the future as the new us.
I see you right now
and I feel as though you are right beside me

Here’s a crescendo to you right now
Bringing out all those feelings that I could no longer hide
Let’s go to the future that I desire
In that instant when our eyes meet
My chest overflows with that gentle scene
I will never forget it

I want to be right next to you
Once these feelings get to you, I wonder what will happen
I want to be just a little closer to you
In the usual place, I pour my feelings into a new cup
So that you will notice me someday
Indeed, I am enchanted by you
(Know that) I am right here (waiting for you)


Really, the most important thing to take from all of this is that Yukino is ready for a new future with Hachiman.