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Yahari Analysis

Part 1: Service Club and car accident

What is the story of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru?
In a very simplified form: two loners, Yukino and Hachiman, growing to become better people and Yui being the glue that holds these two together.

How are these characters supposed to achieve this growth?
The Service Club is a volunteer organization that provides service or help for the students of Sobu High School. The club is willing to take on various jobs on the condition of lending a helping hand or “service” rather than performing the entire task for their client. The job is complete once their client is satisfied or when their primary problem is solved. By being placed in the Service Club, Hachiman and Yukino now have plenty of opportunities to interact with other people and by helping them, they can help themselves learn how to socialize with others, learn how to grow closer to others but also be able to overcome the things from their pasts that have haunted them their entire lives.

What do we know about the Service Club?

“The classroom sensei had stopped in front of was not unusual. There was nothing written on the doorplate. As I was staring at it in wonder, sensei opened the sliding door with a clatter. There were chairs and tables piled up in cluttered stacks along the edge.
Perhaps it was being used as a storage room. In comparison to other classrooms, there was nothing else special about its contents apart from that. It was an exceedingly normal classroom. However, what was most obviously distinct from everything else in the room, was a single girl.
“The peculiar setting, the lack of any need for special equipment and that despite the fact that there aren’t enough members the club hasn’t been abolished. In other words, it’s a club that doesn’t require any expenses. In addition, you were reading a book. The answer was apparent from the start.”
“Then what kind of club is this?” Despite the irritation in my voice, Yukinoshita made no motion that she was bothered by it. She made it clear that the game would continue.
“All right, I’ll give you the biggest hint. My being here, doing what I am, is the club’s activities.”
“You must engage in this club’s activities as a penalty. I won’t allow any disagreement, objection, protest, questions or retorts. Cool down for a bit. Reflect on your actions!” Without allowing me any room to protest, she declared her verdict with great resolution.


We know that Sensei forced Hachiman to be there, that Yukino simply being there is part of the club’s activities and that it’s her job to fix Hachiman.

So, this brings up the following question, is the premise of the series:
Shizuka sensei: “Hey Yukino, so there’s this guy who wrote an awful essay and has an overall rotten outlook on life, could you devote months of your life to fix him? I know, as a guidance counselor, it’s supposed to be my job, but I can’t be bothered with it. You’ll do it simply because I asked you to, right? He doesn’t want to join, so I’ll use physical violence to force him to join. Later on I’ll send this happy-go-lucky girl to your club as your first client and she will want to join for her own reasons. Oh, also later on you guys will find out that the three of you were involved in a car accident and that was the first time you guys “met” one another. What a coincidence!”

Or is there something more to it?

Let’s take a quick look at the car accident. What do we know? It happened on the day of the opening ceremony, one entire year before the start of the series. Hachiman, Yukino and Yui were all three involved in the car accident. Yukino and Yui both didn’t tell Hachiman that they were involved and Yukino said that she didn’t know who Hachiman was. Now why would she say something like that?

Let’s take a look at Yukino’s intentions:

“Hm… Based on my observations(!), it seems that your loneliness is a result of your corrupt mind and cynical temperament.” Yukinoshita concluded, eagerly. “Firstly, I will find a place for you in society.(!) Given that you’re so pitiable, I just can’t leave you alone.(!) Did you know? Just by finding a place to belong in, one can escape the tragic fate of burning up to produce a star.”

So she intends to create a safe place for Hachiman, where he is free of the judgment of others and she’s going to help him change into becoming a better more sociable human being. Also, when would she have had time to observe Hachiman? In those 5-10 minutes that they spent together in the clubroom?

“Didn’t Yukinoshita explain it to you? Basically, the main aim of this club is to help people solve their problems by encouraging self-improvement.(!) I guide students who I believe require self-improvement to this club.
“Yukinoshita. It appears that you’re having a hard time straightening him out.”(!)
“That’s because he himself isn’t aware of the fact that he has a problem.”(!)
“Um…you’ve been saying nonsensical stuff about straightening me out and improvement and reformation and revolutionary girls and whatnot for a while now, but I never really asked for any of it…”(!)
“…What are you saying? If you don’t change, you’ll be at a level that’ll make living in society difficult.” Yukinoshita looked at me as if her argument was as justified as saying ‘War is fruitless. Lay down your arms.’ “It appears that your humanity is severely inferior to that of others. Don’t you want to change that part of yourself?”(!)
“That’s not it….I don’t want people who keep harping on about making me change, telling me who I am. Generally, to change yourself at the word of another would mean that you wouldn’t be yourself anymore right? It is said that the self is…”
“The self is such that it cannot be viewed by oneself objectively.”
“You’re just running away from the problem. If you don’t change, you won’t move forward.” Yukinoshita said, cutting me down with her harsh words. Why has she been so hostile and snappy the whole time?(!)
“What’s wrong with running away? Don’t keep telling me to change like an idiot who only knows one thing.
“By changing, in the end I’d be changing in order to run away from the problem. So who’s running away from the problem now? If I really wasn’t running away from the problem, I wouldn’t change and just stay right where I am. Why can’t you just accept my past and the way I am now?”(!)
“….If that’s how it is, it wouldn’t solve any problems or save anybody.”(!) As Yukinoshita spoke the word ‘save’, her expression was that of bloodcurdling anger. I inadvertently flinched. I was on the verge of apologizing by blurting out a ‘S-s-s-s-sorry!’ if needed be. Talking about salvation isn’t usually something a mere high school student would do.(!) I just can’t understand what it is that is driving her this far.(!)

So why is Yukino so passionate/fiery about wanting to change Hachiman?
As you may be aware “Hachiman has to change” is something that is a recurring theme and also something that Yukino keeps repeating throughout the series.

Yukino feels concerned/guilty/sorry/responsible for Hachiman for missing out the first three weeks of school, which ensured that he would be a loner the moment he entered high school. Knowing Hachiman (and the way that he is), he would have ended up a loner anyway, whether the car accident happened or not. With that said, he did have some hope of this being his second chance at making friends and possibly getting a girlfriend (living his youthful life correctly), but because of the car accident, he was robbed of this chance.

I got into a traffic accident in my first day of high school. On the way to school, a girl walking her dog in the school’s vicinity let go of her leash at the same unfortunate moment an expensive‐looking limousine appeared. My reward for saving that dog was a fractured bone. I was hospitalized for three whole weeks after my first day of school, sealing my fate as a loner.(!)

It is important to know that Hachiman has never actually wanted to be a loner, instead he accepted the hand that he was dealt. He has tried interacting with other people on numerous occasions (that’s the purpose all those flashbacks in the first season serve), but it always turned out for the worst, which is why he stopped trying. Not because he wanted to, but because he lost hope.


(I kind of feel like saying the following is unnecessary, but you never know, there might still be people who are convinced that Hachiman was happy being a loner, but here goes: the Service Club and the bonds Hachiman has developed with people in the year he has been in the Service Club is probably the best thing that has happened to Hachiman. While Hachiman may have been reluctant at first to be in the Service Club, over time it has become his special place that he wants to protect. If you’ve not been able to pick that up already while keeping up with the series, I’ll try my best to showcase that in Part 4. Here is an example of what Hachiman is like without the Service Club, from one of the more recent novels:

>Taken from Volume 12. Hachiman is depressed without the Service Club (more importantly Yukino). Hachiman has no idea what to do with himself without the club and he hates it.

For now let’s carry on with Part 1.)


In the span of an entire year, Yukino would have had plenty of opportunities to observe Hachiman and come to the conclusion: “This guy isn’t doing anything with his life, he’s not making any friends, he doesn’t have a girlfriend, he avoids social contact with people etc. How can this be? He can’t be a bad guy if he was willing to risk his own safety to save a dog. Something has to be done about this.” Yukino goes to Sensei, tells her the story of what happened and together they come up with a plan of how to fix Hachiman: create a club, where Hachiman is forced to spend time with Yukino, where she can slowly nurture him into becoming a better human being. Sensei probably tells Yukino something along the lines of: “If it means so much to you, then why don’t you devote yourself to solving his problems?”

(When I say “together they come up with a plan”, it’s highly likely that it’s Sensei that suggested starting a club, Yukino merely approached Sensei and told her that she was concerned about Hachiman and wanted to do something about it. Sensei is all about these grand plans, shounen contests, battle royales and whatnot.)

Yukino is in it to save Hachiman, Sensei (who knows that Yukino has led a tough life) agrees with it because she sees this as an opportunity to help both Hachiman and Yukino.

>Yukino doesn’t talk about herself, at least not with Sensei.

>Sensei wants Hachiman to be the one that cracks Yukino out of her shell, that’s why she allows Yukino to start the Service Club.

Here’s the thing, Yukino wasn’t directly to blame for the car accident. She was neither the chauffeur nor the irresponsible pet owner whose dog got off its leash. Yukino is taking responsibility for something that isn’t her fault, because that’s the type of person she is. She has always been someone that could sense and empathize with other loners (or people that need help in general).

It’s this sense of concern about Hachiman’s well-being that has been gnawing at her conscience for an entire year, until she finally decides to do something about it. Yukino didn’t intend to impose on Hachiman’s life, but considering how he’s not doing anything and especially how she feels that it’s because of the car accident, Yukino feels that something has to be done about this.

(From this point onward there may be times where I’ll say how Yukino’s intentions are to help Hachiman make friends and maybe even get a girlfriend. Now, maybe some of you will think that Yukino’s intentions aren’t to help him get a girlfriend, which is absolutely fine. In that case you can just ignore that part and substitute it with: “make it so that Hachiman is able to talk with people, including girls”. If that’s easier to accept, then so be it. However I do need to point out that both Sensei and Yukino do make a big deal about Hachiman being able to interact with girls. Take that as you will.

Then of course there’s the ending to ANOTHER, where Hachiman and Yui end up together, but Yukino doesn’t tell them about the real reason why the Service Club exists because that could risk Hachiman and Yui’s relationship from taking off. You could say that ANOTHER is Yukino achieving her goal of making amends to Hachiman; the victim. Then of course there’s the new Visual Novel for the PS Vita where you can pair Hachiman up with any girl you want.)


Now, if you were to rewatch the entire series, but this time with the knowledge that Yukino (and Sensei*) not only knows who Hachiman is, but also knows about the car accident, a couple of things should stand out to you:

>LN exclusive, Volume 4, right before they go on the camping trip.

*”What? I’m just happy you didn’t get wrapped up in some accident. After what happened to you before, I was a little worried.”
I struggled for a moment to speak. “Sensei.”
By “what happened to you before”, she was no doubt referring to the traffic accident that one time. As a teacher, it was natural she’d know about an accident that happened to one of her students. What can I say…? She was quite a dedicated and good‐hearted person.*

1. When Hachiman enters the room for the first time, it’s an empty storage room with Yukino sitting in a chair reading a book. Something that would take 5 minutes to prepare.

2. Yukino pretends she doesn’t know who Hachiman is, but when Yui comes in later she does know who Yui is.

She even remembers Yui’s dog in episode 6 (Dog and Cats Show in the LN), but somehow we’re supposed to believe she doesn’t know who Hachiman is?

This brings up a couple of interesting questions: Why does Yukino know who Hachiman and Yui are, why does Yui know Hachiman, why doesn’t Hachiman recognize either Yukino or Yui?

>Why doesn’t Hachiman recognize Yui (and why doesn’t Komachi recognize Yui)?

“(whisper) Plain-looking… W-well, I guess I didn’t have makeup on that time… and my hair wasn’t dyed(!), and I was wearing some random pajamas or something… Ah, and the pajamas had little bears on them too, so maybe I did look a bit like an idiot…”

Now, did Yui dye her hair because she didn’t want Hachiman to recognize her? Who knows. I don’t think so, but it’s something to think about.

>Why does Yukino recognize Hachiman and Yui?
This should be self-explanatory, Yukino was in the car that hit Hachiman.

>Why don’t Hachiman and Yui recognize Yukino?
The reason why Yui and Hachiman don’t recognize Yukino is because the windows of the car are tinted.

“A middle-aged man sat in the driver’s seat on the left side. I looked him up and down from his regulation cap to his silver-grey hair. The back seat window was tinted(!), so I couldn’t peep in from outside.”

Yukino remained seated, while the chauffeur probably stepped outside to check if Hachiman was still alright.

>Why didn’t Yukino get out of the car to see if Hachiman was alright?
That does seem like an incredibly out-of-character thing for “the strong-willed I want to help people and change the world” Yukino to say. We know that Yukino is deathly afraid of dogs, but it has never quite been stated as to why.

“None in particular.” Yukinoshita neatly avoided my gaze. “In any case, dogs are a no‐go.”
“So does that mean you don’t like dogs?”
“I never said anything of the sort, I believe. Please stop jumping to conclusions,” Yukinoshita said testily.
Yuigahama was the one who jumped to conclusions. “No way, Yukinon. You hate dogs? How could you?!
Don’t you like cute animals?!”
“…you feel that way because you love dogs, Yuigahama‐san.” The tone of Yukinoshita’s voice had suddenly become flat.
What, did she have some kind of trauma involving dogs or something?(!)
But the moment the phrase “dog zone” came into view, she did a double take.
“Something the matter?” I asked.
Yukinoshita slackened her walking pace, and then slowly she walked around me so that she was behind my back, leaving me to take the initiative. Crap, she’s got my back! I’m screwed! I thought, but at the same time I didn’t feel any particular malicious intent from her.
‐oh right, it was because of the dogs. She really didn’t like them(!), huh.
“I’m pretty sure you already know this, but you do realize they’re just puppies.”
I had no idea whether my words got through to her, but Yukinoshita averted her gaze. “Puppies are even wo…(!) l‐I’m only saying this to be clear about it, but it’s not as if I’m bad with dogs or anything, you understand? That is… they’re not particularly my strong suit, you could say.”
“You know, in our society that means the same thing as being bad at it.”
“Hikigaya‐kun… are you a dog person?”
“I’m neutral. I decided not to join any party or faction.”
“I thought for sure you would be a dog person,”(!) Yukinoshita muttered idly as she started walking behind me.
“Huh? Why?” I asked, looking over my shoulder.
But Yukinoshita’s answer didn’t offer much in the way of hints. “It’s because you were that desperate.”(!)
Was there a time Yukinoshita saw me get desperate over something?(!)

The point is: the image of a dog jumping in front of the car she was in and moments later a human being leaping in front of the car to save the dog, shocked Yukino so much, that she was unable to do anything at that moment (it could also be that the driver told her to stay seated). Her parents paying for all the expenses and making the problem go away may have solved the financial issues, but it doesn’t change the fact that Hachiman missed out on the first three weeks of school and this cemented the fact that he would enter high school alone. Yukino feeling disappointed in herself for not having done anything to solve the problem, while there is still very much a problem left, decides to take action.

>This first part is about how Yukino was bullied when she was younger, the last part on the other hand…

“But it can’t be helped. Nobody is perfect. They are weak, they have ugly minds and they get jealous easily and try to bring others down. Oddly enough, the more superior you are the harder it is to live in this world. Isn’t that just wrong? That’s why I’m going to change this world and the people in it.” Yukinoshita’s eyes were dead serious and harbored a coldness that could burn you like dry ice could.
“Isn’t it too insane to be putting all your effort into some extravagant plan?”(!)
“Maybe. But it’s considerably better than your plan to dry up, wither away and die(!)….I hate the way that you consider your weakness as a positive.”(!) Yukinoshita said and averted her eyes to look outside the window.


Yukino knows the plan is ridiculous, but well:
• Sensei came up with it.
• It’s better than watching Hachiman “dry up and wither away”.


3. When Sensei and Yukino start talking, doesn’t their conversation feel staged? Hachiman barely gets any input and is literally forced to join because of some flimsy reason (writing a bad essay).

>Sensei supposedly convinces Yukino with the very convincing argument of: “he’s just a minion/scoundrel”.

>Getting cold feet now, Yukino?

>Sensei leaves the room, however stays outside listening in on the conversation.

>When Sensei feels that Yukino is making no progress convincing Hachiman to join, Sensei comes back in to support Yukino.

>When Yukino is close to revealing the real reason why Hachiman needs to join, Sensei interrupts and makes up the Shounen bet just to give Hachiman an incentive to join.

>This bet is SO important that Sensei doesn’t even remember it during season 2. It’s Yui that says: “That was a thing?”, but look at Sensei’s expression.

This isn’t the only time where Sensei steps in when Yukino is getting too wound up about Hachiman.

>S2E3: Yukino was desperately grasping at ideas just to prevent Hachiman from self-sacrificing again, Sensei had to step in to calm her down.

4. At the end of S1E6, Yukino sure knows a lot about the incident that caused the falling out between Hachiman and Yui. She knows that both of them aren’t at fault and that they should blame the instigator, “The two of you can start over”.
(This is really the moment in the series where everyone should have caught on that something is “off”.)

5. Near the end of S2E6 (and in the early parts of the LN) the nature of the Service Club was brought up. Orimoto laughs at the club “what the heck is that, never heard of it”. Hachiman himself is not too sure what his club actually even means.

Without any other choice, I decided to show up at the so-called service club of which one club activity seems to be solving riddles.(!) Though it claims to be a club, I have no idea what club activities actually involve.(!) Not to mention that the club president is even more of a mystery.(!) What’s the hell’s up with her.

>During the fallout of the Service Club in Season 2.

I opened the door and upon taking a step inside, the room felt terribly deserted. Was there really a club like this with absolutely nothing at all in it? The same desk and chairs and the tea set that had not been used at all recently were still there.

>Taken from Volume 10,5. Should we write an article about the Service Club?

>Taken from the season 2 OVA. I still don’t know how to define or describe this club.

Volume 12 contains a couple of extra clues about the Service Club. Since the school year as well as the story are nearing its conclusion, Hachiman spends some time thinking about the Service Club again.

>Taken from Volume 12. Totsuka asks Hachiman if they plan on recruiting new members for the Service Club. Hachiman says how he doesn’t know how the club was formed and that he was merely forced to join. Hachiman says that it’s up to Yukino and Sensei to decide what happens to the club and that he has no say in that.

In the manga however, Hachiman doesn’t have this talk with Totsuka, but instead he starts thinking about this stuff after overhearing a group of students talking.

>Hachiman comes to the realization that neither him nor Yui have ever touched the key to the Service Club. Hachiman notices how for some “reason” the key seems to be very important to Yukino. (For Hachiman, the Service Club means being close to Yukino. For Yukino, the Service Club means being close to Hachiman.)

This is the second time the key to the Service Club is brought up. The first time was during Volume 8, when Yukino and Hachiman weren’t seeing eye to eye on how to solve Iroha’s Student Council President request.

Hachiman realizes how Zaimokuza is the only person Hachiman knew before joining the club. However Hachiman still has his reservations on how close he actually wants to get to Zaimokuza, with or without the club.

There are a couple of other hints scattered throughout the series.


Let’s look at it this way, what was the Service Club before Hachiman joined? It was just one member, Yukino, sitting in an empty room, reading a book. Do you think Yukino had helped a single person since the Service Club got started before Hachiman joined? Keep in mind that Yui was their first client. How many has Yukino helped after Hachiman joined? Some, but it’s mostly Hachiman that is helping others as you may have noticed, because Yukino’s main focus is helping Hachiman become a better/more sociable person first (by letting him help others and maybe gain some friends in the process), helping others second. If Yukino were to swoop in every single time and solo every request, then how would that benefit Hachiman in any way?
(With that said, Yukino does want to help other people, it’s just that helping Hachiman is her number one priority.)

(It also doesn’t help that Yukino’s way of helping people is too idealistic. Her methods involve helping/nurturing them over a longer period of time with hard work and dedication, essentially trying to teach them how to help themselves. The problem here is that Yukino is just one person and there’s not enough time in the world to help every single person in the way she would want to help them, especially not when she only gets to spend a couple of days with said people at most. However, there is one specific character in the series that is living proof that Yukino’s methods do work and that is mostly because she’s spent almost a year with said individual.)

>Notice how, in the first half of the first season, every student that comes to them with a request was sent by Sensei? If the students were aware that such a club existed, wouldn’t they come on their own? Isn’t it kind of a coincidence that the first person Sensei sent to the club was Yui, you know, the other girl involved in the car accident?

I finally understood the purpose of the service club’s activities: in short, the club gives advice to students and helps them solve their problems. However, its existence wasn’t particularly well known.(!) I, for one, didn’t even know it existed, and it’s not as if I’m completely ignorant of our school.(!)
If you consider that even Yuigahama didn’t recognise this club, then someone must act as a go-between and lead people here for advice. That someone is Hiratsuka-sensei.
Sensei must sometimes send students who have problems and worries here… To this isolation ward, that is.

From Yui’s introduction in the first episode, there are three facts that are presented:
• Yui was sent by Sensei to the Service Club.
• Yui was sent to the Service Club after Hachiman joined.
• Yui was the first person that got sent to the Service Club after Hachiman joined.

Let’s assume for a second that Yukino’s one person Service Club was a legit club without any ulterior motives behind it and that Yukino’s club had already existed for a while. If it was truly about helping Yui with her cooking problem (because she wanted to give them to a person to thank them), then why didn’t Sensei send Yui sooner? Surely helping someone out with a simple problem like that wouldn’t be too hard to handle for a single person, right? No. It’s because it has never been about helping Yui with her cooking problem, it was about getting Yui to go to the Service Club after Hachiman joined, so that she could thank Hachiman for saving her dog in whatever way she wanted to thank him.

Just like how it has never actually been about the Service Club. Why can Yukino (in season 2) say: “I want to run for StuCo president, which means I won’t have any time for the Service Club and more than likely the Service Club will come to an end.”? Because the Service Club doesn’t matter, it’s merely a means to an end. Her relationship with Hachiman and Yui matters. The three of them would have stayed together, just in a different club.

“….Right. You really are as rotten as ever.” Sensei sighed loudly. Then immediately after, she grinned widely and laughed as though she’d just thought of something.(!)
“If a girl treated you to her home cooking at least once, I’m sure you would change that corrupt way of thinking….” With that sensei stood up and started shoving me by the shoulder towards the door.
“Wa-wait! What are you doing?! Ow! I said that hurts!”
“Come back when you’ve learnt the dignity of labor at the service club.”(!) Then with a viselike grip on my shoulder, she harnessed all her strength and gave me a final shove outside the door.

(After this, Sensei sends Yui to the club)

6. Have you ever noticed how every time tensions between Hachiman and Yukino get high, Yukino says that “there’s no need for the club (if Hachiman won’t attend or participate)”?

(“Coincidentally” at the exact same time as Yukino puts an end to the Service Club near the end of Volume 13, she also tells Hachiman that their relationship has run its course.) (See “Explanation for the ending of Volume 13 as well as the story”)

If Yukino wants to help Hachiman, then why is she so mean towards him?

Have you met season 1 Hachiman?

If you watch S1E1, look how much resistance he puts up to the idea of joining: “I don’t need to change, I like myself perfectly the way I am right now. Problem? I’m pretty talented, you know? I’m more dashing than most, too. You could say I’m top of the line, if you ignore the fact that I have no friends or a girlfriend. It’s not like I can’t talk to people, I just don’t like making small talk. I don’t need rehab. I don’t need people telling me who I should be damn it. But isn’t changing myself also running away? Why can’t you accept who you were and who you are?” (Notice Sensei looking at Yukino clenching her fist.)

Basically, he doesn’t want to admit he has any problems and needs to change. However, from Yukino and Sensei’s perspective (in season 1) he clearly has a rotten outlook on life and well, that just can’t be, because if he stays the way he is right now that will only make his life more difficult once he becomes a grown-up. So Yukino (and Sensei) adopts a no-nonsense attitude towards him. Whenever Hachiman says “I’m fine being a groveling sorry excuse for a human being” Yukino steps in and immediately points out how pitiful and sad that is and that he should feel ashamed for even thinking that way. “I hate how you affirm people’s weakness”. She needs to first crack Hachiman’s shell, change his way of looking at life and show him that he has self-worth.

(For example, a pretty cool moment is where in S1E3 Hachiman is fully prepared to beg Hayama’s group to let his own group use the tennis court, but just before he gets the chance to humiliate himself, Yukino steps in, which not only stops him from doing this, but together they also prove how their group is not only equal to, but maybe even better than Hayama’s popular group.)

Yukino is openly hostile towards Hachiman the first time they meet because she and Sensei knew beforehand that there’s no other way to get Hachiman to reform, other than by forcing him, Yukino by being a no-nonsense Ice Queen and Sensei by physically abusing him (for laughs!).

They knew that “the proud self-proclaimed loner that doesn’t need anyone else in his life” Hachiman would put up resistance, so they had to hit him hard and fast (in Sensei’s case literally and figuratively). The way Hachiman is in season 1, if they would simply nudge him like: “hey, Hachiman, come on join the club, will ya?” he would have most certainly declined.

(Hachiman even tries to weasel his way out of the club in S1E3, by saying he wants to join the tennis club, but Yukino immediately rejects that suggestion. Or in S1E6, where Hachiman says: “I have neither the will nor the drive, so can I leave?” Sensei simply responds by cracking her knuckles, implying: no, you have to stay here. Why? Because Hachiman NEEDS to be in the club, because the Service Club exists to specifically help him.)

With all of that said, Yukino does like Hachiman for who he is, it’s only his self-deprecation (and later on self-destructiveness/self-sacrifice) that she dislikes about him and wants to fix.