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Yahari Analysis

Character analysis: Isshiki Iroha

This analysis may also sound like I have something against Iroha, but once again, that’s not my intention. This one is going to be a bit tricky, because Iroha is probably the character that got changed the most. Basically, Iroha in the LN is incredibly different from the Iroha you see in the anime, so if you’re satisfied with the Iroha you got to see in the anime, then you probably shouldn’t read this. If however, you do care about the author’s original take on the character, then keep reading. This analysis is also optional, because technically Iroha is mostly a side character that doesn’t really play that big of a role in the overall story. She’s mostly there to introduce new Service Club requests or to push the story forward in some way. However if you want a slightly better understanding of her as a character and her relationship with the Service Club members and if you want to know why exactly Iroha is not the “real thing” Hachiman wants, then let’s get started.


If you’ve read Part 5, you should know what purposes Iroha’s character serves. I’m not going to list all of them again, but instead I’ll be mostly focusing on her primary role in the series: constantly getting other people to do things for her.

So, to start things off, Iroha was elected for the position of student council president as a prank by girls that dislike her for her behavior/demeanor. Meguri and Iroha came to the Service Club to find a way so that Iroha could drop out, without having to lose face. Hachiman suggested solving it with self-sacrifice, Yukino said that was absolutely out of the question. A couple of things happened, Yukino and Yui both said they would run for student council president, which would mean that the Service Club would come to an end. Because Hachiman didn’t want this, he instead manipulated Iroha into this position.

>Instead of self-sacrifice Hachiman decides to manipulate Iroha into actually wanting to become student council president, because he wants to preserve the Service Club.

“Whatever’s fine, but… what are you going to do?”
“Let me think for a bit.”
I silently closed my eyes. I established the setting where I prioritize Komachi’s request and omit Yukinoshita and Yuigahama from the election. Isshiki Iroha would then be the only candidate. Since the chances of other candidates coming forth were low, I could ignore it at this point. But there, the condition that someone had to take all the heat surfaced. So what was the remaining problem? The actual person’s will(!); it was just that one point alone. That being the case, I had to think of a way to overturn that.(!) In other words, I needed to destroy every single thing related to the reason why she didn’t want to become the student council president.(!) When I reached that point, I opened my eyes.
“So long story short, the way we approached this from the start was completely wrong…”
Not only me, but also Yukinoshita and Yuigahama.
“Well, if that’s the case, I guess the only thing I can do is negotiate with Isshiki.”(!)
This was close to confidence. If Isshiki Iroha calculated how she would act her character, then you could also say that she was suited for negotiating.(!) If she diligently calculated the risks and returns, then depending on what I say to her, she’d be open for bargaining.(!) That being the case, we had to collect bargaining chips. No, it might be more correct to say we had to create them.(!)

>Iroha was the person that was supposed to “take the fall” in order for Hachiman to preserve the Service Club.

>Iroha tries refusing all of Hachiman’s reasons for wanting to become SCP. Hachiman continues to tell her what she wants to hear: you can ask others (Hayato) for help, you can walk home with Hayato, whenever you don’t feel like working you can say you have to do something in your other club, you can get revenge on the girls that recommended you etc.


>Iroha is clearly not qualified to take on the position of SCP, so she immediately barges into the Service Club asking for help. Hachiman doesn’t want to involve Yukino, so he goes behind her back. While Hachiman may have manipulated Iroha into this position, he isn’t a complete heartless person. Hachiman says it’s only natural he has to do right by Iroha and at the very least ease her into this position.

>I only became SCP because you told me to. It’s only natural I have to do right by Iroha, but there’s one other person I need to do right by.

So, every time Hachiman helps Iroha out, there’s always a sense of guilt weighing on him, forcing him to have to help her out. It’s his responsibility after all.

It was natural that I took responsibility for Isshiki. She became the president because of my actions after all. So that being the case, I was the other person who had to take responsibility along with Isshiki.
But as long as I was the reason for making Isshiki the president, I held some responsibility as well. I had to make sure I properly supported her during this event.
But I couldn’t be joking around like this. Although I was only helping Isshiki in order to fulfill my responsibility of forcing her into becoming the president, I now noticed that I was the one giving out directions.
In the first place, Isshiki didn’t start as the student council president voluntarily. I was partly to blame for leading her into it. That’s why I had some feelings of guilt and my attitude sweetened up.
“I didn’t hear a single thing about this… Gosh, if it wasn’t for a certain somebody telling me to become the student council president…”
Flick flick flick. Isshiki intentionally sent me glances.


However, it’s not like Iroha is a total victim here, because she’s quite the opportunist. This is essentially the part where we dive into the way Iroha was originally written in the LN and it’s the reason why I warned you near the beginning about reading this analysis. It’s not too late to stop reading here.

Iroha in the LN is a rather selfish and self-centered person. This sounds like an awful thing to say, but hopefully by the end of the analysis, you’ll see what I mean. Let’s take a look at her first assignment as SCP.

>Iroha as a newly appointed SCP enters the Service Club and asks the members for help. She presents the problem, they need to collaborate with another school and organize a Christmas event. Iroha didn’t really want to do it, but Sensei forced her into it.

Throughout the course of the series, Iroha hasn’t really significantly helped or done anything for someone else. (This is different in the anime/OVA.)

However, there are a few things she has done, namely:

• She bought snacks for the committee during Volume 9.
That was because she wasn’t being helpful and living up to what was expected of her as SCP.

• She took a picture of the Service Club members in Volume 10,5.
That was after she manipulated all three of them into making a free newspaper for her in a time frame of two weeks, so that she could keep her budget for next year and spend it on herself.

• She went on a date with Hachiman and let him decide where they’d go.
See the above answer (this played out 100% differently in the LN).

• She forces Yumiko, Yukino and Yui to be more direct with their advances on the person they’re in love with.


When Hachiman calls Iroha the “master of sly”, what he actually means is that she’s a manipulative and deceitful person. Now you may be wondering why I’m associating the word “manipulative” with Iroha. Well, for one thing, because it’s in her character bio:

>Skills: coaxing;
1. to attempt to influence by gentle persuasion, flattery, etc.;
2. to manipulate to a desired end by adroit handling or persistent effort;
3. to fool; deceive.

>One of the main lessons learned from Yahari is that you can’t trust these types of smiles.

>Iroha has that expression on her face quite a lot of the time, indicating that just like Haruno and Hayato, Iroha is a two-faced person.

>Just like Haruno, Iroha falls on the other end of the spectrum of what a real smile looks like.

I knew what a real smile looked like.(!) Not a flirtatious smile, nor a smile for tricking people or for diverting their attention ‐ a real, honest‐to‐god smile.(!)

>Which is natural, since Iroha’s role model is Haruno.

She seemed to have earned another follower today as well.(!) Isshiki came immediately next to Haruno-san and started a conversation with sparkling eyes.
“I’m soooo glad an amazing senpai like you came today, you really helped us out!”(!)
“Really? It’s not that big of a deal, you know?”
Although she was acting unassuming, Haruno-san’s composed smile was brimming with confidence, somehow even frighteningly captivating.
“Not at all, Haru-san-senpai, you’re just, like, so cool! I really admire you!(!) I want to be just like Haru-san-senpai(!), too… or something.”
“Thanks you!”
Haruno-san embraced Isshiki and coddled her. In her arms, Isshiki was making a sheepish smile. Ahh, this girl was trying to get in the good graces of an influential person(!) and if things went well, she’d try to get some know-how knowledge…(!) But Haruno-san, a formidable enemy, chuckled with a fascinated smile as she rubbed Isshiki’s hair, as if she had seen through that level of calculation completely.(!) I witnessed something unpleasant… If possible, I didn’t want Isshiki turning out like Haruno-san.(!) But Meguri-senpai had a delighted smile as she watched them, that unnatural scene possibly being interpreted differently by those who looked.

>From her character bio, Iroha likes hanging out with “easygoing boys”. Iroha’s charms, seduction and fake cutesy act don’t really work on other females.

>Why didn’t you ask Meguri for help? It’s because Meguri is busy preparing for tests, not because my fake cutesy act doesn’t work on her.

“If anything, shouldn’t you have gone to discuss this with Shiromeguri-senpai before coming here?”
Shiromeguri-senpai, the owner of the Megu Megu Megurin ♪ Megurin Power ☆. Shiromeguri Meguri-senpai was the student council president before Isshiki. She was warm and cute.(!) What’s with this ridiculous description of her? The official position of the student council president should’ve still been in the process of being transferred over. In the first place, it would’ve been more logical to discuss this with her beforehand.(!) Speaking of which, why was Isshiki here if Meguri-senpai didn’t come non?(!) Meguri, Konkon, Koi Iroha? I didn’t really call for her though…
When I told her, Isshiki took her eyes off of me.
“Yes, that’s true… But there’s no way I could bother her while she’s in the middle of taking tests right now, could I?”(!)
Meguri-senpai shouldn’t have been all that busy because she had a tentative offer for one of the schools she was recommended to though…?(!) Could it be that she wasn’t very good at dealing with Meguri-senpai?(!) Well, for someone like Isshiki who created her fluffy airheaded persona(!), in the presence of the authentic fluffy airheaded Megurin(!), she probably couldn’t handle the brilliance. Those who were authentic(!) always shined brighter than anyone else so they were impossible to reach. I could understand why she’d want to avert her eyes from that reality.(!)
“I only have you senpais left for help!”(!)

If you may have noticed while keeping up with the series, Iroha doesn’t show all that much interest in neither Yukino nor Yui, unless she needs something from them. I will come back to this.

>Hachiman is easier to manipulate.


Iroha has taken an interest in Hachiman. However, Iroha’s interest in and affection for Hachiman exists because Hachiman is continuously solving problems and doing things for her.

>And you Hachiman, did a lot of work, which is why I now have a crush on you.

(Iroha’s character song: Wise girl)
Uh-oh this is bad! Please help me
Knocking and opening the usual door
I want to consult you about all sorts of problems today as well
I am counting on you to give me sound advice
If you happen to think of some problems that I had not foreseen, it would be great if you could solve those as well


>“Girls are only nice to people when there’s profit, you know!” While this conversation may have been about Yui (it also applies to her), the character this applies to the most in the series is Iroha (and Haruno).

>What’s important to know here, is that before Hachiman popped up in Iroha’s life, Iroha was constantly forcing Tobe to do things for her.

Komachi nodded. “Tobe-san’s a good person, isn’t he?”
“Was it just me or did you mean that he was someone convenient?”
Well, it’s true that Tobe was a good guy, but since it didn’t go any further than that, it made me feel bad for him. Not to mention Isshiki’s use of him wasn’t something to laugh at either…(!)

It could be said that ever since Iroha upgraded to Hachiman, Iroha has started treating Tobe with disdain and trying to distance herself from him and that she lost interest in Tobe. She has no use for Tobe anymore, now that Hachiman is doing things for her. (Or maybe she has always treated Tobe that way.)


Hayato on the other hand is a lot craftier than Tobe and Hachiman. He knows when someone is taking advantage of him and has no problem rejecting someone. Hayato also just has no interest in helping Iroha out.

>Hayato confronts Hachiman about how he never turns people down.

>Iroha asked Hayato to help her out, but he turned her down. Apparently twice. First he turned down her confession, then he turned down helping her.

We both looked around for Isshiki and the door to the Training Room opened. And came staggering out was Isshiki.
“What’s wrong with you…?”(!)
When I asked her, Isshiki stood still with a dark expression.
“When I asked Hayama-senpai for help, he said no…”(!)
“Eh, no way, Hayato-kun did?”
Yuigahama was surprised. I was a little too. I was surprised not only by Hayama declining to help someone, but also at Isshiki who was going on the offensive despite having been rejected.(!) Still, for that Hayama to do that, huh…
“But, well, you guys really helped me out.(!) No one else would come out to help me after all.(!) I only have you upperclassmen left to rely on!”(!)


So, like I said, Iroha has taken a liking in Hachiman and the reason Iroha hangs out at the Service Club is because of Hachiman.

>Hachiman, do you have a girlfriend? Why are you here?

>In that sense, she is similar to Yui. However, with Iroha, there’s a bit more to it than just that.

I’ll explain this, but first let’s take a look at how much Iroha has done herself in the series.

>Iroha helping out, by not really doing anything herself and telling others what to do.


The two most important lessons Hachiman taught Iroha that she took to heart are the following two:
1. When you don’t feel like working, come up with an excuse.
2. Ask someone else for help or to do something for you.

I hope you have noticed how every time Iroha is in the Service Club, Hachiman always asks her why she’s here. This happens more often in the LN. There’s a good reason for that, because there’s always an ulterior motive behind Iroha’s visits to the Service Club.


>Iroha got elected as the SCP, she requested the Service Club to solve it for her.

>Are you goofing off?

>After Hachiman forced Iroha to become SCP, Iroha immediately comes back to the Service Club asking them to help her.

Upon Isshiki’s appearance, Yuigahama made a surprised face while Yukinoshita gently squinted. I probably had a disgusted look. She was appointed as the student council president just recently so why was she here already…? It didn’t look like she was here to fool around though…(!) Isshiki approached me with a cute, clingy voice, pathetic even, while paying no attention to our hesitant looks. She purposely broke into tears while moaning “fueee...”
“Senpaaai, this isn’t good, this isn’t good…”
As sly as ever… You’re kind of stimulating my desire to protect right now, could you please stop…? I’ll end up wanting to help you out, darn it. I would’ve immediately came to her rescue if it wasn’t for the fact that it was Isshiki.

>In the early parts of Volume 10, it’s Yukino’s birthday. Hachiman and Yui have bought Yukino presents.

>Now, Iroha isn’t Yukino’s close friend so it’s only natural she doesn’t know about her birthday or has bought a present for her, but maybe she’s here to celebrate Yukino’s birthday as well? Let’s find out why she’s here.

In the anime they combined these two things. In the LN she comes back later on to ask them for a favor. The favor is asking the Service Club to help out with setting up the preparations for the career center.

>Iroha is in the Service Club again, there is something she wants from the Service Club, namely their help to set up the academic and career center. In the LN, Hachiman tells her that he isn’t going to help her out anymore. Iroha responds by clicking her tongue, as in: there goes her plan to saddle the Service Club up with work. As soon as Miura walks in, Iroha knows that a confrontation is about to take place, so she exits the scene with her tail between her legs.

Later on she gets Sensei to convince Hachiman to help her out, because he can’t turn down a teacher. Yukino and Yui join as well.

“And why are you here again?”(!) I looked at Isshiki.
“I’m here today this time for a proper consultation,”(!) said Isshiki, looking completely serious.
“If it’s for the student council, I’m not helping anymore.”(!)
“…Oh, okay.” Isshiki muttered dejectedly.
It sounded like she clicked her tongue afterwards(!), but I was just imagining it, right? Irohasu? Watching our interaction, Yukinoshita cleared her throat.
“Surely you didn’t come all this way just so you could have us assist you, right?”(!)
There was a pressure in her voice as she smiled. Her tone was so soft, yet icy chills ran up my spine. Isshiki promptly straightened her posture.
“O-Of course! I was just kidding! I’m making sure to do my work!”(!)

(Except that later on Iroha uses Sensei to convince Hachiman to work and then she wanders off so she can talk to Haruno and Meguri.)

“Then, what’s your business?”(!) Yukinoshita asked, sighing with exasperation from seeing Isshiki’s attitude.
Yuigahama mediated.
“Iroha-chan’s probably curious about Hayato-kun’s career path and came to ask about it, right?”
“That’s my Yui-senpai! That’s exactly why I’m here! Buuuut, that’s not the only thing.”

(Iroha is saved by Yui interjecting.)

Yukinoshita looked at her to go on. Isshiki lightly placed her hand on her chin and contemplatively spoke.
“It’s liiike, there’s been an increase in people making passes at Hayama-senpai.”
“Well, confessing to him, basically. Even if it doesn’t go well, they do it just to check, like an appeal of the sort.” Isshiki apathetically answered Yuigahama’s question.

>Hachiman told Iroha he wasn’t willing to help her out with SCP work. What does Iroha do? She goes to Sensei. Hachiman is convinced Iroha is doing her work properly, so he’ll help her out.

“Tomorrow, there’s an academic and career center, but it looks like we’re a bit short of helping hands… The student council is working pretty hard, however.”
You don’t say. Isshiki looks like she’s screwing around(!), but she’s actually doing her work properly.(!)
“…And there, a nomination came from Isshiki. It seems she wants you to help them with the work.”
Is Irohasu’s order me? The word “work” isn’t exactly causing my heart to bounce up and down though…
“It’s because it’s a formal order from the student council,” said Hiratsuka-sensei, nodding. “Well, it means she’s growing if she sought permission from an advisor. I don’t know what her intentions are, but human resources that can be freely utilized without any issue fit you guys perfectly, so it’s a logical decision.”
It looks like Hiratsuka-sensei was seeing the growth of Isshiki in her own way… No, this was definitely Isshiki’s plan: She went through sensei, so we couldn’t refuse. But well, if Isshiki was putting a lot of her own effort into it, then I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to help her for a little bit.

>Hachiman, Yukino and Yui enter the room. Iroha mopes about how she has to work. She reminds Hachiman of how he forced her into this position. Hachiman says that for all her complaining Iroha is actually putting work in. Is she though? From this scene,

when Hachiman enters the room, Iroha is just standing there in the middle of the room waiting for Hachiman to show up. The secretary girl is working on something, but not Iroha.

Iroha tells Hachiman, Yukino, Yui and the others what to do and then she leaves to go and talk to Haruno and Meguri.

Similarly, I shifted my eyes inside and the room was currently in its default setup. A long, narrow square was formed by and seats were systematically lined around it.
“Since we’re prepping for the academic and career center, we have to reorganize the room. Also, the student council has to be around and act as appropriate support or something.”(!)

(“Or something”. This shows that Iroha isn’t the one that came up with these instructions.)

“Huh, sounds like that’ll take a while,” I said.
Isshiki dropped her shoulders.
“Yes, that’s right. And this is supposed to be student council related work, too… It’s seriously nothing but grunt work here…” said Isshiki.
“Well, that’s just what the student council is…”
“I didn’t hear a single thing about this… Gosh, if it wasn’t for a certain somebody telling me to become the student council president…” (!)

(Iroha reminds Hachiman of how he forced her into this position, she’s making a play on his sense of guilt.)

Flick flick flick. Isshiki intentionally sent me glances.
“So annoying… But for how much you’re grumbling, it looks like you’re actually working.”(!)

(Hachiman comes to the conclusion that Iroha is actually working.)

“…W-Well, it is work, after all,” said Isshiki, twisting her body uncomfortably and looked away from me. She then coughed once and she shook the stack of papers in her hand.
“A-Anyway! Please move the chairs and tables. Then create six special booths with the partitions. Senpai and vice-president, please handle the heavy lifting.”(!)
Aye, aye! I nodded, making a side peace sign ☆ internally, and Isshiki returned one as well. She then looked at Yukinoshita and Yuigahama.
“As for the girls, please handle the chairs. There should be one seat on the tutor side and two on the student side. If you finish, please prepare tea for the tutor’s use.”(!)
Isshiki handed out instructions as she looked at the printout. Surprisingly, she had become very efficient and was now quite the expert. The secretary girl in braids(!) nodded in response to the instructions.

(The implication being that it’s the secretary girl that told Iroha what instructions she should give.)


Iroha is giving out orders, as is to be expected of a student council president. It should be alright as long as Iroha helps out as well.

>After giving out orders, Iroha leaves the rest of them with the work, while she goes and gets Haruno and Meguri and just talks with them.

“Okay. I need to go call the tutors, so vice president, please handle the rest.” Isshiki stated and left the conference room.(!)
The rest of us proceeded with the preparations according to the instructions of the vice president. As I carried in the partitions with the vice president, he looked apologetic and spoke up.
“Sorry about this, you really helped us out. We wanted help just for setting up the room.”
The trigger could’ve been anything and if we could carry heavy things together like this little by little, then we should be able to change our way of being. We moved the tables, lined the partitions, and the only remaining work was what the girls had to do. Since we worked so efficiently, we were left with plenty of spare time before the scheduled start of the center.

So Iroha leaves, she lets the Service Club set up the room, even though it was her responsibility. Later on she comes back with Haruno and Meguri. The anime changed that entire sequence into this:

Which shows that Iroha didn’t really plan on Yukino and Yui showing up, which is natural, because Yukino and Yui are immune to Iroha’s female charms and manipulation. Hachiman not so much, which is why when Iroha wants to get to Yukino and Yui, she goes through Hachiman first. (See Volume 10,5 on the next page)

>And then when Haruno and Meguri arrive, she also tells them what to do.

She walked towards Isshiki who was still frolicking with Haruno-san and asked, “President, what should we do?”
“Ah. Then, Shiromeguri-senpai, can you take the corner booth while Haru-san-senpai takes the one next to it…”
After Isshiki was pulled back into reality, she began making assignments.

>In Volume 11, Iroha is in the Service Club again. Hachiman asks her why she’s here. Iroha says she’s there because she has a lot of free time, but is that really the case? Iroha asks Hachiman if he likes sweets, because supposedly she wants to make sweets for Hachiman. However, is there perhaps an ulterior motive behind this?

And that alone was reason enough for me to feel pangs of discomfort from the presence I wasn’t accustomed to seeing.
“Senpai, you’re so slooooow.”
“And why are you here again…?”(!)
“I asked her if she had some business here, but she wanted to wait for you two to come. So, she’s been here ever since,” Yukinoshita said, mixed with a sigh. She then deliberately sent an even colder glance to her. Despite that, she didn’t forget to be hospitable and had prepared some tea for her. There’s just so many ways of being hospitable that I want to start a Collection! As for the aforementioned Isshiki, she wasn’t concerned with Yukinoshita’s ice gaze.(!) She turned towards me, placed her hand to her mouth, and whispered secretively.
“Yukinoshita-senpai had such a nice smile when I got here, but she got really bummed out right after… She’s been acting like that the entire time.”
Ahh, really now… Well, duh, every time Isshiki shows up, she’s always accompanied with nothing worthwhile(!), hahaha. No seriously, why are you even here?(!)
I thought. Then, there was a weak cough.
Upon looking, Yukinoshita had a broad smile. Uh oh, it’s that smile! The one that Yukinon makes when she’s being scary!
“Y-Yesss! I’m so sorry, I really do have some business here!”(!)
Isshiki ran behind me and pushed me forward, as though it was her conditioned reflex to cower away from that smile. Hey, stop it, that smile scares the hell out of me too, you know.
“W-Well, let’s calm down. Iroha-chan, are you here for the Student Council?” Yuigahama mediated and waved at her to come back.
With a nonchalant face going “Yui-senpai, you’re so nice!” she returned to her original location nonchalant and she flapped her hand. “The thing is, it feels like I have a lot more free time than I thought I would or something?”
Again with her nonsense… I hope you didn’t forget that you were the one who made us go through all that trouble last time… Or is it because we finished all that work for you that you have nothing better to do? I don’t suppose this is one of those burn-out syndromes that happens when you’re constantly subjected to cruel labor or something…? But it feels like we’re the ones who burned out, so what’s her issue again? I gave her a stern look, digging into the meaning of her words. She placed her index finger to her chin and cutely tilted her head.
“There’s like no school events around this time of the year and the VP’s taking care of all the small stuff for me. All I have left is just to stamp our year-end report.”(!)
“A-Ahaha… So, what did you need?”(!) Yuigahama asked.
Then, Isshiki cleared her throat and turned her body towards me.
“So senpai, I don’t really care, but do you like sweets?”
“I wanted to hear your thoughts on the basics of obligatory chocolate.”

>Sensei barges into the Service Club and confronts Iroha about dodging her obligations. Hachiman asks Iroha if she didn’t tell them a few minutes ago about how she had nothing else to do. Sensei tells Iroha that she shouldn’t be procrastinating, Iroha says she came to the Service Club to ask them for advice. This shows that Iroha didn’t come here to ask Hachiman if he liked sweets, but because she was trying to bribe him into doing work for her. (LN exclusive)

At this time, the door burst open rudely, making a huge noise. Then, a loud roar rang out.
Isshiki’s shoulders jumped in shock(!) , and she glanced timidly at the door. Hiratsuka-sensei stood by the doorway imposingly, looking really furious with a frown on her face.
“Sensei, knock......”
“Ah, sorry. Because this is kind of urgent. ...... Isshiki.”(!)
With a slight smile in response to how Yukinoshita was pressing her fingers against her temples, Hiratsuka-sensei walked into the room with great strides. Then she walked next to Isshiki, crossed her arms and looked down at her.
“Work, huh?”(!)
Isshiki seemed to be at a loss for words, and she looked around her nervously.(!) Then her suspicious gaze met mine.
“Didn’t you say you were very free?”(!)
“...... I am very free.”(!)
Hearing my question, Isshiki turned her face away, and replied me in a peevish tone. Hearing that, Hiratsuka-sensei took a deep breath.
“Although the student council is indeed functioning as per normal, you still have other jobs to attend to.(!) Didn’t I tell you to think about the graduation ceremony farewell speech and pass it to me?”(!)
“But there, there’s still another month......”(!)
“Too naive! If you neglect it, you are going to be so dead!”
Hearing Hiratsuka-sensei’s stern tone, Isshiki shrugged her shoulders. Indeed. One more month, don’t just think that there’s ‘still’ one more month. Whether it was work or the summer holidays, if you keep thinking about how much time you have left, then for sure, in the next instant, all these ‘excess’ time that you thought you had will vanish. Time and tide waits for no man. There’s still hope, there’s still hope, hope, hope, Tasmania devil! People who keep thinking that, will soon reach a truly hopeless situation. Such cases are definitely not in the minority.
“You can’t really count February as a ‘month’.(!) Not only are the number of days lesser, but there’s also the entrance exam. Hence, there will be so much to do. In short, there’s just no time in February.”(!)
Hiratsuka-sensei said those words sharply.
“Yes! I will do it!(!) I will do my best! I will think of something!(!) That’s why I am here to consult with them! I am here to hear about the situation in the previous year!”(!)
Isshiki’s answer was pretty spirited. That’s really wonderful of her. However, what is that that you are saying? I am pretty sure that the contents of what you wanted to talk to us about was the obligatory chocolates......(!)

>Sensei tells Iroha that she can’t be relying on the Service Club constantly to solve her problems for her. Iroha manipulates Hachiman into wanting to help her.

Of course, Hiratsuka-sensei saw through Isshiki shallow response(!) and as she combed her hair upwards, she looked at Isshiki with a frustrated expression.
“I am saying, you can’t do it this way.(!) Next year, you are going to have be independent. You can’t keep relying on your senpais, right?”(!)
Hearing Hiratsuka-sensei’s words, Yukinoshita continued to grip her tea cup as she nodded her head.
“Un. Although it’s quite a big thing to deal with......, but Isshiki-San is the president after all......”
Yuigahama too, was looking at Isshiki with a troubled smile. Thereupon, as though seeking an ally, she moved her chair bit by bit. Then, with tears welling up in her eyes, she tugged lightly at my sleeves. I am totally weak against people who used this sort of method to seek help.(!) Komachi would often shed tears for me to see over all sorts of things, I, as an elite class Onii-chan would stand unconditionally by my sister’s side. I wouldn’t even mind destroying one or two worlds for my sister’s sake. Ah, as expected of me this Onii-sama. Guess it can’t be helped. Time for me to say something to wrap all these up...... As I was about to speak, I will interrupted by the sound of Yukinoshita’s voice.
“Hikigaya-kun, you mustn’t pamper her.”(!)
“Nothing like that, it’s just that she is here to discuss something after all......”
Hearing me say that, Isshiki leaned herself forward.
“Exactly! Aren’t you supposed to at least listen to someone who’s here for a consultation?”(!)
“But, Iroha-chan’s case is slightly different from Yumiko and Saki……”

>Sensei knows Iroha is trying to weasel her way out of her responsibilities, so she says that not only is Iroha going to help the Service Club out for a change, but also that Iroha is going to have to finish the speech by herself.

Hiratsuka-sensei cleared her throat lightly and readied herself.
“Since someone came to your with a request, I guess the matter with the farewell speech can wait a bit. You do need Isshiki to help you out every once in a while.”
“Eh, not really, I don’t really need Isshiki to help out with anything......”
“Isn’t that just mean!?”
Isshiki turned to face me with a look of indignation. No, seriously, I think you will just make it worse...... As I tossed her a cold glare, Yuigahama began her intervention.
“Alright alright...... It’s not really a bad idea. If she can lend a helping hand, we would have less to deal with......”
“Are you sure?”
“Senpai, what do you take me for......”
Ignoring Isshiki, I turned to look at Yukinoshita.
“If Yuigahama-san says as such(!), then I have no objections.”(!)
At this point, Hiratsuka-sensei clapped her hands together.
“Then it’s decided. Isshiki will, to the best of her abilities, settle the farewell speech herself.(!) Also, since everyone has beseeched you with a request, I think you all deserve some praise for all your performance up till this point in time.”
“Isn’t that just because they treat us as some handyman......”
It is indeed true that the number of people who came to us with requests has increased. Thanks to that, the amount of workload has also increased. The problem lies in the fact that we didn’t get anything in return at all. It wasn’t even on the level of being unpaid for overtime anymore. What was this? Treating overtime as flexible working hours? Please, this was already like training us to dedicate ourselves to a black business. Seeing my eyes convey this message in resentment, Hiratsuka-sensei winked at me.
“Even if so, you are still helping others. An existence whereby you push yourself a little is very important. I think it’s not a bad idea for Isshiki to possess this trait.”(!)
“Yes! I will continue to put in my best efforts!”(!)
Although Isshiki replied with a lot of vigor, but it was obvious, that big smile of hers was saying “Noooo, extend the deadline~~”(!)

>Iroha uses physical affection to manipulate Yukino into teaching everyone how to bake sweets. Yukino has a hard time turning people down, especially when it comes to emotional appeals or people using physical affection to get what they want.

“Ah, isn’t that great! To be able to doing an event together with those who came here with their requests, to learn from each other too. Also, if Yukinoshita-senpai would teach, then that would be really great.”(!)
Isshiki moved her chair closer and closer to Yukinoshita.(!) She grabbed Yukinoshita’s hand, who seemed to be thinking of something at the moment, and with a slight tilt of her head, looked at Yukinoshita in a pleading manner with upturned eyes.(!) Then with an “ehehe”, she smiled at her.
“E, eh eh…… I don’t really mind……”(!)
As always, Yukinoshita didn’t have much resistance to skin ship and body touch.(!) Throw in a sweet pleading voice, and Yukinoshita would fall for it, hook, line and sinker.(!) Although the difference between this gesture of hers and Yuigahama’s was just like the difference between something natural and cultivated, the exceptional effectiveness that both had on Yukinoshita didn’t seem to change.(!)

>Iroha immediately starts ordering the vice-president around, telling him what to do.

“Ah, Vice-president? I need you to help me write a proposal. Something along the lines of a cooking class event. Something like that. …… Huh? No, just make something that I can put up on the noticeboard of a community center. Also.”(!)
Despite the obviously troubled voice that could be heard on the other end of the line, Isshiki tutted and began to give her instructions.(!)
Isshiki shook her head lightly at my actions, and before long, finished her conversation with the Vice-President and ended up the call at long last.
“Okay, alright, yes, thanks for your trouble.”
The Vice President on the other end seemed to be on the verge of tears(!), but Isshiki just ignored it and hung up the call. Having completed her call, she stood up, looking refreshed.
“Well, that settles it. The finer details will be settled by the student council, so I will leave the cooking room up to you~”

(Once again Iroha pushes everything onto others.)

She was probably going off to do some preparations for the cooking room or something like that. That unreliability that had been present in the past no longer existed. Although her way of doing things seemed to be a little high-handed, I did think that this also reflected her growth. No, it’s a little extreme to call it growth. Well, I think it’s more appropriate to say that she was just good at dealing with things.(!) Also, the way that she treated the Vice President was practically the same way in which she treated Tobe.(!)

>Hachiman comes to the conclusion that Iroha does her work properly, by walking all over the place. He then sees the vice-president carrying a lot of documents while looking downcast. It’s kind of strange that this guy is so worn-out, while Iroha is so chipper. Iroha probably knows how to work more efficiently, that has to be it.

On the other hand, Isshiki herself seemed to be carrying out her work diligently.(!) Even when school has ended, of the several occasions that I saw her, most of the time I saw her rushing here and there from place to place.(!) Incidentally, the vice-president would also be carrying a large stack of documents, looking downcast.(!) Also, I would frequently catch a glimpse of Secretary-chan urging him. “Who do you think I am, give me some work to do vice-pres.” Hello everyone, I am someone who generally treats all guys harshly.

>Iroha orders the three guys to lift heavy boxes.

Tobe rolled up the sleeves of his shirt and with all his might, lifted up the box.(!) The next person to take another box would be me, then the Vice President.(!) This selection of people, no matter how I thought about it, it was definitely Isshiki Iroha’s selection(!)...... Another name would be the list of Isshiki Iroha’s victims. Incidentally, it should be noted that Hayama-Senpai was totally exempted from this physical labor.(!)

(Because Hayato knows when he is taken advantage of and has no trouble turning people down, also he made it clear that he had no interest in helping Iroha.)

Hugging a box full of materials inside and proceeded to climb up the stairs with a great deal of effort. “GG. This feels unexpectedly heavy.”
Tobe, who had taken the lead in this chore with a high spirit, now approached the stairs with his back swaying left and right as though he had finally realized the weight of the box.(!) Unintentionally, he muttered a “Iyo” sound as he readjusted the box. Thereupon, the Vice President who was behind me spoke in apologetic tones.
“Sorry, because there are too few guys who can help out with this, so you two are already a very big help in this.”(!)
“Eh, it’s really nothing......”

>When Iroha says, let’s unbox these boxes, who exactly is she referring to with “us”?

Isshiki answered as she nodded her head, counting the boxes.
“Seems like everything’s here. Then, let’s open up the boxes and distribute it.”(!)
Receiving Isshiki’s cue, the Vice President carried up a box(!) excitedly and went over to Secretary-chan’s cooking table. Both Tobe and I bent our backs forward for the present(!), and began the job of unsealing the boxes.(!)

>Iroha invited Tamanawa, Orimoto and the students from Kaihin Sougou High so they could make use of their budget. Iroha can also save money on making chocolates. Hachiman comes to the conclusion that Iroha does all of this for the sake of investing in the student council budget, the budget Iroha uses for her own uses.

“If we cooperate with them, we could probably rope in some of their budget(!), wouldn’t that be great! I can also save on the cost of the obligatory chocolates, so lucky~”(!)
“Oh, oh……”
As expected of Isshiki Iroha…… Always exceeding expectations…… I started worrying for her with thoughts like, ‘Was this really okay, this girl is going to reap her just rewards one day,’ and looked at her with disdain. Isshiki seemed a little troubled as well, and her face blushed slightly as she coughed.
“Anyway, the budget more or less comes from the collection of the entry fee. Thinking from the perspective of the budget itself, this event itself will surely reap a profit.(!) Well, if you subtract all the miscellaneous expenses, then with the coming and going away and the pluses and minuses will balance each other out.”
“I really don’t understand what Iroha-chan is saying at all.”
Yuigahama hugged her head, looked vexed. Well, people with high awareness and people in the nosiness world are in some parts similar after all…… Incidentally, ‘coming and going away’ as well as ‘plus and minuses’ have essentially the same meaning of balancing each other out. However, Isshiki did all this sort of things for the sake of investing into the student council budget.(!) Or maybe the posters and stuff were a means to leave behind physical evidence that such an event actually took place.(!) If these physical items existed, then filing a return would definitely be more convenient.(!) This girl sure had a mind for business.
Drawing in another school, hence multiplying your budget(!), then with the collecting of entry fees, increasing the budget even more with a Quiz-Derby style quiz. No, if someone were to point out that everything Isshiki has done was for the student council’s own uses(!) or that there was misappropriation of funds(!), I doubt that they can find an excuse for it…… Well, it’s not like I really understand how the money is managed so I will just turn a blind eye to this this time.(!) Anyway, it’s not my money so I don’t really care

Iroha repays Hachiman by shoving a spoon full of sweet chocolate in his mouth. Or at least in the main series at least. In ANOTHER, Hachiman doesn’t help Iroha out, so he doesn’t get a reward either. Although she does give him treats at very end of the event, just like in the main series.

>Taken from ANOTHER, Hachiman acknowledges Iroha’s growth of being able to tell others what to do. Hachiman feels a bit lonely because in this timeline Iroha doesn’t ask Hachiman for help.

Although I did come here once during Christmas, nothing much would have changed in this short period of time. What did change however, was the sound of Isshiki barking out orders(!) as well as the sound of complaints of the Vice-president as he submitted to her orders anyway.(!) The exchange of the two rang out noisily, making it seem like the place was overflowing with energy. Yukinoshita, Yuigahama and I exchanged looks and laughed as we acknowledged our Kouhai’s growth pleasantly.(!) Following Isshiki’s voice, we found our way to the entrance, and I could see the members of the student council bustling here and there, following Isshiki’s lead in preparing for the event. Ho ho, it seems like there’s nothing I can do to help. Though this was perfectly fine, my innate Onii-chan traits caused me to feel somewhat lonely as I felt that Irohasu wouldn’t rely on me anymore.(!)