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Yahari Analysis

Character analysis: Yukinoshita Haruno

This one may also sound like I’m against Haruno, but once again not my intention (I kind of feel bad that I have to start every analysis out with this, but this is the way Watari wrote these characters, so there you go), however I don’t think anyone thinks Haruno doesn’t have a manipulative side to her (among other things), so the things I’m about to point out shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise. Since it has been heavily hinted at that Haruno and Sensei have a pre-existing relationship, from time to time I will include Sensei in this analysis as well. Also, there will be a fair amount of copy paste in this analysis, especially towards the second half. Haruno is pretty integral to the narrative, but also to Yukino as a character, so there will be some parts that I’ve simply copied from either Part 2 or Part 4. You’ll notice it once we get to the events of season 2, however I will point out what parts I’ve simply copied, so if you’ve already read it or feel like you understand it, you can skip it.

Let’s just dive right in.


What is Haruno’s purpose in the story?
Intentionally setting herself up to be an obstacle or a villain that Yukino needs to overcome (or intentionally making it very hard for Yukino to try and overcome her, so that Yukino gives up trying to be like her).

At the same time she is also constantly testing Hachiman and Yukino’s relationship, to see if Hachiman is good enough for her sister.

“Oh, that reminds me. Hikigaya‐kun. Wanna go out for tea with me if you’re free? I have to make sure you’re good enough to be Yukino‐chan’s boyfriend.”(!) Harunosan threw out her chest and winked lightly in my direction.

What is Haruno’s goal in the story?
Haruno is the firstborn child of the Yukinoshita household. Being exceptionally talented (among other things) has secured her the position of being next in line to take over as head of the Yukinoshita family, with all the responsibilities and sacrifices that come along with it (her life being planned out by her parents, a supposedly “implied” arranged marriage (not stated anywhere, other than the cover of Volume 10, which technically doesn’t confirm anything and it’s also on the wrong hand, but there you go) etc.).

While Haruno has accepted and come to terms with this, she is still a sad and lonely person. If we take into account that Haruno actually really cares about Yukino and was disappointed when she found out that Yukino chose to study the sciences (S1E9), which would imply that Yukino is still chasing in Haruno’s shadow, from that moment onward Haruno has gone out of her way to antagonize Yukino. When you think about why she would be doing this, the only logical conclusion is: Yukimom wants Yukino to be Haruno 2.0, but Haruno doesn’t want her sister to end up as unhappy as she is by following in her footsteps. Since Yukino has trouble talking back to her mother, Haruno has intentionally been setting herself up to be a Mid-Boss, to prepare Yukino for the eventual final confrontation with her mother, where Yukino will have to tell Yukimom that she wants to lead her own life and decide who she wants to be for herself.

However, at the same time, there’s also a sense of resentment and jealousy that Haruno feels towards Yukino in regards to the supposed freedom Yukino has been given. Freedom that Haruno, being the firstborn, never got to experience.


The easiest way to describe Haruno is as follows:
Intentions: Good (at least towards the people she cares about)
Methods: Bad
Results: Variable/questionable

Haruno’s intentions are mostly good or at least towards the people she cares about (Yukino). Her intentions towards other characters not so much (Hayato, Sagami). The reason why Haruno’s methods are bad is because her meddlesome nature always leaves people behind feeling hurt. Often times, Haruno does this for her own amusement or in her own words: “Because it seems like fun.” Basically, Haruno enjoys watching other people squirm.

When it comes to Yukino however, Haruno wants Yukino to be able to grow stronger, stand on her own feet, take charge of her own life and go after the things she wants. With that said, have Haruno’s methods led to a desirable result? Well, no. Watari often times implies that Haruno’s meddling in the past has left Yukino with traumas and that Haruno’s influence on Yukino played a big part in the way Yukino is at the start of the series: alone with no friends, emotionally distant from others, afraid to reach out to others and try and forge bonds with other people. Obviously Haruno isn’t entirely to blame for this, but she certainly didn’t help, even if she had the best of intentions.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at Haruno’s introduction in the series.


>Haruno gets introduced in Volume 3/S1E6. Haruno encounters Hachiman and Yukino at the mall.

>Haruno recognizes Hachiman from his last name, but doesn’t want to confront Yukino about it on the spot, since Hachiman is there as well.

“I’m Yukino‐chan’s sister Haruno,” she said to me. “Play nice with Yukino‐chan, okay?”
“Uhh. I’m Hikigaya.” She introduced herself by name so I introduced myself back.
So, somehow it looked like the sister’s name was Yukinoshita Haruno. Right, got it.
“Hikigaya…” Haruno‐san paused only a moment to think(!), quickly sizing me up from head to toe.
“I see…”(!)
In that instant, a chill went down my spine, enough to make me shiver. As if struck by temporary paralysis, I was rooted to the spot. But then she sang, “I’ll call you Hikigaya‐kun, then. Great, nice to meet you.”

>Haruno teases Yukino about her hanging out with Hachiman. Since this is the first time Yukino has ever gone out with a boy, Haruno realizes that Hachiman must mean a great deal to Yukino. This is where Haruno’s interest in Hachiman stems from. If you remember from Hayato’s analysis, I raised the question of why someone like Hayato would take an interest in someone like Hachiman. You can pretty much ask the same question with Haruno and you’d get the same answer: Haruno’s interest in Hachiman exists because of his involvement with Yukino.
At the same time, this scene also introduces the importance of Yukino’s mother. Haruno says how Yukimom is still mad about Yukino deciding to live on her own. Yukino says it has nothing to do with Haruno and that there’s “something” that Yukino will solve on her own. This something is highly likely in regards to Yukino’s future plans.

“Oh, that reminds me. Hikigaya‐kun. Wanna go out for tea with me if you’re free? I have to make sure you’re good enough to be Yukino‐chan’s boyfriend.”(!) Harunosan threw out her chest and winked lightly in my direction.
“…how presumptuous. I said he was merely my schoolmate.” A harsh and severe voice like a North Pole blizzard cut in. It was the sound of a deeply felt reaction, one that was caused by Haruno‐san’s joking tone and everything else about her.
Yukinoshita had unleashed the ultimate rejection. But Haruno‐san brushed it aside this time with a cheeky smile.
“I mean, it’s the first time I’ve seen you go out with someone(!), Yukino‐chan. Isn’t it natural I’d think he was your boyfriend? I was happy for you.”(!) Haruno‐san let out a strange laugh that sounded like a snicker.
“You’re a teenager, so you may as well have fun! Oh, but you better not be screwing, y’know?”
Jokingly, Haruno‐san put her left hand on her hip and leaned over, her right index finger held up in warning. As she held that posture, she put her head close to Yukinoshita’s ears and whispered something softly.
“After all, Mother’s still mad over you living alone.”(!)
The instant the word “Mother” came out, Yukinoshita’s entire body stiffened.(!) A subdued silence descended over the area. As if by some illusion, the sound had grown quieter like an ebbing tide even in the game corner, a place that should have been full of ruckus. In the span of that moment, Yukinoshita hugged her stuffed toy as if to make sure it was there.
“…it really has nothing to do with you, Nee‐san,”(!) Yukinoshita uttered as if she was talking to the ground, not looking her sister in the eyes.
This was the Yukinoshita Yukino who never wavered and stood tall ‐ the Yukinoshita who was never cowed by anyone or looked at the ground. It was a scene that shook me mildly. She was the kind of person who would allow herself to feel down when she was alone(!), but I’d never seen her knees shake when she talked to another person.(!) Haruno‐san chuckled out of the corner of her mouth.
“Yeah, you’re right. It has nothing to do with me,”(!) she said, pulling back abruptly as if jumping away.
“As long as you’ve put thought into it, it’s fine, Yukino‐chan. I was trying to help, but I was butting in. Sorry about that.”
As a sheepish smile came over her face, Haruno‐san laughed and turned to me.
“Hikigaya‐kun. I’ll say this to you again: let’s go out for tea when you become Yukino‐chan’s boyfriend. Okay, see you later!”

>After Haruno leaves, Hachiman says how he can see through Haruno’s facade, Yukino compliments him. Hachiman being one of the few people that prefers Yukino over Haruno is one of the reasons Yukino starts warming up to Hachiman. That and him buying her a Pan-san plushie and other things, but I’m specifically referring to this date.

>Hachiman gives some random reason as to why he was able to see through Haruno, but then he says how there’s a distinctive difference between Yukino and Haruno’s smile.
(LN exclusive)

“Ah, that’s what my old man taught me. That I should watch out for people like the ladies who sell pictures at shady‐looking art galleries. I’m on my guard against people who randomly invade your personal space the first time they’re talking to you. A long time ago, that’s how my dad got swindled and drove up a big loan.”
Apparently, my mum got so mad at him after that he almost died. In any case, as a result of the special education program for gifted students I received, I had never had any experience of being swindled in such a way until now. I doubted I would be deceived any time in the future, either.
When I told Yukinoshita all of that, she let out a short sigh and rubbed her temple with her hand. “Good grief… what an idiotic reason. My sister would seriously not believe she’d been caught out by such reasoning.”(!)
Yukinoshita might have been less than impressed, but it wasn’t like that was the only reason I thought the way I did. “While we’re at it, your faces might look similar, but when you smile you look completely different.”(!)
I knew what a real smile looked like.(!) Not a flirtatious smile, nor a smile for tricking people or for diverting their attention ‐ a real, honest‐to‐god smile.(!) When I said that, Yukinoshita picked up her walking pace(!), leaving me several steps behind. “Hmph… an idiotic reason.”(!)
Then she looked back at me over her shoulder. I saw her usual cold, unchanging expression.
“…let’s go home,” she said softly.
I nodded. After that, without exchanging so much as a single word, the two of us embarked on our journey home. I had nothing to ask Yukinoshita, and Yukinoshita didn’t act as if she had anything to say to me either. Perhaps it was a time when we should have asked questions and spoken to each other. But, instead of stepping on each other’s toes, we chose to embrace the sense of distance that was all too familiar to us now. And because of that, we spent the time without any human warmth, as fellow people sitting next to each other on the train. When she arrived at the station we were getting off at, Yukinoshita stood up from her seat ahead of me. I followed suit. Once we got past the ticket barrier, Yukinoshita instantly stopped in her tracks.
“I’m going this way,” she said, pointing to the south exit.
“Oh. See you,” I responded, facing the north exit.
As my back was turned to her, I heard a small voice.
“Today was fun. See you later.”(!)
My first impulse was to doubt my own ears. I spun around hastily, but Yukinoshita was already walking off. She showed no sign of looking back at me. In the end, I watched Yukinoshita until she was completely out of sight.(!)


>During Volume 4, the group goes on a camping trip.

>Near the end of Volume 4/S1E8, Haruno comes to pick Yukino up in the car that hit Hachiman. Yukino and Sensei both feel uncomfortable, because the cat’s out of the bag. Yukino didn’t get the chance to tell Hachiman about the car accident and instead he found out this way. You can tell by the sad look on Yukino’s face when they drive off that she’s not happy about the way this played out. It also doesn’t help that she has to go see her mother.

>Hachiman says that he wouldn’t get to see or speak to Yukino for the remainder of the vacation. You can assume that this, Hachiman finding out this way and her not being able to apologize or explain the situation, has been weighing on Yukino the entire vacation. It especially sucks for her, because at this part of the story, Yukino was starting to warm up to Hachiman and Yui and thinking that she could actually be friends with them.

>During the camping trip Yukino says how she feels that her parents have always treated her as nothing more than a replacement to Haruno. Yukino says she was glad she got to go to this camping trip. There was a reason she thought she wouldn’t be able to. The reason being that she was supposed to go home.

“Yukino‐chan, you said you were gonna come home over the summer vacation but you never came back at all. Your big sis was so worried and came to pick you up!”
“Well, we can catch up some other time, right, Shizuka‐chan? Right then, Yukinochan. Time for us to get going, huh?”

(Another thing of importance is Haruno and Sensei’s interaction with one another, but I’ll come back to that in a little bit.)


>During Volume 5, Hachiman spends his summer vacation not meeting up with Yukino once, however during the entire vacation he is thinking about her.

>Hachiman and Yui go on their date. They encounter Haruno. They talk a bit about Yukino and a couple of other topics.


>Volume 4: Yukino isn’t fond of standing in front of others/Yukino doesn’t like standing out.

“You’re the leader of the Service Club, so aren’t you gonna greet them too?”
“I’m not particularly fond of standing in front of others.”(!)
Not surprising, really. I mean, this chick would stand out in a crowd no matter what she did. She seemed to find something painful about that. Perhaps she didn’t enjoy the full brunt of the attention.


>Haruno says how Yukimom has decided not to allow Yukino to show up at these public events. However she doesn’t quite specify as to why. The only thing hinted at, is that Haruno is better at handling these types of official events.

“If you’re looking for Yukino-chan, I think she might be at home right now. It’s usually my job to handle these public appearances.(!) Remember how I said I was my father’s proxy? It’s not like I’m here to have fun.” Haruno-san pointed to herself and smiled in jest.
“It’s my job as the oldest daughter to attend events like these. It’s what our mother decided on a long time ago.”(!)
I had the feeling Yukinoshita had said the same thing before, that it was the older sister’s job to take part in these events and that she was just a substitute.(!) So in other words, did that mean Haruno-san was the official successor to her father?(!) Well, it should be natural that the eldest daughter was taking over the family business. But with just that, there’s still something missing.
“Is that, like, something Yukinon can’t attend?”(!)
Right, Haruno-san being the successor was fine. However, that didn’t hold as a reason as to why Yukinoshita couldn’t come.
Haruno-san made a problematic smile. “Mm. Well, it’s what my mother decided(!)… Besides, it’s easier to understand this way, right?”(!)
“Well you both do look similar, so if only one of you attends, then you won’t be mistaken for the other, but…” said Yuigahama, but that probably wasn’t what the issue was.(!)
The idea was how they’d be perceived.(!) Demonstrating that there’s a single successor meant less bothersome problems. There’d be more negatives to giving the people the idea that they were having a family dispute over succession. They’re like a samurai household or something… Haruno-san placed her finger on her cheek and let out a difficult sigh.
“You see, our mother is really forceful and scary.”

>Yukimom is forceful and scary. Haruno and Yukidad always follow Yukimom’s orders or are at the very least able to compromise with Yukimom. Yukino on the other hand has trouble with that.

Haruno-san placed her finger on her cheek and let out a difficult sigh. “You see, our mother is really forceful and scary.”(!)
“Huh? Even more than Yukinoshita?”
“Yukino-chan? Scary?”
After giving me an intent look, she laughed pleasantly, “Ahahaha!” Compared to her cheerfulness all this time, she truly looked like she was laughing.
Haruno-san wiped the tears at her eyes as she breathed out in satisfaction. Apparently mindful of her surroundings, she cleared her throat.
“Gosh, you’re so rude, Hikigaya-kun. Is that what you think of a girl that cute?”
She giggled for a moment, moved her face closer to mine, and whispered into my ears, “My mother’s scarier than me.”(!)
“…Is that human?”
Yukinoshita’s one thing, but she’s scarier than Haruno-san? That’s bad, right? We’re not talking about the level of a strengthened power suit here, that’s totally a gundam.
“My mother’s the type of person who decides on everything and forces people to follow her, so we end up having to make compromises(!)… And Yukino-chan’s a little poor at that.”
Poor’s not the right word. It’d be better to emphasize it by saying, “A little and little and little poor.”

>Haruno says that Yukino has never been the type of person to make selfish requests. After entering high school, Yukino wanted to live on her own. Yukidad happily accepted, Yukimom is still opposed to it until this day. Yukino has lived on her own for at least a year at this point in the story. Hachiman asks Haruno if their parents are on good terms with one another.

“That’s why it was a big shock to all of us when she said she wanted to live on her own after she entered high school.”
“So Yukinon started living alone after getting into high school?”
“Yep, yep. She wasn’t the type of child to say selfish things like that(!), but our father was so happy he rented out an apartment for her.”(!)
Ahh, just why were fathers of the world so sweet to their daughters?
“Our mother opposed it to the end and I’m sure she still doesn’t acknowledge it even now…”(!)
“She must be on good terms with your father.”(!)
“Oh, interested in your father-in-law perhaps?”
“Um, you say Gifu, but I honestly can’t tell it apart from Shiga and I’m not interested either.”
“Mmhmm, twelve points.”
Unlike her gentle appearance, her grading was strict.
“I don’t think ‘on good terms’ is the right way to put it.(!) Our mother’s really strong-willed, so I think my father just goes along with her.”
I wonder if it’s something like “good cop, bad cop”. Although, I think the “carrot and stick” approach might be easier to understand.
“Of course, Yukino-chan and I understand that, so we’re just keeping the peace.”

>If Hachiman and Yui are on a date, then that means Yukino wasn’t chosen again. (It’s possible that what Haruno is referring to is that Yukino’s mother chose Haruno to work with their father. That’s something Yukino wanted to do, but eventually gave up on because their mother gets to decide those matters and she decided that Haruno would be the successor of their father.)

>This is the first example in the series of Haruno showcasing that she’s not free to make her own decisions either.

“So does that mean you’re a university student, Haruno-san?”
“Yep. I go to a nearby national university for sciences and technology.”
“Wow… So smart… That’s Yukinon’s onee-san for you.”
“I really wanted to go somewhere better, but my parents told me otherwise, see.”(!)
While Yuigahama looked surprise out of admiration, Haruno-san wore a slightly, complicated smile.(!) Indeed. If you were going to assume a position in a local corporate, going to a local university seems to be the right fit.

>Haruno says that she’s studying at a national university for the sciences. In Volume 2, Yukino said she was going to do the same. Yui tells Haruno that. Haruno reveals how Yukino is always chasing in Haruno’s shadow: trying to outdo her, trying to prove her own worth and leave her own mark in this world.

“She’s no different from back then, huh…? Always trying to match with me, always trying to take after me…”(!)
Nostalgic, distant eyes and a gentle tone. But in her words, I could sense some kind of eerie uncertainty. I wonder if it’s a bad habit of mine to instinctively try to see what’s underneath things. But in this brief moment, even if it wasn’t me, there should’ve been something perceivable.
Yuigahama’s squeezed fists that were on her knees gently shook. “Um…”
While Yuigahama looked like she was brooding over her thoughts, Haruno-san tilted her head in calm fashion.
“…Haruno-san… do you not get along with Yukinon?”(!)
“Oh, what are you saying? Of course not. I love Yukino-chan very much.”(!)
Not even a moment to think, she immediately answered. Upon finishing her sentence, she showed a slightly warm smile. Those words were spoken with a timing so perfect that didn’t allow for interruptions along with her gesture. And that’s exactly why it gave the impression she had foresaw the attack with her own.
“How could I not find my little sister cute when she’s always chasing after me?”(!)
“Always chasing after her.” Did that mean Yukinoshita continued to lose to Haruno-san?(!) It was a harshness akin to the absolute winner looking down on his foolish challenger and scoffing at him, as if dealing with a child.


(Finding out that Yukino is going to study the same thing as Haruno is the moment where Haruno decides to intrude on Yukino’s life even more so than usual.)


>Haruno asks Yui if she likes Yukino. Yui says she likes Yukino a lot. Haruno says that’s what all of Yukino’s friends say at first, but they eventually end up rejecting her. Yui promises Haruno that she would never do something like that. Haruno isn’t all too impressed with that answer. She asks Hachiman whether he likes Yukino, Hachiman gives a “safe” answer.

“That’s what everyone says at first. But they all end up doing the same thing. They get jealous of Yukino-chan, hate her, reject her, and then start ostracizing her(!)… I hope that you’ll be different from them.”
Her smiling expression was so sweet that it was fierce, to the point frightening.
“…I,” said Yuigahama, pressured, but continued. “Won’t do something like that.”
She glared right back, not removing her gaze.
Haruno-san took it head on and shrugged her shoulders and then looked at me. “Hikigaya-kun, you understand what I’m trying to say, right?”(!)
“Yes, more or less.”
There’s no way I wouldn’t understand.(!) I’ve been witness to it more than enough. Yukinoshita wasn’t the only one(!); anyone who was above the others was ostracized by groups.(!) The protruding stake didn’t get smashed in. It would get pulled out and tossed aside, only to be left in the rain and wind to rot.
“Right, right. I really like those eyes,” said Haruno-san.
I turned towards Haruno-san and our eyes met. Her eyes were cold enough to send chills down my spine. Suddenly, she smiled.
“Hehe, you really are something else, Hikigaya-kun. I like how you look at things so curiously and give up.”(!)
It didn’t feel like she was praising me at all. There’s no second guessing here because anything this person said had something hidden in them. You shouldn’t believe people who’d take a positive part of you, compare it with another, and say they liked it. “I really like your senses~” and “I like that. Your senses, too…” were completely different. Source: my time in middle school. I wouldn’t fall for a trick description like that at this point.
“So how about you, Hikigaya-kun? Do you like Yukino-chan?”
“I’ve been taught by my mom to not discern between my likes and dislikes.” I answered and Harunosan made an amiable laugh.

>Once they’re done with their conversation, Haruno offers them a ride home. Haruno reveals how she knows it was Hachiman that got hit by the car, however she’s surprised that Yukino hasn’t told Hachiman and Yui.

>It’s not Yukino’s fault, it’s water under the bridge. Hachiman lies to Haruno about how it doesn’t bother him that Yukino hasn’t told him about her involvement with the car accident.

>When Hachiman returns home, he starts thinking about how other people perceive Yukino. Hachiman thinks about how Haruno sees her little sister.

Be that as it may, Yukinoshita Haruno who had lived with her to this day had an apathetic smile.(!) She stated with a cruel smile just how pitiful and adorable her little sister was for always continuing to chase after her and be defeated(!), for not being chosen. I don’t know what it was that she wasn’t chosen for.(!) By a friend, her family, her parents, or perhaps fate?(!) Whatever the case, the only one who could ever fancy the thought of her being pitiful was the strongest, Yukinoshita Haruno. Not once did the thought ever cross my mind.


>Haruno makes another appearance during Volume 6; the Cultural Festival. Hachiman enters the committee room and sees Haruno and Yukino talking. Yukino asks why Haruno is here, Haruno says she just wants to “give” whatever she can to her little sister. Yukino says how Haruno is acting like “that” again. Hayato says how Haruno is doing whatever she wants again, implying that this isn’t the first time Haruno has meddled with Yukino’s life.

Ripples of tension swept throughout the conference room. A few people moved to the corner and began forming a gallery. At the center of the room were three people.
Yukinoshita Yukino.
Shiromeguri Meguri.
And lastly, Yukinoshita Haruno.
Yukinoshita and Haruno-san stood face to face, three steps away, in their relative positions. Meguri-senpai was behind Haruno-san in a fluster.
“Nee-san, why did you come here?”(!) asked Yukinoshita, using both a severe and questioning tone.
“Oh c’mon, I came here since there was a notice about volunteer groups being accepted. As an OG of the orchestra club too.”
Meguri-senpai forced herself between the two. “I-I’m sorry, I was the one who called her. We kind of met by chance in the city, and so, since it had been so long, we decided to talk for a bit, and it crossed my mind how we were kind of lacking volunteer organizations, so…”
Meeting Yukinoshita Haruno, of all people, on a coincidence was absurd. It was because she could make me think that way was what made her frightening.
“Yukinoshita-san, I’m sure you don’t know since you weren’t enrolled yet, but Haru-san during her third year was in the volunteer band. She was really amazing! So I just thought I could invite her…” said Megurisenpai, looking at Yukinoshita in modesty, asking her, “How does that sound?”
“I’m aware of that… I was there and saw it. But…” Yukinoshita dropped her eyes to the floor, strongly clenching her teeth. She didn’t meet with Meguri-senpai’s anxious gaze. As a result, a short silence hung over them.
Haruno-san smiled with a look of embarrassment and came in. “Ahaha, Meguri. That’s not it. That was just for fun. But my plan’s to do it more seriously this year. I’m just wondering if I could get a place to practice sometime on campus… That’s okay, right? Yukino-chan. I mean you’re short on volunteers, after all~”
Trying to give one last push, Haruno-san grabbed Yukinoshita’s shoulders.
“I just want to give what I can to my cute little sister, Yukino-chan, see~”(!)
“Don’t joke around… In the first place, nee-san, you’re,”(!) Yukinoshita flicked her hands away, took a step away, and glared at her.
“Me? I’m what?”(!) Haruno-san took Yukinoshita’s gaze head on without looking away. That displayed smile looked so sweet, yet just looking at it made my knees want to give way.
“…Like that, again…”(!) Yukinoshita frustratingly chewed her lips and averted her eyes. The gazed she averted then crashed with mine.(!)
“…!” She softly turned away from me as well.(!) She was probably gazing at the same floor.
“Oh? It’s Hikigaya-kun! Hyahallo!” Noticing me, Haruno-san gave me a greeting that was indefinitely enthusiastic. What’s with that greeting, were you from Century’s End?
“Haruno-san…” Hayama, who had entered late, stood next to me.
“Hi, Hayato.” Haruno-san lightly lifted her hand.
Hayama gave a slight nod in response. “What’s up?”
“I was just thinking I’d volunteer for the orchestra club. Like how it’d be interesting if we gathered all the OBs and OGs and stuff. Sounds like fun, right?”
“You’re doing whatever you think up like that again…”(!) Hayama said in resignation.
I had known they were acquaintances, but there was something uncomfortable about it. It may have been because of their tone. Casual, huh…? I looked at both Hayama and Haruno-san. Haruno-san made a wry grin when she noticed that.
“Mm? Aah, Hayato’s like a little brother to me. We’ve known each other since a long time ago. You can be casual with me too, Hikigaya-kun, you know? In that case, should I call you Hachiman? Hachiman?”
“Ahaha.” I rejected her notion with a parched laugh. I implore you to never do that. Only my parents and Totsuka are allowed to call me by Hachiman.

>Haruno asks who the chairman is. She sees that Sagami isn’t taking her responsibilities seriously. Haruno tells Sagami to continue goofing off like she has been, so the role of the chairman falls on Yukino’s shoulders. At the same time she is creating a “swim or sink” situation for Yukino by applying pressure on her. Hayato (not in the anime) realizes what Haruno is doing and silently leaves the classroom.

After feeling satisfied from her momentary mischief, Haruno returned her gaze to Yukinoshita.
“Hey, Yukino-chan, I can come, right?”
“Just do whatever you want… I’m not the one with the right to decide anyway.”
“So who’s the chairman? Meguri… or not since she’s a third year. Hikigaya-kun?”
It wasn’t a particularly funny joke if she was trying to tell one. I answered only by shrugging my shoulders.
With the continuing unusual tension, the door of the conference room flung open without reservation.
“Soooorry, I kinda showed up to class and ended up late!” Rushing into the class with not a hint of shyness was Sagami Minami. Well, there wasn’t a meeting today, and at the present moment, we were pushing up the schedule of the work. I could understand why had loosened up.
“Haru-san, this girl’s the chairman.” Meguri-senpai said.
Haruno-san’s gaze was locked onto Sagami with curiosity.(!)
Those eyes again. Those demonic eyes that chillingly evaluated your worth.
“…Ah, I’m Sagami Minami.” Sagami’s voice waned, pressured by the glint in Haruno-san’s eyes.
“Hmmm…” Haruno-san didn’t look the least interested, yet she let out a small breath and took a step closer.
“The Cultural Festival planning committee chairman is late? On top of that, you showed up to class instead? Uh huuuh…”(!)
That tone of hers was terrifying. Her oppressive voice that sounded like it was wrung from the depths of her body caused Sagami’s entire being to shrink. Her energetic conduct earlier made her appear more vicious with the sudden transition to a frigid expression.(!) Not only was there a disparity of intimidation between Haruno-san and Yukinoshita, she also wore her dark emotions on her face without suppressing them.(!) She exhibited this truth in her attitude, where she’d stay docile up to a given point so she could interact with you amicably, but the moment she decided to strike back, she would strangle you mercilessly.(!)
“Ah, um…” said Sagami, desperately looking for an excuse.
Then, Haruno-san broke into a smile. “Yeah, a chairman has got to be that way, right!? As someone who can enjoy the Cultural Festival to its fullest, that’s absolutely perfect for a chairman! Sounds good to me!(!) Um, Somethinggami-chan I think? Amagami? Oh, whatever. Chairwoman-chan works.”(!)
“T-Thank you very much…” Haruno’s abrupt alteration of her lips upwards caused Sagami to be confused, all the while vitalizing her.
This very well may have been the first affirmation for Sagami since her arrival here.(!) As Sagami’s cheeks turned red from joy, Haruno-san continued. “Anyway, I have something I want to ask you, chairwoman-chan. Like, I really want to participate in a volunteer organization. So. I talked it over with Yukino-chan, but she’s a little bit reluctant about it. It’s because she’s not too fond of me…”
She showed her meek side and sniffed. I couldn’t get the urge to criticize her because of how cunning, yet adorable her outlandish attitude was.
“Eh…” Sagami sent a look towards Yukinoshita.
Yukinoshita’s discouraged expression didn’t crumble. Nor did she meet anyone’s gaze.
“…I don’t see why not. We’re short on volunteer organizations anyway, and if an OG student participates, then we can appeal with the, um, connecting with the local community? Or whatever.”
Those sounded like secondhand words that were uttered by a certain individual(!), but Sagami informed Haruno-san as if they were her own.(!)
“Kyaaa, thank you!” Haruno-san factitiously embraced Sagami in snappy fashion. But she quickly released her, and muttered with distant eyes. “Yep, yep, it really is wonderful being able to come back to your Alma mater after graduation. I better tell my friends, they’ll be toootally jealous!”
“Is that how it works?”
“Uh huh, that’s how it is for me. I really do get this urge to come and visit sometimes…”
Haruno-san’s words caused Sagami to contemplate for an instant.
Only Hayama and Yukinoshita were letting out brief sighs, as if conceding.(!)
Ignorant to that, Sagami clapped her hands together. “…Oh I see. Ah, how about you call those friends of yours to show up too?”
“Oh, good idea! Do you mind if I call them now?”
“Sure, sure.”
The moment she had finished saying that, Haruno-san buoyantly began calling her friends in one hand.
Yukinoshita, looking flustered, tried to stop Sagami. “Wait, Sagami-san.”(!)
But Sagami nonchalantly said with a lackadaisical face, “What’s the problem? We’re short on volunteer organizations anyway. We’ve also cleared the issue with connecting with the local community, right?”
Sagami had a triumphant grimace, but had she realized?(!) That Yukinoshita Haruno was the one who strung her along for the majority of that proposal.(!)
“Besides, I don’t know what’s up with you and your older sister, but that and this are two different things, right?”
Just observing Yukinoshita and Haruno’s interaction was more than enough for anyone to realize they weren’t getting along. Pinpointing that, Sagami’s proclamation caused Yukinoshita to stammer. Sagami smiled victoriously, finally being able to stand above Yukinoshita for the first time.(!)
“So it turned out like this after all…”(!) Hayama briefly muttered.

(This is an important line, because it shows that Haruno always meddles with Yukino. It’s highly likely that whatever happened in the past was partially Haruno’s fault, because she decided to meddle with Yukino’s affairs.)

I wordlessly looked at Hayama, my interest piqued from his tone that sounded like he knew how everything was going to play out.(!) My intention was to get an explanation from him, but Hayama didn’t touch upon it at all, as if on purpose. “Okay, I’m going to grab the documents and go back.”(!)
Hayama left the conference room just like that.(!)

>Haruno has convinced Sagami to instruct the others to go have fun and enjoy the festival instead of work and try and make the festival into a success. Why? To make sure that Yukino takes over the position. Yukino tries telling Sagami it’s a bad idea, but Haruno immediately cuts Yukino off.

Upon looking, Sagami was standing and looking throughout the room. She lightly coughed to prepare herself and nervously started speaking.
“Um, I have just a little tiny thing in mind, but… about how the planning committee should have fun and stuff.(!) I mean, if we can’t enjoy it ourselves, then there’s no way we can get people to, or something…”(!)
That was something I heard just moments ago…(!)
“And to enjoy the Cultural Festival to its fullest, I think class is important too. Our schedule’s proceeding along nicely so we can drop our pace.(!) How does that sound?”
Everyone took some time and gave thought to Sagami’s suggestion. Our state of progress wasn’t bad. Thanks to Yukinoshita clearing problematic points on one end(!), we were going at a satisfactory pace. But Yukinoshita raised an objection to that suggestion.
“Sagami-san, you’re a little mistaken. We need to keep at this pace so there’s a buffer…”(!)
An energetic, outspoken voice blocked her.(!)
“Oooh, you say some great stuff. When I was doing it, everyone was trying their best for their classes too~”(!)
Yukinoshita sent a threatening glance to Haruno-san’s voice, reminiscent of her times back then. Sagami went further with that attitude.(!)
“See, there’s a precedent too. Besides… back then, it was super amazing, right?”
Though she was asked, Yukinoshita didn’t answer. Taking that as confirmation, Sagami went even farther.
“We really should try to inherit the good parts, you knooow? Learning from your ancestors or so they say? You should think more about others without putting your personal feelings in it.”(!)
Meguri-senpai watched that exchange with a complicated face. On the other hand, the other committee members looked at each other and clapped convincingly to Sagami’s suggestion. It looked like it was approved. As a result, Sagami gave the call of dismissal.(!) If everyone was going to follow that, Yukinoshita wouldn’t be able to stop it by herself.(!) Sagami smiled in satisfaction while Yukinoshita returned to her work with a cold expression.(!) As for Sagami, did she probably think she had done some work befitting of a planning committee chairman?(!)

>Due to Haruno’s actions, telling the committee chairman to go goof off, other people start following suit. It’s mostly the student council, Yukino, Hachiman, Meguri and occasionally Haruno that continue working.

The transformation immediately came into effect. During the few days since Yukinoshita Haruno’s appearance in the conference room, sporadic absentees from the meeting began to appear.(!) This was the apparent result following Sagami’s declaration that diffused amongst the planning committee members.(!) That being said, people were late thirty minutes to the meeting and the absentees were people who gave notice beforehand.(!) There wasn’t much of an impact otherwise. While the workload had increased individually, it was just a matter of rotating shifts and taking breaks.(!) But with the addition of more volunteer organizations, and accordingly, the increase in cooperating locations towards public advertising, and budget related recalculations, the workload was increasingly becoming heavier(!), and a polarization of the amount of work was starting to show.
The ones pitching in efforts were the student council members and Yukinoshita. Yukinoshita’s intervention may have been a large asset to the workforce, but the workload that began to pile stubbornly retained its density.
“Is it just me, or are there less people here?”(!)
“…Yeah, it seems like everyone’s busy with other things.”(!)
The conference room, now deserted, felt considerably wider than it had been before.
“B-But I’m sure more people will show up tomorrow!” Meguri-senpai said, but that was unlikely.
If anything, there’d be less and less people. Once people realized that there weren’t any consequences for skipping, the attendance rate would take a nosedive.(!)

>One week later.

“It looks like there’s even less people now…”
It was the planning committee the following week. Even less people were present.(!) A comparison from before wasn’t even necessary. Only Yukinoshita and several individuals from the executives could be seen.(!) Meguri-senpai groaned worryingly, “I tried to contact people too. I really should’ve rejected Sagami-san’s proposal after all…”(!) She must’ve been referring to Sagami’s opinion that “class was important too”.

>Looks like Yukino does everything, don’t worry, Hayato will help out. Meguri chimes in and tells Yukino how important it is to rely on others. The entire room is waiting for Yukino’s response.

>I will not let that happen, Yukino isn’t going to rely on the likes of Hayama. I won’t allow all of her hard work and dedication to go unnoticed/be unrecognized.

>Yukino overworks herself and stays at home. This is the moment where Hachiman decides to do whatever it takes to protect Yukino.

>Hachiman confronts Sagami (for Yukino). Haruno realizes that Hachiman is turning himself into a lightning rod of hatred and she laughs at him.

>Haruno approaches Hachiman and tells him how she’s impressed with how he’s playing a villain to get others to work harder. Haruno reveals how she intentionally plays the bad guy to get Yukino to grow as a person. Like I mentioned in Part 4, it could be that “self-sacrificing Hachiman” is Hachiman under the influence of Haruno.

Haruno-san looked at me and made a snobbish smile. “Hikigaya-kun? Time for a quiz! What can effectively cause a group to unify the most~?”
“A cold-hearted leader?”
“Don’t be coy. You totally know the answer. Well, I can’t say I dislike that answer though,” Her eyes grew colder, but she maintained her smile. “The right answer is… a defined enemy existence.”(!)
Her true intentions were evident from that frigid smile.(!) Someone once said long ago: “The ultimate leader that is able to unite the masses; that is, the enemy.”(!) Well, just having someone there to be the target of all the hostility isn’t going to change everyone’s attitudes at the drop of a hat.(!) That isn’t possible. But increase the number of people by four, even five, and they start multiplying like rabbits. The bigger the number, the faster thoughts diffuse. They say humans are “empathizing” creatures. It’s similar to how you end up yawning when you watch someone else yawn. Barbaric fervor, fanaticism, and hatred, in particular, propagate easily. Multi-level marketing programs and religion solicitations are on the same boat. Anyone would feel better when being with someone. Doctrines and sermons followed that same logic. As long they can make you think “desperately trying makes you look cool”, they were done.
Situations lie in the numbers.
The masses lie in the numbers.
Wars lie in the numbers.
You get people to jump on the bandwagon after building on the numbers. That was essentially winning. And the world now runs on that scenario. The one moving the world isn’t a leader with tremendous charisma.(!) The one moving the world is the established outcome from the absolute majority, or from the promises born from that majority.(!) The rest is simple then. If an absolute loser existence like [Hikitani@don’t work hard] exists(!), then public opinion-the general masses-will trend away from it instead.(!)
People who try are cool. People who didn’t are Hikitani.(!) As long as that label continues to exist, people will have to try, their opinion notwithstanding. Haruno-san chuckled and looked down at me.
“Well, I guess our enemy here is kind of small-time though.”(!)
Leave me alone.
“But now that everyone’s getting festive and excited, I guess it’s a good thing.”
“Yeah, now I have more work because of that.”
That’s why you should stop bothering me. I wanted to get that across to her, but she nonchalantly ignored it.
“That’s fine. If a scoundrel like you is actually being diligent, then that’ll rile them up in one way or another. They won’t grow if the enemy doesn’t keep it together(!), after all. Strife is the key to the advancement of technology~.” Haruno-san started on her explanation, her eyes closed while wagging her finger. Wow, she’s kind of annoying. But with her humorous gesture, her opened eyes were looking over at Yukinoshita.(!) That gaze caused a baseless thought to flash into my head.(!)
“Um, could it be…”
My moving lips were stopped in place by her soft fingers.
“I don’t like perceptive kids, okay?”(!)
Suppose that the existence of an enemy is the simplest way to spur human growth.(!) Could it be that this person was acting so she could appear as the enemy?(!) I found myself thinking that despite having no proof at all. Haruno-san smiled with a “just kidding”, still holding my lips in place.
I wasn’t really convinced that someone busy like Haruno-san was able to show up so frequently just for her volunteer group.(!) There was no way she was that free. Then for what reason is she coming here?(!) But that probably wasn’t something I needed to think about.

>Haruno is glad that Yukino is working diligently. This is where Haruno’s intentions become clear. Haruno knows that Yukino is someone that continues putting her effort into something until the very end. Haruno intentionally told Sagami to neglect her responsibilities, so that everyone would come to despise her, but instead come to love Yukino for the amount of work and dedication she puts in. Haruno looks at Hachiman and tells him that “tomorrow will be fun”, because she knows Sagami is going to mess up.

When things went well, an urgent problem arose. Regardless, the problems were promptly resolved one after the other and the Cultural Festival planning committee was operating smoothly. Amongst them all, Yukinoshita’s role was huge.(!)
“The volunteer rehearsal is running behind schedule so we’ll move them to the end of the opening ceremony rehearsal. So keep that in mind.” Once she finished giving out instructions, she breathed out.
Haruno-san snuck up behind Yukinoshita and embraced her. “That’s my Yukino-chan!”(!)
“Get away from me, don’t get close to me, go home.” Yukinoshita faced the PC while giving her the cold treatment.
Haruno-san let go of Yukinoshita and gently placed her hands on Yukinoshita’s shoulders.
“Yukino-chan, you’re doing really good work. It’s like when I was doing it back then.”(!)
“Uh huh, that’s true. It’s all thanks to you, Yukinoshita-san.” Meguri-senpai praised her as well.
“Not at all. It’s not that amazing…” As if trying to cover her embarrassment, Yukinoshita’s key presses on the keyboard grew louder.
“That’s not true. Your contributions here are extremely helpful, Yukinoshita-san,” said Meguri-senpai.
The other executives nodded their heads in agreement. The ones who went through thick and thin were them. So of course they’d feel much stronger about it.(!) The only exception was one individual who maintained a stiff smile. Sagami continued to smile without saying anything.(!)
“This is how a planning committee should be! Ahh, I feel so gratified right now.”(!)
Everyone nodded to Haruno-san’s words.(!) Everyone was satisfied. They were aware that they fulfilled their obligation as the Cultural Festival planning committee. That’s why no one saw what lied behind her words.(!) It was something that rejected the earlier planning committee.(!) But it was also something that criticized the one who led it, Sagami.(!) Only those obligated to the people with warped personalities would be able to notice. Sagami crumpled the paper in her hands under the desk. Haruno-san expressed a smile in that instant.(!) “Tomorrow’s going to be so fun… right?”(!) Her gaze was directed at me for only a moment.(!) Just what kind of future those dark eyes gazed at, I still wasn’t sure.

>Hachiman thinks about the relationship he has with his sister compared to the relationship Yukino has with Haruno.

Well, brothers and sisters had a lot going on with them. If the older brother, like me, was just a failed piece of work by general standards, then the little sister unexpectedly had it a lot easier. She wouldn’t have to agonize over being compared to him.(!) However, if I were an exceedingly excellent individual, then how would Komachi see me?(!) The reason I found myself pondering over that might have been because, walking ahead of me, I saw her.(!) Even in this crowd of people, I could tell.(!) Yukinoshita Yukino went to one class to the next, taking her time gazing into them. Her gaze was slightly softer than usual. Regardless of the reasons and details behind the Cultural Festival, it was thanks to Yukinoshita that it was turning out so smoothly. Most likely, she was aware of that, and proud of it. The fact that you tried so hard and something came out of it was definitely something that would cause your gaze to look kinder.

>After Sagami slowly starts realizing the results of what her negligence has brought to her reputation (Yukino being treated as the chairman over her, people not taking her seriously) and how overall incompetent she is, she starts getting depressed and hides on the roof during the festival.

(Insert laughter from the audience.)

>Sagami is nowhere to be found. Yukino asks Haruno for help so they can perform a song and stall for time while Hachiman looks for Sagami. Yukino tries convincing Haruno to help out using her position. Haruno mocks Yukino’s way of trying to convince her. Hachiman wants to step in, but Yukino smiles at him and gives him the message that she can handle it. Yukino tells Haruno that if she helps out, Yukino will be in Haruno’s debt. Haruno is impressed with how much Yukino has grown. Yukino tells Haruno she has always been this way, perhaps Haruno simply didn’t notice.

“Helloooo, Yukino-chan. Did you need something? I want to watch the bands perform, you know. It’s almost Hayato’s turn too.”
Yukinoshita Haruno’s smile was frighteningly overflowing with composure. Apparently, she had been watching the volunteer bands the entire time. The phone call wasn’t actually necessary since she was surprisingly close by. Yukinoshita went straight to business, not complaining about Haruno-san in response.
“Nee-san, help us.”(!)
She was so frank with her declaration that the look in Haruno-san’s eyes changed. Keeping silent, she looked down on Yukinoshita with a frigid gaze. Even so, Yukinoshita didn’t avert her eyes. If anything, her eyes contained a powerful conviction as she glared back. The mingling of their gazes was quiet and incredibly intense. It was as if liquid nitrogen was dumped on the surrounding air, freezing it over. A chuckle was accompanied by an icy, broad smile.
“Ohh… sure. This is actually the first time Yukino-chan has ever asked me for something.(!) So I’ll listen to your request just this once.”
Those words that were spoken from high above sounded benevolent yet in them were no traces of sweetness. It was overly relentless, much more so than outright refusal. But Yukinoshita tilted her head to those words. Abruptly, she smiled.
“…Request? I can’t have you misunderstanding me. This is an order for you as a Planning Committee member. Did you not look at the organogram? In a command hierarchy, you need to be aware that I am in a higher position than you are. Volunteer representatives have the obligation of cooperation even if they happen to be people unaffiliated with the school.”
Yukinoshita snapped back with absolute confidence. She insisted on keeping her arrogant attitude. She may have been the one who had asked for her help, but she wouldn’t back down from her absolute, superior position. That appearance of hers caused me to recall her from half a year ago. She wouldn’t pamper the other party, she would wield overhead her own righteousness, and use that as a blade to cut down her enemies; that appearance itself was Yukinoshita Yukino. The opposite, Yukinoshita Haruno, was giggling, laughing with actual enjoyment.(!)
“So, is there some kind of penalty for going against that obligation?(!) You don’t have any legal means to make me comply, right?(!) You can revoke my right to the stage, but that doesn’t matter to me anymore. What are you going to do? Tattle to the teacher?”(!)
All she did was chuckle, as if ridiculing that childish righteousness(!), as if laughing at that miniature garden of justice.(!) But Haruno-san’s statement was so painfully realistic that it couldn’t be refuted. Yukinoshita’s discourse was supposed to be ideally based on fundamental truths and rules, a position that demanded for them. In other words, you could call her idealistic.(!) Ultimately, Haruno-san’s pragmatic attitude was incompatible with Yukinoshita. Ah, this isn’t good. Yukinoshita was at a slight disadvantage here. The one who should be opposing realists should be a nihilist like me.(!) Yukinoshita sensed that I was going to say something and she gently raised her hand to stop me.(!) She turned her head ever so slightly and softly smiled.
“I’ll be fine. I’ll stay strong.”(!) Both were conveyed with just one smile.
She returned her gaze back to Haruno-san and strengthened the tone of her voice.
“There isn’t a penalty… But there’s a merit for you.”(!)
“Like?” Haruno-san laughed with interest.
Yukinoshita pushed aside the intensity that seeped from Haruno-san’s beautifully distorted smile and placed her hand on her bosom.
“You can make me be in your debt.(!) You can interpret that as you wish, nee-san.” Yukinoshita stated boldly, and Haruno-san jerked to a stop.
“Uh huh…” Haruno-san was no longer laughing. Nevertheless, she continued to gaze at Yukinoshita with a cold expression. “…Yukino-chan, you sure have grown.”(!)
“No…” In contrast, Yukinoshita smiled. “I was always this kind of person. We’ve been together for seventeen years and you never noticed?”(!)
“I see…” Haruno-san answered briefly, and then partially shut her eyes. Because of that, I couldn’t easily read into what she was thinking.
“Heh…” I chuckled involuntarily.
“No, it’s nothing…”
Yukinoshita gave me a glancing glare, and I laughed again. --Yeah, she’s absolutely right. Yukinoshita Yukino is this kind of person.

>After Hachiman’s confrontation with Sagami on the roof, Haruno and Sensei approach Hachiman. Haruno is very impressed with how Hachiman was willing to play the bad guy to save the event from becoming a disaster.
Haruno’s intentions for doing all of this get revealed. A little. Haruno wanted Yukino to succeed with flying colors so she could report this to their mother.

Hiratsuka-sensei and Haruno-san were standing, the former with a cigarette in hand while the was ready to head home after getting changed.
Haruno-san tapped my shoulders. “Gosh, you’re just awesome, Hikigaya-kun. I heard about what happened from everyone, you know. That heroism of yours really gets me going.(!) It actually might be kind of a waste on Yukino-chan.”(!)
“The only wasteful thing around here is the time spent talking with you, nee-san. Hurry up and go home,” said Yukinoshita, making light of her.
Haruno-san exaggerated a hurt expression. “You’re so cold, Yukino-chan… Aren’t we, like, total buddybuddy after playing in the same band? Buddy-buddy sisters, even?”(!)
Yukinoshita lifted her eyebrows as if that set her off. “You’re one to talk. Who’s the one that went off on a tangent during the performance? And who do you think was the one that had to follow with that?”
“Oh c’mon, what’s the problem? It got everyone excited and all. Isn’t that right, Hikigaya-kun?”
“Well, sure, things did get pretty crazy in there,” I said.
Yukinoshita then blinked her eyes two to three times. “…You were watching?”
It looked like she didn’t think I would be there. But I couldn’t blame her for noticing me since I had gotten back at the very last minute. She was on the stage too, so obviously, she couldn’t see me.
“Only the end… Well, what can I say? It was pretty darn good. After watching, I, uh, was really impressed.”
I’m sure there were a ton of more words I could have picked to compliment her, but unable to find a good way to tell her, I could only manage a fragmented and crude impression. Yukinoshita abruptly looked away in response to my vague reply.
“T…That? That performance was far from perfect. It’s not like I made any mistakes or anything, but more importantly, it was a complete mess. It’s only because the audience was so excited that we managed to smooth it over, but in a more controlled situation, I’m sure it wouldn’t be worth listening to, and also, the biggest fundamental problem was our lack of practice, and another cause was that not every member was in complete sync, but still, as I was the person in charge of the main melody, I wasn’t able to lead the entire song all the way, and as a result…”
“Wooow, just look how embarrassed you are. You’re so cute, Yukino-chan,” said Haruno-san, interjecting. Yukinoshita cleared her throat and then glared at her. “…Nee-san, why don’t you hurry up and go home?”
“Okay, okay. I will, I will. I’ll see you later then. I had a blast. I bet mom’s going to be really surprised after hearing about today… right?”(!)
That smile, as if testing her(!), caused Yukinoshita’s expression to stiffen. After making sure of that(!), Harunosan turned her back and walked off. I don’t know what crossed Yukinoshita’s mind when Haruno-san left with those words. The circumstances involving those two were still a mystery to me even now.


>During Volume 6,5 Haruno sends the Service Club a request. This request shows that Haruno really does want to reconnect with her sister. The problem lies in the way she tries to achieve this, but also how Haruno always antagonizes Yukino when they interact.

Just when I thought we were done with one incident, a window popped up on the screen.
“Looks like we got another one.”
Yuigahama and Yukinoshita were refilling their tea when I called out to them.
“Okay, read it for us, Hikki.”
The laptop wasn’t a very big model, so rather than have them come over, I might as well do the reading.
“Mm. The person’s pen name is It’s your onee-chan-san.”(!)
The instant I read the name aloud, Yukinoshita stopped her hand as she was pouring the tea.(!)
“……There’s no need to read that mail.”(!)
Her reaction was enough for me to guess at the sender. Yeah, she’s definitely the type of person who’d do this…
“Wait, we’ll get mails from outside of school, too…?”
How was this even made public? I shuddered from the thought. Yuigahama ignored me as she shook her head back and forth between Yukinoshita and me, apparently not having understood who the mail was from yet. She twisted her head as she groaned and then clapped her hands.
“Oh! It’s from Haruno-san, huh!?”
“It’s something she would do.(!) In retrospect, I suppose it’s not something to be surprised about anymore…” Yukinoshita said.
That’s freaking scary, normally. Just how concerned is she with her little sister? Also, how much free time does she have?
“…Anyway, let’s see what she has to say.”
[Pen Name: It’s your onee-chan-san’s Consultation]
Hyahallo! Listen, listen!
Lately, my little sister has been soooo cold to me ><
I reaaaaally want us to be chummier, so please do something ☆
Thanks in advance, Hikigaya-kun
Yuigahama and I were speechless. She even asked for me specifically, too… While Yukinoshita was listening, she flipped the page of her book in an awfully sullen mood.
“It’s remotely impossible for us to make peace if she’s going to send mails like that.(!) She should correct that part of her first before doing anything else.”